Looking for help with Tesla Power Engineering Internship

Looking for help with Tesla Power Engineering Internship

Similarly to most of you on this forum, I have a great appreciation and love for all that is Tesla. The innovative engineering and company culture that Elon and his team fosters is truly inspiring.
I want to become apart of and excel as a team member at Tesla Motors, and was wondering if I could ask any of you for your help. Any advice or help I could be given along this entire process would be extremely appreciated. I would love to share my resume or passion for electronics design with any current Tesla employees. Thank you!

Captain_Zap | February 10, 2017

Tesla employees are not allowed to post here.

drklain | February 10, 2017

Tesla advertises their internships on their careers website. Perhaps look there for application instruction?

LukeEarthWalker | January 31, 2020

I've just sent my internship application letter. I want to try Autopilot - Deep Learning Research Engineer/Scientist Internship in Palo Alto. I'm not certain, cause my chances may be low, I have only a BS in Information Systems - Software Engineering Management Concentration.
Application instructions: apply online and attach the resume. You will be contacted by the team.

FactDoc | January 31, 2020

It’s easier to work at NASA than at TESLA