Has anyone lowered their model 3 RWD?

CharleyBC | December 14, 2018

On the contrary, I exalt mine.

jingxi02 | December 14, 2018

three problems
1. void the warranty
2. the car is too heavy. Just lower the spring will kill the shock quickly, unless you can find comprehensive design specifically for M3 with spring, shock, and camber kit.
3. increase risk to damage the battery compartment when go through speed bump or large road objects.

ODWms | December 14, 2018

Yep. Mine is lowered 10 mm.

ODWms | December 14, 2018

@CharleyBC, I see what you did there.

lbowroom | December 14, 2018

Coil over solutions from Mountain Pass Performance and Unplugged Performance. Unplugged performance also has 3 different height fixed springs. All optimized for the vehicle. Doesn't void the vehicle warranty unless it's the direct cause of specific failure. Magnussen Moss act.

hpn | December 16, 2018

Lowered my M3 RWD with Eibach springs...1.25" dropped then added 25mm front and 33mm rear spacers. Love the ride. No issues for me.

Chris | December 16, 2018

Yeah Mountain Pass Performance coilovers and 20” Savini staggered rims. Looks and drives amazing!!

Bob.Calvo | December 16, 2018

@Chris, did you get the comfort or performance version and how much did you lower it? Thanks.

doctorsmile | December 16, 2018

I would like to raise it instead. Bummer no air suspension like MS. Although air suspension fail more?

Chris | December 19, 2018

@Bob the sport versions. Not sure how much lower but car has almost exactly 4” clearance now. Was originally 1/4” lower per Mountain Pass reccommended setting but I was scraping too often so raised it. Shop said the bottom of the car is pretty tough though and I shouldn’t worry too much either way. The rear tire air dams took the brunt of the scraping but it’s not visible.