longer charging cable?

longer charging cable?

Hi, I just ordered a midnight blue S ther other day. While I have searched and searched for threads finding this answer, I have come up short on a solution. My Tesla will be on my driveway, so I need a charging cable between 40 and 50 feet long that can go from the charging port in the garage, to the driveway. Any ideas?

CEYA GAS | April 30, 2015

Tesla won't tell you, but make a 40' extension cord with NEMA 14-50 ends. I made a 30' one and it is awesome! 40 amps only...

buchholtz3 | April 30, 2015

Curious: If you have a garage where your charging port is, why in the heck would you not put the Tesla in there? Time for a big garage sale.... ;)

Blu Zap | April 30, 2015

What would be the voltage drop on a cable that long?

CEYA GAS | April 30, 2015

...with 6 AWG wire, insignificant.

whitex | April 30, 2015

Proper solution is to install an outdoor NEMA14/50 plug in a weatherproof box - you will need an electrician for that. Alternatively you can install a Level 2 outdoor charger.

Though you can buy a 50A Nema15-50 extension (~$190 on amazon), you will need a weather-proof enclosure to house the connection between the mobile connector and the extension cord - you don't want it exposed to the elements (water).

Blu Zap | April 30, 2015


vperl | May 1, 2015
MichaelN | May 1, 2015

vperl - ditto - I bought one, very heavy duty, much heavier than the Tesla cable, 30', so with Tesla cable should do it for you, cost just over $100 -

stevenmaifert | May 2, 2015

I have a JLONG (high quality materials and workmanship) and it works great at public access J1772 chargers that are ICE'd, but a nearby space is available. Problem here is that it is J1772 at both ends. The same outfit that makes the JLONG can also do a service extension of your existing UMC cable. Price is dependent on selected length:


danCE | May 2, 2015

Funny text on the JLONG website:

Works with the following cars..., Tesla Model S, 3, and X (with Tesla supplied adapter),...

Apparently, they know something we don't...

AoneOne | May 2, 2015

You might consider protection from the rain. The UMC manual say:

Do not use the Mobile Connector when either you, the vehicle or the Mobile Connector is exposed to severe rain, snow, electrical storm or other inclement weather.

Protect the Mobile Connector from moisture, water and foreign objects at all times. If any exist or appear to have damaged or corroded the Mobile Connector, do not use the Mobile Connector.

If rain falls during charging, do not allow rainwater to run along the length of cable and wet the electrical outlet or charging port.