Low vampire load with 5.0

Low vampire load with 5.0

Picked up my P85 last Friday. What a great car!
Unfortunately I had to go on a two day business trip this week, but I thought I would test how much the battery drained if I left it unplugged.
To my delight it seems like the 5.0 firmware is much better than the previous version.
I started off having 149 rated miles and exactly 48 hours later when I got back, I had 147 miles left!
Not too bad...

jbunn | September 10, 2013

Oh, god... That solves so many problems for folks that can't plug in every day. That is VERY GOOD news.

Pungoteague_Dave | September 10, 2013

5.0 clearly reduces vampire load. The tradeoff, as noted in other threads, is that the car rests in a deeper sleep mode, so takes significantly longer to wake up when asked, either by key proximity or with the mobile phone app. Apparently the app takes 45 seconds minimum, to a minute or longer under 5.0 to get the car awake enough to respond, and apparently there s a similar wake up delay before the ar can be driven away. If correct, our cars are about to become teenage boys!

earlyretirement | September 10, 2013

Yep. These numbers are about right.

I don't mind the slower load times. I just make a point of reaching for my Iphone or Ipad a bit earlier then I would have to maybe get the car ready.

I didn't charge the car 2 nights and I lost 1 mile one 24 hour period and the other about 1 as well so that isn't bad at all.

Definitely the trade offs seem worth it. Did Tesla say this would be further improved by the end of this year?

mikefa | September 11, 2013

@earlyretirement - to be further improved?... Tesla's engineers and programmers should receive an award for reducing vampire drain from 10 miles per day to only 1 mile per day... even my iPhone's vampire drain can't match that efficiency... when will the v5.0 update be available for the rest of us?

ChristianG | September 11, 2013

@mkefa well after I let my phone unplugged for a year I can drive the exact same amount of miles with it... ;)

Of corse well done, now they can make the wake up time faster again ;)

J.T. | September 11, 2013

@mikefa It seems some won't be happy until the vampire drain is reversed and the car wakes up as soon as you touch the icon on your phone.

AlMc | September 11, 2013

jtodman: +1: TM working on delivering option of 'fast wake up' mode and 'minimal vampire loss' I believe.

dtesla | September 11, 2013

The car starts to wake up once the door handles are presented. It takes 12-15 seconds for the car to fully wake up. So in the morning when you unplug the car you must present the handles. So by time you get in the car you are ready to go. Other times, if I'm in a hurry I just double bump my FOB, as I approach, to present the handles... ready to go when I get in.

Like so many things with Tesla I expect this will be refined the feature over time. I hope they start waking the car up I approach and present handles as they do now. So when I get in the car it is ready to go under all circumstances.

SarahsDad | September 11, 2013

I hope Tesla makes sleep mode an "option". I plug in every night and have a short daily commute so vampire loss is a non-issue for me. But the mobile app is pretty much useless with 5.0 firmware as I wait 1-2 minutes for it to connect once asleep, fastest ever was 45 seconds. I would gladly take the prior vampire loss in exchange for a quick app connect time (I pre-cool the car every day before I leave work) Seems like making it an option would be a nice compromise.

earlyretirement | September 11, 2013

I think like most things, you will have people that complain no matter what you do. I wasn't complaining about this matter so I hope it wasn't taken as such.

I think the vast improvement of vampire loss is terrific! However, I don't know how a longer time frame would affect things. I won't have a chance to leave my car unplugged more than 24 hours. I just did the 24 test as I was curious about that.

But has anyone with 5.0 tried it for a longer period of time? I am curious if the vampire loss increases the longer days it's left unplugged?

But I'm happy with the improvement and so far with 5.0 I've not had problems.

thranx | September 11, 2013

Version 18.2: car wakes up, you use the nav to program in your destination, and the car drives you there while you drink coffee and read.

unclegeek | September 11, 2013

I'm using the android app and I've discovered when it's taking extra long to connect that the app is at fault. If I kill the app (not just exit) each time I'm done with it, then the next time I run it, the connect is quicker. Not fast, but at least not 2 minutes. Often the app will timeout and you have to retry. Typically it connects quickly upon retry. By killing it each time I never get the timeout and I'm typically connected inside of 30 second I would say.

unclegeek | September 11, 2013

And yes I'm on 5.0

unclegeek | September 11, 2013

...and p.s. I never get the bad graphic overlay on the map when I do this. (Known bug in this beta version)

HawaiiBee | September 14, 2013

How do we get 5.0?

I don't think Tesla would want to show not-in-motion usage, because then the ICE cars would look better / good.

I did the math wrong, my range would take near $8.80 to go 30 miles, so its still a savings. The Tesla now takes about $3.80 to go 30 miles (with vampire loss)

Also, not many places are giving away free gas, but lots give free power lol.

radclyffe | September 14, 2013

This is the stupidest question ever, but how to do you know if your software has been updated? Did, all of a sudden, your vampire loss change?

AmpedRealtor | September 14, 2013

Okay I swear I just posted this, but it didn't get published so I apologize if this is a double post...

It doesn't make sense to me that Tesla is shipping new vehicles with 5.0 while older vehicles are not being upgraded due to "bugs". If that's the case, why is it okay to ship new cars with buggy software? That doesn't make any sense... here is my pet theory on what's happening... I suspect that those of us who have not received the 5.0 update have one or more systems in our cars that are not compatible with the 5.0 update, therefore they are holding back release to older vehicles. If true (speculating) that could mean that pre-5.0 cars have some incompatible hardware systems. That doesn't give me a warm fuzzy, but again this is all just speculation.

Mathew98 | September 14, 2013

Hey @AR, let's take a deep breath and relax with the conspiracy theory. I had my car for over 3 months and received 2 OTA updates already. TM will batch update different cars on a rolling basis.

Neither one of us know how the distribution process work, but over time, the same software update will get pushed out to all the MS.

For example, when my car was delivered, it had the latest version at the time of production while older owners complained about the lack of update (until 2-3 weeks later) on the forum.

Just drive your red MS like you stole it every time!!!

Bighorn | September 14, 2013

Just a thought--I wonder if their push priority has anything to do with distance from a service center. I could see not wanting an unnecessary service issue cropping up in the hinterlands.

TeslaMD | September 14, 2013

If you've been following the GPS navigation threads you would know that people in new cars with 5.0 software have navigation systems that are basically unusable. Be thankful you don't have 5.0 until it is thoroughly debugged!

mclary | September 14, 2013

1 to 2 miles a day loss.

SamO | September 14, 2013


I have a P85+ loaner with vin 134XX which has been updated to 5.0.

I am happy to report that there are no hardware issues that I have experience over the last 3 days.

Thomas N. | September 14, 2013

Amped - You posted in another vampire thread closely related to this one. You didn't lose your post.

Also, it's not a hardware thing. It will roll out to all when it completely passes Q/A.

AmpedRealtor | September 14, 2013

@ Thomas N. - thanks, I was on my third glass of wine at the time... LOL :)

AlMc | September 14, 2013

amped; There are a number of 5.0 Beta testers of all different configurations and VIN numbers as I understand it.

Mark K | September 14, 2013

amped - your hunch is correct.

In particular, the boards for the main computer have gone through several revisions (very normal during production ramp-up). TM has to validate 5.0 performance on each of those versions of the hardware. That testing does take time. Typically, you'd start with the current hardware and work backwards through the hardware revision versions. Ergo the first to have 5.0 is the latest build.

I've got two Model S's, three months apart. The latest has 5.0, and the earlier one still has 4.5. I'm guessing it will get updated within the next 30 days.

judimasters | September 15, 2013

When will I get my 5.0 update?

earlyretirement | September 15, 2013

Actually not all of us had problems with 5.0. I picked up my car on August 28 and 5.0 works beautifully. I only had twice when the GPS temporarily got lost but it was at intersections where there were several turn options or forks in the road interchanging with various highways.

But everything else worked great. My loaner now has 4.5 and it just seems slower, vampire loss issues, Navigation with the GPS seems slower and also you don't have the option of showing of following the car.

I'm not sure all the reasons why they haven't released it wide-scale but it's not good to insinuate that everyone was having problems with 5.0 because it worked beautifully on my car. I'll be looking forward to getting my car again with the 5.0.

diegoPasadena | September 15, 2013

As to the sleep issue, I would assume that eventually the software will allow stand-by and sleep modes to be programmable. So you could have it go to sleep as soon as you get home at night - plugged in or not -, and you'd set it to wake up five or ten minutes before you leave in the morning. Then you'd only have the longer wait when you do something outside of your schedule. It wouldn't do much for me because I don't have a set daily schedule, but I'm sure for many it would work. But then I also don't mind waiting a little before getting underway.

Brian H | September 16, 2013

"the option of showing of following the car." ?? Rear camera while driving?

That detail level of control still not available. Some use the app to 'wake' the car in advance, saving the wait.