Looking to buy a Model X but have some questions..

Looking to buy a Model X but have some questions..

Hey guys!

Looking to buy a Tesla Model X and I’m real close to pulling the trigger. I just have some questions hopefully you guys can clear up.

For those who own Tesla and live in winter seasons for part of the year as I do (MI), how have they been holding up? Any issues with the falcon wing doors?

75D or 100D? I work from home so my daily commute is very minimal and travel no more then 100 miles on the weekend. But things might change when I get my Model X cause I’d be traveling more since paying no gas sounds good as hell to me, lol. I might be tempted to make 1-2 big travels to visit other states and national parks if I get my X. For those with 75d, how has traveling been to you guys? Have you guys visited any cool places? Is there anything you regret or wish you changed? And those with 100D, how has your experience been? Paying an extra $16k is a lot for the upgrade from 75D to 100D, that’s almost half the cost of the model 3. It's not that I can't afford the gap difference it's just extra money I could be using on air traveling for several years.

Is autopilot worth getting? To those who didn’t get it, what was your reasoning?

22” or 20” rims? The 22” looks way better but I’ve heard that it reduces your range significantly and you feel bumps on the road more. To those who have 22” or have experience with both, is it true? Would you get the 20’s if you could start over again? As I wrote above, I don’t travel much but would like to when I get my Tesla, so maybe 22” won’t be a good idea even though I want it badly :/

When you guys had issues with the car, how was the service?

Also I'm still debating on color choices and would like to get as much perspective as possible so please post pics of your Model X!

bdambrosio | July 28, 2018

I'll comment on autopilot - If you are expecting something you can set and go to sleep, this isn't what you are looking for. I use it every chance I get on my AP1 MS (MX ordered in June - 75D fwiw). I love it, wouldn't live without it, but in my opinion it's more like a student driver. If anything, you have to pay MORE attn, not less. So why do I love it? Because I value the backup, the 'extra pair of eyes on the road.' I'll admit it, sometimes my mind wanders. And, absolutely delightful in stop-and-go (or even just heavy, slow) freeway traffic.

88MPG | July 28, 2018

Falcon wing doors have been reliable thus far.
I could not justify the additional $16K for the 100D. I'm sure will benefit some people, but for me the 75D was more than adequate; as far as performance, you cannot tell the difference between the 2 models.
Autopilot . . . yes get it; that's part of the reason why you're getting a Tesla. After using AP for over 2 years on my MS, I gotta have it.
20" rims make the ride more comfortable and the tires don't wear as fast.
Service has always been A+ | July 28, 2018

This section of a article I wrote may help with selecting a paint color:

packpike | July 28, 2018

If you travel a lot get the 100D. We don't so we got the 75D. If you have cash sitting around get the 100D but it doesn't sound like that‘s the case so I suggest buying what fits your 90% solution. Your biggest constraint will be traveling in winter with a 75D up north. We're in Charleston and have taken it to Raleigh, Boone & Atlanta with no issues, but winter travel is definitely different due to the higher energy consumption. We saved the $16K and it helped us to be able to purchase a MS 6 months later for my wife so I don't regret the 75D purchase.

20” wheels
EAP is nice and would be really missed on long trips (didn't buy FSD yet)

MacDemarcoTesla | July 28, 2018

@teslatap this is amazing!

MacDemarcoTesla | July 28, 2018

@packpike yeah that's my only concern is during winter time and battery degrading down the line..

if I dont do the 17k upgrade, that could be put into a new model 3 in the future.

ggrueter | July 28, 2018

I got a 75D just two months ago and I live it. We do not do any long trips so do not need the extra battery and also did not get the autopilot. Again we are doing short distance only. But I we are super thrilled, an incredible vehicle which we really enjoy driving. We are looking for keeping the car for many many years, IE ten years or so but had no need for high spec. We live 5min from a super charger which is great. Within 30min it is fully charged and this will last for a month for us. Service is great. Came in time, cost us nothing.

MacDemarcoTesla | July 28, 2018

Did you guys get 4 year warranty?

jimglas | July 28, 2018

Just picked mine up today so not much from personal insight
But everyone I have talked to said buy the biggest battery you can afford
I live in Colorado and the cold will effect your range
We also have mountains to contend with ....

jimglas | July 28, 2018

I just went with the factory warranty. You can add on the extended warranty anytime before the 4 year factory warrantee expires.

Tdreamer | July 28, 2018

I picked up my X 100D last September. I had originally ordered the 75D and am sure I would have been happy with it too. But during the two day change window after placing the order, range anxiety got the better of me and I upgraded to the 100. No regrets. I live in the Northeast and like you, have a very short daily commute. Since getting the Tesla last September, I've put 22k miles in and seek any opportunity to drive, and if possible to road trips. Longest to date was Boston-->Custer SD-->Denver -->Boston. I think the 75D would have done well, but was glad to have the extra range to give options on where to stop.

I never really considered the 22" wheels. I was coming from a BMW X5 that I had first purchased with high performance tires. I lived with them for a few years, having to replace them every 10-12k miles (very soft compound) and the ride was definitely harder. They were fun on corners, but beyond that, I don't miss them. I would definitely suggest the 20" wheels for the added range over the 22"s, and the less frequent replacement.

I went with Silver Metallic - love the color, although I personally also love the Midnight Blue and Midnight Silver Metallic as well.

Good luck!

oldxcskiguy | July 28, 2018

If you plan to travel in the winter along routes that have limited access to superchargers, then the 100D is the right choice. Keep in mind that a 200 mile range in the winter really means that you can only venture 100 miles from your home unless you can charge somewhere along the route. Where I live, its over 200 miles to the supercharger network along I-80 and I would not be able to make that distance during the winter in a 75d.

Its a good idea to look at the supercharger network map. You can use the tesla trip planning tool

to see if a 75d would work for your scenario. Just for fun, try planning a trip from Jackson Wyoming USA to Thermopolis Wyoming USA in a Model X 100D. Now try the same trip with the Model X 75D. Its always good for a few laughs.

MacDemarcoTesla | July 28, 2018

@oldxcskiguy are you saying range is cut by 50% during winter time?

oldxcskiguy | July 29, 2018

@MacDemarcoTesla. Our 100D has a range of around 200 miles driving at 65 mph when the temperature is less than 10 degrees F. That means that I can venture 100 miles from home (200 miles round trip) if there is no place to charge along the route. On one leg of trip last winter in extreme conditions, between the Laramie Wyoming supercharger and the Rawlins Wyoming Supercharger, my consumption was 543 wh per mile over the 98.7 mile leg. At that consumption, the maximum range of our 100D is 175 miles.

markcohen | July 29, 2018

@MacDemarcoTesla range is a difficult thing to nail down. It is highly dependent on both external (temperature, elevation change, wind) factors AND internal ones (speed, acceleration, heating, etc). You will see people here that swear that they get less than half the rated range.... and people who regularly get more. Neither group of people is "wrong". As a counter point, I just got back from an ~500 mile round trip from Raleigh to Asheville and averaged nearly 20% better than rated range. To be fair, it was summer and there is NO WAY that I could have done that at 10F..... Just illustrating how much range can vary both due to the environment & the driving style.

I bought the 100D for the peace of mind... and I am happy that I did. In fact, if they offered something bigger, I'd have bought it too. My two cents is that range is the best and first thing that I'd spend more for. I've got the 20" wheels and am happy with them. I did (and would) absolutely get AutoPilot. It makes long trips MUCH nicer and easier. Even though I watch it like a hawk (with hands on the wheel and feet at the ready) it greatly reduces driver fatigue.

pjalan | July 29, 2018

100d not only gives you more range it charges faster too at the Superchargers. Also that 16k extra is perhaps 200 per month if you are financing. You get better tesla interest rates and hopefully better resale value when you sell. Less range anxiety and fewer required stops during long trips. For 90-95% of my driving 75d would do just fine but I switched my deposit to 100D after my 75D was almost ready. Also EAP will cause lot less fatigue during long drives and stop and go traffic.

jjgunn | July 29, 2018

I subscribe to the mindset of more range is better. If they offered a 200 kw battery pack I would have purchased it.

Everyone is different.

Redmiata98 | July 29, 2018

Get the 100, it is worth the extra expense. 20 inch tires last longer, provide more effecient power consumption and will pull more if you decide to trailer. Autopilot is a definite yes but you might want to hold on the self driving option because it is probably way out there and you can add it later. Make sure you check the current parameters for extended service and warranty when you take delivery. They change and might not be available later but you are usually grandfathered based on delivery date (the prices are not likely to go down however and you will pay the rate in effect when you decide not when you took delivery.) I think the extended warranty is needed due tomthe complexity of the X.

bonhari03 | July 29, 2018

A few questions before I respond to this one. How many people in your family? Do you live in SoCal? Are you planning to pull a trailer?
If your answers are 4 or less, yes, and no, then based on what you have already said I say get a 75d with 22" wheels. I know it may not be a popular opinion, but that's how we live and we are happy. We are retired so most trips are back and forth to the church where we volunteer. A 90% charge will easily last us three days. When we travel, chargers are plentiful. The 22" wheels do affect the range but we still have enough to get to a charger. I don't scrimp on the speed either. I go the flow of traffic or my comfort level, which ever feels safer. We took a trip to Colorado from LA a few weeks back and had a great time! the MX is the ultimate road trip vehicle. the first time you go through the mountains and look up through the trees with your panoramic windshield , you will wonder why no one thought of it earlier. The MX is rock solid in a 50 mph cross wind, but juice up an extra 20% just to be sure to get where you are going. I love the look and feel of the 22" wheels but I am careful with potholes at speed as you should be with any high performance wheel combination. It is true that the 75d takes longer to charge but for our life style, that is a bonus. I hate having to jump up to unplug and move the car just as my food arrives.We did not get the auto pilot,(My wife has enough anxiety letting me drive,) but wish we got the enhanced cruise control because it takes all the stress out of sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. I also agree that the extended warrantee is a good idea.

MacDemarcoTesla | July 29, 2018

Just got back with my first test drive with the P100D White Pearl on 22” but it was on 75D mode because realisticaly I’m not going to buy a P100D lol. Here are my thoughts:

Let’s start with the pros:

- Autopilot is the shit!!
- Love the highseating
- Overal specious
- Felt like I could drive anywhere
- Felt really safe

- It felt bulky and heavy
- Felt lots of bumps on the highway. Did not like this at all.

The most disapointing thing I noticed...
The sound system :(((((( I was so heartbroke. The sound is all in the front and I don’t like that.

We returned the car to have a quick drive in the S. Did not like it at all.

So we left. And I was a lil disapointed. I really wanted to like the X completely. I was like “this isn’t right”. So I went back and ask if I could try the 75D with the 20” rims I saw they had parked outside. Right when I got on the road I was like “Yes!! This is it. It’s those damn rims that made a huge difference!” also the 75D weighs less and was more nimble. It was so much more smoother.

They let us sit in the 3 and my parents liked it way more then the S. It had more room and best of all.. THE SOUND SYSTEM. It was amazing.

So now I’m on the fense of thinking about getting a 3 even though I haven’t ride it yet lol I really wanna be team MX but the 3 is way cheaper and has more miles.

Anyone own both a 3 and an X? Which one do you like more?

MacDemarcoTesla | July 29, 2018

I’ve thought about it. I think I'll still go with the X. It would be $85k after federal state tax or I could either get the 3 for $50k. I think it’s worth upgrading the 3 to the X which cost only $15k more.

I feel pressured cause everyone keeps saying to buy 100D and even tho I want to, I'm saving 17k from my pocket and could use that to buy a newer model, 5 years down the road.

MacDemarcoTesla | July 29, 2018

@bonhari03 Mainly 3, sometimes 4 people in my family. I live in Michigan, and no trailer. I work from home so my daily commute to groceries are minimal and take no more then 100 miles on the weekend to go outta town for shopping

Wilber | July 29, 2018

@MacDemarcoTesla - I think you will be happy with the MX75D. I have been happy with mine for 10 months now.

As for the sound system - I am surprised you dont like the MX sound system. Did you: 1. adjust the fade/balance to your preference AND 2. adjust the strength of the various sound frequencies to your preference?

I am a very picky audiophile (mainly jazz) and find the standard MX sound system to be great! and i think the shape and size of the cabin helps it. I did a test drive of a Model 3 a week ago and brought along my USB stick so i could directly compare it to my MX. While the M3 system is quite nice, it didnt seem to have quite the range and depth of the MX (even when i adjusted all the settings to optimize them to try to get a sound simliar to my MX). So, i would suggest you take your favorite sound source with you to try the MX again. And, you could even try it in the M3 as well. That way you will reallyl know if you prefer the MX or M3 sound system for your type of music and your ears. By the way, the folks at the Tesla store didnt realize the USB drive in the M3 could be used for a USB stick. i had to educate them!

You will have to use a test drive car for these tests. They dont let you play the sound system very loud at all in the showroom cars! but, at least you dont have to actually drive the test drive car. As for speaker locations, TeslaTap wrote a good artice a ways back on the MX and MS:

MacDemarcoTesla | July 29, 2018

@wilber I think I will have to play with the sound system some more. thanks for the advice!

MacDemarcoTesla | July 29, 2018

Did you guys get any maintenance plan? if so what kind did you guys get?

markcohen | July 30, 2018

@MacDemarcoTesla, they give you up to your first year to decide whether or not to get a maintenance plan. It is basically a pay ahead for a discount on service. As such my plan is to wait and then buy it... basically there is no advantage that I could see to let them hold onto my money for an extra year.

MacDemarcoTesla | July 30, 2018

Do you guys think i should wait to get the 2019 model X? I'd lose half the federal tax credit but if someone asked me would you upgrade your 2018 for $3000 that could possibly have upgraded features

Wilber | July 30, 2018

@MacDemarcoTesla - I didnt op for the maintenance plan. at least not yet. i figure my X is relatively low miles since not used much for long distance driving. I figure the maintenance plan is a must have for folks putting 20K miles a year on their car, but not for me.

As for 2019 model. I assume you know that Tesla makes changes almost on a monthly basis - NOT like traditional car makers. And, it is hard to predict what changes they will make and when. Maybe others have better info about the future than me. Let them speak up.

Wilber | July 30, 2018

ps - today Electrek has an article on an interior refresh for the S and X. very interesting!

lilbean | July 30, 2018

Bad idea to make it like the Model 3 in my opinion. Having both, the display is what I love about the X.

Wilber | July 30, 2018

lilbean - sorry to dissappoint you, but Electrek says the insturment cluster behind the steering wheel is retained. just scroll down the article to see an image of it.

acegreat1 | July 30, 2018

Mac what about leasing it for 3 years?

Ddowns2050 | July 30, 2018

Get the 100 and the 20 inch wheels. In the winter if you have to charge a 75D up to 230 miles to make it to the next stop comfortably it will take the 75D probably 40 more minutes to achieve that than the 100D will. If you are making a long trip an extra 40 minutes at every supercharger stop is a pain in the you know what.

I did a 600 mile trip in 10 -15 degree weather in my X90D and had to charge to over 200 miles at every supercharger just to make it to the next one. It is pain sakingly slow. I also have a S100D up from a previously owned S85D and it is unbelievable how much faster it charges over the 85D once your charge hits about 150 miles (and a 75D will charge slower than a 85). I know I am comparing a S to an X but you get the idea it WILL make a big difference on long trips and I make a lot of them.

MacDemarcoTesla | July 30, 2018

@Ddowns2050 it just depends what you are doing with your Tesla. I work from home, very small daily commute for groceries and in the winter I don't travel anywhere far. I'm thinking the 75D is good for me

Redmiata98 | July 30, 2018

Be careful about dates and costs with the extended and maintenance, they are based on the rules in effect when you take delivery. Currently the extended must be purchased within 30 days after your normal warranty expires BUT the price increases 180 days after you take delivery until you buy it. The mainatenance must be purchased at or before the first maintenance which is one year or 12,500 miles whichever comes FIRST.
If you plan to purchase them, I would do so now because the price will certainly not go down only increase.

davidahn | July 30, 2018

I like the new look quite a bit, as it's becoming sleeker and more modern minimalist. IMO the current instrument cluster and center console look dated and not nearly as modern as the MX exterior.

However, I'd rather get the full $7500 IRS tax credit now plus the guaranteed 100% Section 179 deduction rather than simply hope the tax credit and Section 179 will be extended. (Section 179 is almost always extended one year at a time, in December, and doesn't always allow 100% accelerated deduction each year it's extended.)

davidahn | July 30, 2018

One warning about the prepaid maintenance, I paid for 8 years of prepaid maintenance on my 2015 MS, but I was commuting a ton in it, and they're sticking by the 1 year OR 12,500 miles, so if you pay for 8 annual services but drive 25,000 miles a year, you'll only get 4 services, or drive 100,000 miles in the first year, you'll ONLY be getting one service. So if you drive a lot, don't prepay for service.

Ddowns2050 | July 30, 2018

@MacDemarcoTesla in your original post you said you lived in a cold state and that you would be tempted to drive to other states to national parks etc.. If you are going to do that I would go with the 100D with 20" wheels. If you aren't going to drive much you are right the 75D will probably be fine and I'm sure you would love either. But I've heard many people say they wish they had bigger battery, I've never heard anyone say they wished they had a smaller one. You know your situation better than anyone else and only you can decide for you, things are good if these are the decisions you are having to make.

lilbean | July 30, 2018

@Wilber That display with the speed on it? Hmm. I don’t like it.

Redmiata98 | July 31, 2018

David, although you will not get the service for 8 years, you will still get the number of services purchased and at a lower price than if you paid separately. There is a savings IF you still get the service every 12.5k so you save money by prepaying. Of course if you would only get the service once a year regardless of mileage you save money BUT note the wording in the extended warranty which appears to require the services EVERY 12.5k or year whichever is less.

Redmiata98 | July 31, 2018

“The Owner’s Manual includes specific recommendations regarding the use, operations, and maintenance of the Vehicle. To maintain the validity of this Vehicle ESA, You must follow correct operations procedures and have Your Vehicle serviced as recommended by Tesla during the Agreement Period of this Vehicle ESA. If requested, proof of required service, including receipts showing date and mileage of the Vehicle at the time of service, must be presented before any repairs under this Vehicle ESA commence. Service within 1,000 miles (1,600 km) and/or 30 days of Tesla’s recommended intervals shall be considered compliant with the terms of this Vehicle ESA. ”

MacDemarcoTesla | July 31, 2018

@Ddowns2050 If anything I'd do my roadtrips during the summer time and thats maybe even once a year lol. I'm just thinking I could save the $16.5k

Ddowns2050 | July 31, 2018

@MacDemarcoTesla you are probably fine then. Road trips in the winter are a killer when you have to charge the battery above 80%. Summer road trips require a lot less battery. You are going to love whatever you buy!

burdogg | July 31, 2018

MacDemarcoTesla - sorry I am late to the party. I have an 70D S (Nov 2015), a 90D X (Dec 2016) and a First production Model 3 (Mar 2018).

Thoughts for you:
First sound system - not sure what was wrong with the X you drove, but the sound system in the X is really good - I have just basic sound system in it too. Now comparing to the 3, the 3 is a little better, but the 3 has the upgraded sound system - so it should be better. Upgraded sound in X is going to be on par or maybe even better than the 3. The S i have is standard as well and not as good as the X standard. So some playing may need to be done, or someone had the fade all the way to the front windshield :)

Second - Model X or 3 - looks like you have decided here but for me - I love all 3 :) The X is a must for me as we have 4 kids. But that being said - the X is smoother than the 3. The 3 is a home run - but the X and S has a smoothness that the 3 is lacking. Pure cost? the 3, but room, especially if you have 3 kids, the X.

Third - Battery. This is the hardest one for anyone to answer and for you to decide on. I first went with the 70D on the S because the most I had ever spent on a car was a Nissan Altima - $20,000. I had bought an Expedition at $50,000, but the S, even at 70D, autopilot and pano roof was $80,000! I went back and forth though a lot on 70 vs 85 (options at the time). Just couldn't justify the extra $10,000 at the time for a little more range and 1 sec faster 0-60. S has been fantastic and was super glad I didn't get bigger battery, as that savings could then be put into our X (was not planning on it, but after a year of driving the S, I couldn't stand driving the Expedition for family things!).

So X - we had to get the 90 battery - to see family, we have to traverses down the 191 through Moab and Arizona. There is a stretch there - superchargers are in Blanding, UT and Holbrook AZ - 220 miles apart!. Could divert over to New Mexico - but that would add 2 hours to the trip (that is already 9.5 hours long!) Even with the 90, we have to charge up to 250 (almost max charge) in Blanding to make it - meaning we have to sit there for almost an hour half way through our trip. My wife just barely made the trip, and after her doing it by herself, I would love to have the 100 battery (not offered at the time, came out just after we took delivery) - 90 gets 257 miles, the 100 gets 297. That extra 40 would be huge in our case - not that we travel a ton - much like you, mostly just around town, but I would pay for the bigger one at this point. Plus the charging is based on battery size, so you will get a much faster charging and off on the road again with the 100 than the 75. The other key to consider, you don't want to be constantly pulling into superchargers with 5% battery left. You really would like 10-20%, at least that is what the nav system tries to get you to before it sends you on your way from charging. So a 75 range really does become minimal and not as pleasant if you are taking a long road trip (500 plus miles). Of course, it is personality too - some have no problems stopping every 150-180 miles and waiting for 30 minutes each time on these long road trips. While nice, for me, after enough of these stops, you just want to get there.

So you really have to weigh though, how much are you really going to travel? How far in a day too? How fast do you want to get there? What are the superchargers like along the route you want to go? Are you stuck going 5 under the speed limit to make it to the next charger? (Looking at you Tucson to Holbrook No way to make that trip in a 75 D or even our 90D, until they get the Globe charger in! Have to go out of our way into Casa Grande, and even then, charge to 250 and barely make it to Holbrook!) Sorry, I digress. But you really have to look at where you plan to go, how often etc...

Last, Autopilot - a must. Sorry, just a must. I don't have it on my 3 as we live in a small town where no traffic and the 3 is just our town kids car. So just didn't want to pay $5,000 more, as we already have my paycheck direct deposited into Tesla's account. We have taken the 3 on one trip, and I desperately missed my Autopilot (have AP 1 in Model S, EAP (or AP2) in X). It is that good - and don't agree with the comment of having to be MORE aware. I am aware, but not the heavy concentration that driving without takes. No, driving is not that bad, but once you do a long trip with and without, you realize how much more relaxed and refreshed you feel with EAP than driving by yourself. Your mind really is doing a lot of work and minor adjustments constantly made to make sure you are in the center of your lane. When EAP is doing it, all you are watching for is make sure nothing goofy happens in edge case conditions...

Sorry for the long write up, but am more than happy to give more answers to questions you may have. Battery - 75 might work fantastic for you and might be exactly what you need, and no need to spend more. But if you plan to travel, you might, and it is maybe just a might, regret not having the more range.

bonhari03 | July 31, 2018

I think regarding battery size and a travel, I really depends on your mindset. When we are in a hurry to get somewhere, we fly. I feel confident traveling just about anywhere with my 75d with 22” wheels but I’m all about the journey. I stop every 100 miles for a stretch break regardless of range. Might as well juice up a bit when we stop.