LR AWD Boost Upgrade

LR AWD Boost Upgrade

On the fence of paying $2,000 for the boost upgrade.

Here are my dilemmas:

Will boost upgrade price increase and will Tesla provide advance notice before the increase? (I can't remember previous examples/offers) Should I continue to hold and possible decrease in price?

After purchasing the software packet, if/will there be an additional software upgrades after down the pipeline if 3.9 sec or will I forever be locked into the 3.9 sec.

Thanks in advance all.

stingray.don | May 16, 2020

No one knows, and any responses will be pure speculation. Elon typically announces price increases for FSD in advance, but that is based on added functionality.

Jordan2Delta | May 16, 2020

It’s closer to 3.5 currently. Only 2k, just buy it!

wrightjason | May 16, 2020

Just buy it if you want it. I did, and I’ve never second guessed the decision. #noregerts

Emticci | May 16, 2020

Same here - bought it and no regrets. Don't torture yourself, buy and enjoy!

lbowroom | May 16, 2020

“ After purchasing the software packet, if/will there be an additional software upgrades after down the pipeline if 3.9 sec or will I forever be locked into the 3.9 sec.”

Clearly if there are further enhancements you will be able to buy those too.

in7 | May 16, 2020

I don't regret having bought it. Noticeable improvement.
You're more likely to regret it if you *don't* get it.

ken.lunde | May 16, 2020

Given that no new hardware is involved, it is unlikely—but not guaranteed—that the price of the Acceleration Boost upgrade will increase. I bought this for our pair of Model 3, and have no regrets. I paid via Apple Pay through the iOS app using my Apple Card, which gave me 2% Apple Cash ($40), so I actually paid $1960 for each upgrade.

nvjx | May 16, 2020

I went from LR RWD to LR AWD plus the boost and boy it is definitely worth it. It brings the car to within .5 second of the performance model. You won't regret the purchase.

dymond.margarito | May 22, 2020

People don't realize how big of an improvement a half second to 60 is. And for 2k is cheap af.

aperfectecho | May 22, 2020

It honestly made the car seem lighter, more poised. I was unsure, and was wishing there was a trial on it before I got it, but I don't regret it one bit. Day to day driving is more pleasurable, and while I don't drive aggressively/recklessly, it gives extra power when I want it, and it makes it more fun

Joshan | May 22, 2020

I have it and love it. Money well spent!

LostInTx | May 22, 2020

Slight segue but does anyone not working as Tesla engineers ever see a performance boost option for the original LR RWD 3's? Wondering if the battery is at its arithmetic limit.

billroger | May 22, 2020

Do they give you a little RED LINE to go beneath the loco to indicate that it's now a "PerforMER"??? Maybe you can get one online?

Tcloutier5890 | May 22, 2020

How about a plus sign next to the dual motor badge?

nagesh | May 22, 2020

You can get one online for ~$10

billroger | May 23, 2020

Just ordered the "boost" yesterday, still no notice of software download. How long does that take. I note that they gave me 48 hours to cancel perhaps they are waiting the two days.

lbowroom | May 23, 2020

There is no download. As soon as you buy it, the car reboots and you are good to go. Check your drive modes, instead of standard and chill you now have sport and chill.

bp | May 23, 2020

Curious to hear more about the affect on acceleration while already moving near freeway speeds - any difference there?

lbowroom | May 23, 2020

Biggest gain is 40+

TrexTesla | May 24, 2020

I was on the fence too. When you break it down compared to other cars, you're looking at at least twice that to get this level of performance upgrade, plus you need to add a whole lotta hardware. I went for it and it's awesome! Agree with lbowroom, biggest improvement is in that middle range where the car would level off in the past. Now it just keeps pulling!

JFlatsModel3Guy | May 28, 2020

Thanks for all the positive comments about the acceleration boost. I had decided not to buy it because I thought my LR AWD had plenty of power all ready. Now your comments have me rethinking this. One thing I have not seen is how the acceleration boost affects range. Does it reduce range if you drive it to the full advantage of the acceleration boost? If so, how much more than similar aggressive driving for a regular LR AWD? Conversely, if you drove economically, would there be a difference between regular and the acceleration boost? Thanks for any answers to these questions.

aperfectecho | May 28, 2020

If you drove the performance-boost version of the LR AWD exactly the same as the non, I couldn't see there being a significant impact on your range. However, chances are high that you will drive a bit differently

lbowroom | May 28, 2020

The cars weight and drag coefficient doesn't change, so..... Drive it the same, the energy use will be the same.

What the upgrade does is allow you to send more current to the motors which, if you floor it, will increase power consumption but at the same time propels you farther.

This will only lower your efficiency if your average speed is higher. If it is, there is a drag penalty. Also, if you increase your braking to slow yourself down. Not all energy is recouped from regenerative braking.