M3 to Model S?

M3 to Model S?

OK, the Tesla bug has bitten me. I am the very happy owner of the current generation V8 M3 and up until recently my next car was going to be the next model M3 when it comes out in about a year. About a month ago my 15 year old son mentioned to me that his band teacher had a Tesla and he was giving kids rides (and doing burnouts!). I immediately volunteered to pick him up from his next band practice since my wife usually does it. I was expecting to see a Tesla Roadster and I drove all over the parking lot looking looking for it. I finally gave up and drove to the front of the school where I did a double take on a gorgeous white car with a "T" on the back. I had never seen a Model S in person before. At first glance I thought it was a Jag. Beautiful yet subtle lines. I talked with the owner for a while and kiddingly challenged him to a drag race whereupon he replied "I'll kick your butt" (I don't think he would have, he didn't have the performance model - but I liked his attitude). Since then I have been gleaning the Internet for articles and videos on anything to do with the Model S. Sound familiar? I love my M3, it is a multi award winning car - but when I see the looks on peoples' faces when they drive the Model S and hit the accelerator I am hooked. My car will do nearly 180 mph - so what? I have often thought that this top-end speed is totally wasted, only good for bragging rights and big numbers on the speedometer. I don't really care about anything in excess of 100 mph. That's one of the reasons I am so intrigued by the Tesla, seemingly incredible real-world usable acceleration in a totally family friendly and practical vehicle. My car also has the automated manual double clutch transmission which is truly a mechanical wonder. Now after researching the Tesla that mechanical wonder just seems clunky, inefficient and unnecessary (The M3 forum would string me up if they read this). So, have any of you gone from an M3 or other comparable performance car to a Model S? I would love to hear some comparisons. By the way, I have a test drive in the Model S scheduled for next Sunday in Menlo Park. Am I a goner?

bobpaule | October 28, 2014

These are awesome news, B8 Audi S4 driver here, thought I was driving the uber-auto until I started reading and test drove a Tesla. An S85D may be my birthday present if all goes well on the family test drive in December.

sbeggs | October 28, 2014

Yes. You are a goner! The Model S acceleration is crack. The Model S deceleration and regenerative braking is chocolate.

Freestone99 | October 28, 2014

What did m3michael decide?

FelixMendeldog | October 28, 2014

You’ll never want an ICE car again as long as you live. | October 28, 2014

Yeah, wondering what M3Michael decided to do? Did he order a tesla....did he get the new m3....hmmmm

I've personally had 3 different m3's over my lifetime...1990, 1995 and then the 414hp V8 beast (2011). As much as I enjoyed all my m3's, I'm looking forward to the next generation of performance vehicles...that would be the P85D of course. :)

sbeggs | October 28, 2014

I guess @M3Michael truly is a goner, as in "gone" from our forums.

chohans | October 28, 2014

You are a gonna! I was thinking Porsche 911 but ended up ordering a model S.

The only thing you WILL miss is the BMW seats and Sound system. Seats are not very sporty and you have nowhere to hookup an iPod. Sure bluetooth works, but that'll be like playing LoFi through what they call the "Ultimate" sound package.

Bighorn | October 28, 2014