M3 Windshield Wipers: Observations

M3 Windshield Wipers: Observations

After having driven through recent bay area rains (constant drizzles, rarely a downpour), here are my observations on the M3 wipers.

The auto setting, which is "beta", is unreliable. I stopped using it.

The wipers are of low quality. They leave streaks.

The slowest manual speed is too fast for bay area rains. The windshield is totally dry on some cycles and when this happens, the wiper drags on the glass.

I end up using the single cycle push button on the turn signal stalk, but obviously that is not ideal.

Crsmidt | January 12, 2019

Agree. The auto wipers are below industry standard for some reason. Also, the washer jets inside the wipers don't cover the bottom half of the windshield at speeds over 45 mph. Tesla should fix that; could be a safety hazard.

gballant4570 | January 12, 2019

I like the auto wipers. In my opinion, I don't see how they could be improved on. We just had the wettest year on record here, below normal thru the first half of the year. I like wipers that are used minimally anyway - along with the ability to hit the end of stalk button if/when I think an extra swipe might be good the current Model 3 auto wipers are great.

mike | January 12, 2019

The auto wipers suck.

Email Tesla to see if they will fix them, I did.

If enough of us do, maybe they will.

francisco | January 12, 2019

Agree: Auto wipers are not slow enough, do not detect intensity correctly and the blades leave streaks. I push the button when I need them in light rain/snow.

efuseakay | January 12, 2019

Not happy with them at all in the snow. With the storm that is hitting Chicago now, the whole system is pretty garbage. They don’t wipe enough with a fine mist from road spray, and wipe way too often otherwise. And ice builds up on the right wiper, causing it to streak on the downward motion.

EM34ME | January 12, 2019

I have 48.1 software. We love the way the auto-wipers work for our climate - no skipping, no chattering, no streaking, always the correct speed, always detects intensity, and 100% silent. No complaints whatsoever.

zigzagmolly | January 12, 2019

This is my one frustration with the car. I drive 94 miles round trip to work. I go from Zigzag in the foothills of Mt. Hood where we get 120 in of rain per year to Portland who gets 45 in of rain per year. I need to see as it is dark in the am and the pm. I cannot rely on the Auto and I can't keep pushing the button every 30 seconds or more. So I have to use the windshield activity on the monitor. Once to open the activity and then to choose the speed. I go from the lowest to the almost the highest speed many times on these trips. If they could put an option for sensitivity and speed for the Auto setting to meet the needs of different environments in the world that would be awesome! It's a computer!! OR I want the option of intermittent wipers with a dial or roller to control the frequency of the wipers like my Highlander. I need to keep my eyes on the road with a clear windshield!

kevin_rf | January 12, 2019

I agree 100% I truly feel the wipers need a top to bottom redesign.

The sprayers do not properly clean the bottom half of the window. This gets worse with speed.

The autowipers do not properly trigger the wipers in road spray conditions where water and grim cover the lower half of the window faster than the top half.

If they correct both of these issues people would be much happier. One requires additional sprayers lower on the wiper, the other an additional window sensor instead of the camera.