Maintenance or any other repair issues

Maintenance or any other repair issues

So like most of you guys, I've got my number in line for my model 3 due next year, it seems as though the more I look into things I hear phenomenal things about Tesla as well as horror stories about things like maintenance issues and other nightmares of issues that are having me second decision and wanting to know if any current Tesla owners have any big issues with maintenance or any other repair issues. I've read a lot of good things about EV's in general and especially Tesla but hear horror stories about things like software issues preventing autopilot not working and taking months and several thousands of dollars to fix as well as waiting upwards of 6 + months for things like a bumper to be fixed from a small fender bender. Being in southwest Ohio, things are VERY conservative and there are very few Tesla owners that are around so any input from anyone is appreciated. I was at the local EV week show and the 5 Tesla owner's couldn't say enough about them but also didn't have much experience with issues because they just did not own the vehicles for longer than 2-3 years. Thanks for the input!

Tâm | September 23, 2017


Tesla is a public company so you can read its financial records.

I suspect that its cost of warranty repairs is minor comparing to other costs.

Which means there are more good cars than bad or otherwise, Tesla would go bankrupt for fixing so many bad ones for free during its warranty and optional extended warranty periods.

I have been an owner since 2012 first with Model S, then this year with 2017 Model X.

My Model S is almost 100,000 miles now and the only post delivery costs are:

1) annual registration
2) Prepaid 8-year Maintenance plan
3) Prepaid extended warranty
4) $1,000 out of pocket in addition to the above because those 4 tires finally wore off!

They preemptively fix and replace lots of stuffs for no additional costs every 12,500 mile inspection from 12V battery a few years ago to the latest Drive Unit a few months ago even though they have been functioning fine to me.

However, I would not own mine without warranty because Tesla Service is very expensive.

BayLake33 | September 24, 2017

@Tam, Appreciate the info. Will definitely consider the extended warranty because of the the cost of service. Good to hear you have had a really good experience with Tesla so far.

tstolz | September 24, 2017

Tesla has the highest owner approval rating of any make. Tesla service is legendary for looking after you compared to other makes. MS is considered to be the best car ever made ... MX and now M3 will also be in the running now.

According to the data reliability is average .. same as BMW and MB. That said, the 'issues' people seem to have appear to be minor and/or are fixed quickly by Tesla! I did read, as did you, some stories of long wait times for parts re fender benders ... sounds like that got resolved a while back.

My 2015 MS has 135,000 Km on it and has not had any out of pocket repairs or issues. I didnt' bother with extended warranty and I sleep great! No question at all that these are the best cars you can buy!!

garyjtate | September 24, 2017


Good to know. Thx. You apparently put a lot of miles on your Tesla. Was just reviewing my driving for last 22 months, 13058. That will increase I’m guessing with the M3, if what i’m Reading about driving a Tesla is true.

noleaf4me | September 24, 2017

Sort of related - but my Nissan Leaf is almost 4 years old - and outside of tires & Wipers - I have had to do nothing to it. EV Drivetrains are just reliable.

minervo.florida | September 24, 2017

They continue to make improvements, so fantastic. | September 24, 2017

Keep in mind that people with issues tend to complain loudly and often. Those that have perfect cars, rarely talk about it. Tesla's forums are no different than most other car forums. You'll see a disportionate number of issues that make it seem like the car (any make) is a total nightmare.

Now Tesla is not perfect, and as a newer car company have had some issues in the past. They usually fix them with little fanfare. Unlike most car companies, they are making continuous improvements to their products. If you do have a component problem, and Tesla has made a design change to improve it, you'll get the new part. The software also continues to improve. They've had their share of minor bugs with the infotainment system, but it seems to me fewer than most car companies that offer far less in features and capabilities.

The best part is Tesla issues the latest software for free to all cars over the air (no service visits). Those made in 2012 are get the same new software in the latest 2017 cars, along with all the new features that are software based.

To me, those satisfaction numbers says it all - better than any other car maker. You don't get those numbers if people are not happy with their cars. For me, I'm on my second S, and have never been stranded or even inconvenienced in 4+ years.

garyjtate | September 24, 2017

“Those made in 2012 are get the same new software in the latest 2017 cars, along with all the new features that are software based.“

Big reason im buying tesla

Tâm | September 24, 2017


One example was when people finally got an autopilot firmware update, I got it too for my 21012 Model S.

But mine doesn't have Autopilot Hardware!

But it does have homelink hardware so I could still enjoy the new update as my car then can automatically close the garage when I run away and automatically open it up when I arrive home.

(Automatic garage door opening and closing is important so your car can sneak in/out of your garage and make money by picking up customers on its own.)

Tâm | September 24, 2017

By the way, if you know how to fix a Tesla, it's pretty cheap to fix it.

For example, when a Model S charger is down, it would cost you about $2,400 for a re-manufactured one or $2,800 for new one.

But mostly like, it's a fuse that you can buy from Amazon for $16.68 + shipping:

deemo | September 24, 2017

I just had my Model S in for service last week, went in for a parking brake inspection and a trim piece that was a little loose, they also did other inspections and replaced the autopilot camera based on log information. They gave me a new Cadillac rental car and paid for the gas, my cost was zero for the work and rental - who else does that.

SP_H | September 24, 2017

How much was your prepaid maintenance plan and extended warranty? If you don't mind me asking. Also every time you go to the service shop, do you have to pay any deductible/copay?
Thank you,

garyjtate | September 24, 2017

I would be happy with a hotel room if it’s an overnite repair. Nearest Tesla Service is Nashville and i’m In the Memphis area.

Tâm | September 24, 2017


In 2012, owners were screaming that it's a rip-off so lots advice to skip them:

Prepaid for 8 inspections: $3,800

Additional 4 year warranty: $2,500

Total $6,300
Total deductible/copay: none (problems fixed during scheduled inspections, not in between)
Additional cost: $1,000 for 4 tires.

At 75,000 mile inspection, I had my MCU (17" display) replaced for free with no deductible/copay. I noticed bubbles on screen but it wasn't an emergency so I waited for inspection time. It's cheaper now but reportedly it was $4,000 item

At 87,500 mile inspection, I had my heater replaced because it only blows out cold air in cold winter. It's not an emergency for me because of relatively mild California winter so I waited for the inspection time. That's about $4,500 item but it's cheaper now and it costed me nothing with no deductible/copay.

At 25,000 mile inspection, they replaced both of my FOBs for free because they were all worn out. It's not a warranty item because they looked old but still worked perfectly. They are cheaper now but at that time, they were quoted for $350 each and $175 for programming:

SP_H | September 24, 2017

@ Tam
That's really awesome! You've save a ton with prepaid service, kudos!!
So if I go before inspection time then I will pay deductible/copay? These plan sound too good to be true.

Tâm | September 24, 2017


Yes! You definitely pay $200 each unscheduled incidence.

It's an unwritten understanding for my case that if I can wait to fix it during a scheduled then my cost is all pre-covered.

SP_H | September 24, 2017

Thank you so much for the info!! :)

Carl Thompson | September 24, 2017

"... my cost was zero for the work and rental - who else does that."

BMW does that. I'd expect Mercedes and other high end manufacturers too. Not unique to Tesla though it is good that they do this.


deemo | September 25, 2017


Yes, service centers are a little far apart in places, I have been a little spoiled that the service center is only about 15 miles from home and maybe 20 from work. I don't know what the policy is for being about 3 hrs away.

PS I used to travel to Memphis (Millington) quite a bit - really enjoyed the BBQ.


When I had a BMW, they would not give you a car unless the warranty repair was expected to be a couple of days, don't know if that has changed.

slasher0016 | September 25, 2017

Being in SW Ohio (I am too) there's a convenient service center in Blue Ash. I can definitely understand some worry with as few service centers as there are, but you're located in an area where this is one. If I lived in a place where the nearest service center was 200 miles away...I'd be a little hesitant. But not with one so close.

PhillyGal | September 25, 2017

I only one one Tesla thus far but here is my experience:
We had more than one door handle issue. Since it didn't affect drivability and I appreciate a car company being built from scratch, I'm willing to give Tesla a pass and not cry that "My 90 thousand dollar car should not..." wah wah wah. Service treated us extremely well, once even delivering a loaner to us and picking our car up.
We've also had an auto-tilt mirror problem and a drip come from our pano roof. Also good service experiences.

Finally, we skipped the 1st year service but paid $600 for the second year. Tesla preemptively replaced a multi thousand dollar part free of cost because some built around the time ours was were defective. That, to me, wins out over any car service experience I had in my life. They saved my time and theirs by not waiting to see if it ever failed.

Our tires are still original. We'll hit 50k miles this week. We'll replace them before a trip to Montreal in mid October.

Our Jeep wrangler had no door handle issues and was 1/3 of the price. But our Jeep dealer is an asshat, tried the most shady price games in the world, and the car did not get new features after we drove off the lot. Tesla wins every time in my household.

jordanrichard | September 25, 2017

RG, 50K on your original tires!!?? Tell me your secret. I have the 19's and only got 36,000 out of the first set.

andy.connor.e | September 25, 2017


Did u run them until the bare minimum tread depth? Or did you wait until the mechanic told you to replace them?

PhillyGal | September 25, 2017

@jordan - To be fair we haven't had them looked at in a while but my treads were mostly 5/32 (a 4 here or there, a 6 here or there) when we approached 40k miles. I was sort of waiting for one to have problem to replace all 4 but that never happened. No curbs, potholes or nails nudged us to replacement.

garyjtate | September 25, 2017


Yes, I live in Millington, retired Navy. Once a year trip to Nashville won’t be bad. I like the idea of company owned Service instead of dealers trying to rip you off. | September 25, 2017

@PhillyGal - Impressive Tire life! I got about 32K miles on my first set of Goodyears, and I thought that was reasonable.

For others about tire life, there are a lot of variables, including how you drive and which tire you choose. The smaller tires wear quite a bit longer than the larger tires (i.e. on the Models S 19" vs 21"). The larger tires are a far softer tread material for higher grip, and the shorter sidewall provides less impact resistance. The 21" also are often on the P versions, so the car can put down more power (and more tire wear)! Getting 12K miles on the 21" tires is considered good life.

If you want the longest tire life, choose the smaller tire and drive smoothly and slow around curves. Of course you may want more fun and that will cost you some tire life! True of any car.

Shock | September 25, 2017

These inspection costs are a bit scary. How often do people need to pay for a $500-600 inspection?

On the two toyotas I own there are no mandatory inspections whatsoever, and really the only things that need to be done to maintain warranty are an oil change every 10k and "inspect" such and such, but you can just eyeball most of it. In other words, there are no maintenance costs outside of the oil change and maybe the occasional filter clean-out. 25k, 50k inspections are just dealer mark up that only newbs pay for but are 100% not necessary at all, nor even helpful.

If my city doesn't have a service center how do I get the car inspected?

thomas2V | September 25, 2017

I have owned my model S for 4 1/2 years now since 2013 May . It’s been an amazing and out of the world experience with the Tesla service going over n beyond what you expect and way beyond what you are used to even at BMW since I was an ownner of BMWs prior 10 years.

My entire expenses in these 80,000 Plus miles are as below

1. Changing tires two times

2. $200 for extended warranty covered slight fix of Pano roof

That’s it .

I have ordered 2 Model 3s and would never dream of owning any other !

Please ask any specific questions you might have.


Numerical one

Shock | September 25, 2017

As for tires I specifically buy ones with long tread lifes and 30k is the most I can get out of a set until I hit wear bars on all. Except since I have to drive in the winter, I can't let them go that long, so I end up replacing tires much sooner than that. I'm buying at least two new tires each year for my cars, ugh.

deemo | September 25, 2017


Small world, I am retired Navy also, I used to work with BUPERS on networks.

PhillyGal | September 25, 2017

@shock - Tesla's service is not mandatory. In my first 36,500 miles, I spent $0.
Since that voluntary $600 service that netted me a new drive unit and peace of mind, I've spent $0.
I'll soon probably drop a grand on new tires, but I'm hoping my little brother, whose butt I wiped, gives me a good deal on them as a tire salesman.

PhillyGal | September 25, 2017

@TeslaTap - Good advice! I'm definitely going for the smaller wheels on my Model 3 for the same reason. Roads and winters in this part of the country don't go well for the alternative.

Shock | September 25, 2017

@PhillyGal, thanks!

jordanrichard | September 25, 2017

andy.connor, I replaced them per the recommendation of the service center. I don't remember what the tread depth was upon replacement. However they did tell me that I was getting a really good amount of miles from my tires compared to most. Obviously they can only speak to what they see here in CT. I have the stock 19's with the Primacy tires.

Shock, take a brand new Toyota and never bring it back to the dealer, don't do a thing to it, to include oil changes for 3 yrs, and 11 months and see if they will still warranty the car........... That is what one can do with a Tesla. Any garage can do a tire rotation and any garage can do the 2 yr brake fluid change. So one doesn't need to take it back to Tesla for service. With regard to the inspections for $600, unless you have a Tesla and have had an annual service done, then you have no clue what you are talking about/what actually takes place/gets done.

Haggy | September 25, 2017

I've had more than my share of issues with a Model S, none of which ever kept me from using it or going anywhere, and all of which Tesla took good care if. More importantly, I'm in the Model 3 forum for a reason. I wouldn't be if I didn't plan to get one.

There have been horror stories about parts availability for collision repair. Repair of warranty (or post warranty) issues hasn't been a problem, and even in cases where it took some time, Tesla lends owners a Tesla that may be far nicer than the one you own.

There could be body shop issues. Then again the Model 3 will have a mostly steel body. There will be far more accidents that result in damage that any good body shop can fix. With aluminum, it requires special equipment and training, and some parts that could be fixed on a steel car have to be replaced on an aluminum one. That doesn't mean that there won't ever be issues, but I'd expect far better parts availability simply because with far more cars on the road, there will be places that will keep spares in stock before accidents even happen. There will probably also be aftermarket parts from third parties, since it's cost effective for companies to make them when there are many cars on the road that can use them.

bottesini | September 25, 2017

@Baylake33. If you're in Southwest Oh you're probably in the Cincinnati area which is where I am located also. I've had my MS85 for 3 years now & there really hasn't been anything in the area of maintenance to speak of. I did bring it in for a yearly this year just because I thought it would be a good idea for them to look it over &, don't laugh, I felt a bit weird because I hadn't spend anything on the car since picking it up. Yeah, I spent $600, but I don't expect, nor should I receive much sympathy for spending that on a $95K automobile.

I had 1 repair, beginning of my 2nd year. One of the door handles didn't "present." I called the service center in Blue Ash, they asked if I'd like someone to pick it up. I told them no & brought it in the next day. They gave me a loaner, fixed, washed & delivered it to me the next day. They are first class in every way. I don't think you'll be disappointed with them.

I don't have much milage on it - closing in on 30K, but I have taken several long trips, including one to Colorado and several to Washington D.C. No drama. I'm on the same set of 19" tires & there still is plenty of usable tread. I do keep an eye on the tire pressure & it seems to have paid off. My last car was a Porsche 911 & I was lucky to get 15-20K out of a set of tires (on a 3200 lb car), so I'm very please with tire wear on the (4900 lb) T. You don't want to know what service (maintenance) cost on that baby!

I really don't understand about "horror stories" regarding maintenance on the Model 3. For one thing the car has barely been out a month. What maintenance is necessary in that amount of time? I'm sure there are some bugs, but from what we've read the bulk of the first batch are "close to home" in Fremont, many owned by employees of Tesla who, for all practical purposes, are beta testers. It's a brand new car. It takes a little time to get everything just right. Most ICE manufacturers have been at it for the better part of a century & still have plenty of problems getting things right. Tesla is a baby. Some things are going to take a little more time than Elon says. (sometimes a little more than a little more) When that happens the EV naysayers freak out, the stock goes down & the company is in danger of going belly up. When that happens I like to remind myself that I'm driving a vehicle that isn't fouling the air & oh yeah, is a hell of a driving machine too! I suspect that Model 3 won't disappoint, especially by the time you receive yours (which probably will be a little later than you expect)

Good luck.

Silver2K | September 27, 2017

recently a good friend had his wiper fluid pump die. I can't remember why the ranger looked at his car originally, but he mentioned his fluid pump had failed. the ranger told him not to worry about it and he would take care of it on his next visit. my good friend has 101,000 miles on his car with no extended warrantee and was resolved for free.

tjstratton | January 3, 2018

Hopefully the model 3 is nice. It will be the first model that actually might be less expensive for total ownership cost than a gasoline car. All these posts about not using gas and the great service but none about the initial cost of the car and the government subsidy by the tax payers we are paying for. You can buy several gas cars and run them for years for what the initial cost of a S/X Tesla is. Then what about the far back end costs. When that battery finally dies where does it go and how good for the environment is it? If you get in a wreck and crack that battery do you need a HAZMAT team? It looks like to me people are just fooling themselves while they drive around electric cars which cost more to operate than gas cars. All to get away from oil which is as natural as anything else on earth and created directly by it. Tesla reminds me of the wireless telco companies like AT&T etc. Analog equipment is far more expensive to maintain and purchase that digital equipment yet we pay even more to have it. Sure there are more features but other than R&D there is no more cost to give them to you. Our cell phone bills should be 1/5 of what they are. What exactly is in these Teslas to make them worth $70-$150K?

rxlawdude | January 3, 2018

@tjstratton, your questions and comments deserve a rare in-the-middle-of-a-thread TEA SCORE of 100%.

andy.connor.e | January 3, 2018


The only reason a Tesla is so expensive, is because they are the only company that makes them. Brand new technology is always expensive up front. But personally, in 10-15 years, i would rather spend $10k on a new battery, than have to go and get convinced by some pompous dealership what a "great deal" a used car is that will have to be repaired.

RedPillSucks | January 3, 2018

I'm not an owner, but I'm wondering how much of the repair cost is due to the S and X having aluminium body panels as oppose to the mix of steel and aluminium of the model 3. I'm thinking that the model 3 repair costs will be less, all else being equal, simply because there will be more places able to do body repairs with less expertise required.
Is that a reasonable supposition?

SCCRENDO | January 3, 2018

@tjstratton. You ask some important questions although by your tone I doubt you will like my answers. I am a Tesla fanboi. I bought a Tesla Model 85S in April 2013 for $100k with taxes. I got $7500 back from the Federal government and $2500 back from the State of California. I now have 135000 miles on my car and it runs as good as new. I had a partial battery failure so I have been driving on a loaner battery since 107,000 miles. I get my remanufactured battery back in about 2 weeks at no cost under the 8 year warranty. So I have a good as new battery at this point. Batteries are recycled not discarded. My car looks and drives like new. As per my mileage you will note that I used to spend $500-800 dollars a month on gasoline. This changed to $150 a month of electricity for the first year but I now drive on sunshine from 13.2 kW home solar panels. Between city and Federal Rebates I got 50% off my solar panels. My biggest cost is tires at about $200 per tire and they last me 30-40000 miles. All long distance charging is free. I do annual optional services at $400-600 each. Prepaying can get it as cheap as $475 each. Out of pocket costs include a voluntary upgrade from 3G to LTE and few hundred dollars for minor stuff that has occurred since my warranty on everything has run out except for the battery and drive train which last another 3 years. I get car pool lane privileges.I get free tune in and slacker radio and have had dozens of free over the air updates that have improved the car 100 %. Work out the cost and you will see that by the time I hit 300,000 miles my driving is likely to have cost me far less than the many piece of crap polluters that you would be driving over 300,000 miles. We have not even discussed the performance difference of the Tesla compared to other cars nor the extreme reduction in carbon footprint. In fact if you care about your grandchildren you would get rid of your polluters to spare the environment even if there was some financial cost. I am about to receive my Model 3 which is a more affordable car for those who cannot afford a Model S. My wife will take over my Model S and sell her Lexus RX350 with 60,000 miles. My second Model 3 will be for my son if he needs a car.

So my recommendation. Educate yourself about greenhouse gases, climate change and pollution in general. I agree oil is natural but so is arsenic and I chose not to use it as a food substitute. Remember taking arsenic only harms you but burning fossil fuels harms the planet and humanity. So I would say it is the responsibility of the government to save the planet and subsidize the cost of switching us from fossil fuels to cleaner energy sources. Also do yourself a favor and when you show up on a Tesla forum realize you are not talking to your friends but smart people who understand science and climate change so try come up with some scientific facts to support your ignorant statements about fossil fuels.

charles.a.braun | January 3, 2018

@SCCRENDO - You had me right up to "So I would say it is the responsibility of the government to save the planet".

The government cant even figure out how to take care of our Veterans yet (just as an example) but you think the government has the power to "save the planet"? Mother Nature is a pretty powerful and destructive force, regardless of what any person or group of people try to do to interfere with her. If she doesn't kill off the human species with greenhouse gases, she will do it with earthquakes, fires, floods, mudslides, tornadoes, hurricanes or any number of other "natural" disasters until we are all extinct.

It is just a matter of time before mother nature just sees us as another one of her failed mutations and rids the planet of us in favor of a new species.

Nothing you, I or the government can do to stop that. | January 3, 2018

@SCCRENDO +! Great response!

I'll add that the batteries Tesla uses are non-toxic, unlike gas and used oil in ICE cars. No hazmat required for a Tesla in an accident.

Because ICE cars dump toxic gas and oils all the time while driving, most people think it's acceptable and normal. That ignores all the the toxic oil spills in the sea and land. Spill happen so often, only if it exceed a million gallons or so does it make the news. Then there is the water pollution created by all the frackers who are contaminating billions (not millions) of gallons of water every year with carcinogenic chemicals. You can choose to be part of the problem, or help solve some of the problems by switching to an EV.

johnmann | January 3, 2018

SCCRENDO - Excellent response and right on target with every point. You responded to someone who was ill-informed and just trying to stir up trouble in a thoughtful and well reasoned manner. You may even have made a convert out of them. I could really learn something from you, this type of response is undoubtedly more effective than the way I usually respond to these idiots. Dang it! I did it again. I really have a long way to go. :)

Rocky_H | January 3, 2018

@johnmann, Quote: "You responded to someone who was ill-informed and just trying to stir up trouble in a thoughtful and well reasoned manner."

Let me try my cut and paste-fu to have that make more sense:

"You responded [snip] in a thoughtful and well reasoned manner [snip] to someone who was ill-informed and just trying to stir up trouble."

johnmann | January 3, 2018

Thank you, Rock, for disambiguating my sentence.

andy.connor.e | January 4, 2018

Its your responsibility to purchase responsibly. If you go into zombie mode, and purchase whatever is on the shelf and not care, thats what kind of planet we'll have. A result in which reflects that people dont care. Its not the responsibility of the company or the government to care for you. If you dont care, thats on you. If you dont want plastic in the rivers, stop buying plastic.

cmsriram | July 3, 2018

I would disagree to most of the above comments.
Obviously please make sure you are covered with warrenty and extra warrenty after that to be on safe side.
I have bought a P90D in 2016.
I did get a maintenance plan with that. I had my 4 services done . Most of the complains I had were not addressed. The only one that was addressed was the door handle issue which was struck.
I complained several times about the central console and those were never addressed. I had my 4 service done at 50K mikes and 2 weeks later the entire console totally shut down and would never start.
I could not buy the extended warrenty due to some online technical issues . I called in and did not get a prompt response. Now they want me to buy the extended warrenty which would cover me going forward but have to pay for the current repairs. I am surprised how they say this when the care broke just after 2 weeks after a big 50k service. To be frank I dont think the service was done atall. Due to the shortage of service centers getting an appoint will take some where between 2 - 4 weeks. And I think they are skipping the cars to meet the inflow demand. Many of the items they said they completed on the invoice were clearly seen not even touched. So this is not serving your maintenance plan atall which you already paid for. You have to go the same service center because there are no other third party options. Trust me all the owners have the same issue. I have ordered the Model 3 also and now cancelled it with all this bad experience. The electronics are causing major issues and you do not have enough transparent support from the service center. I have bought a Model S P90D and spent almost $140k on it. Ultimately I have ended up spending more on it. A Mercedes S Class or BMW 7 Series would have proven to be better from a spending stand point. I accept that the car has fabulous speed performance which was the reason I bought it. Slowly after 6 months issues started popping out specially with electronics like Bluetooth , media drive and the central console is a disaster.
This car is not worth the money atall with all these issues.
I am not happy with this car only because of the issues and poor service.
After your 4 year / 50k maintenance plan completes you will end up playing about $700 for every service that you’re car may need for every 6 months.
The biggest issue I had was when the drive module was malfunctioning. I had it in drive mode and it actually backed up and hit my garage door. Tesla says they don’t see that in the logs. I am surprised whic logs they were looking into as the console was already broke.
I drive extensively and completed 50k almost in 2 years. I gave good attention to car and it’s advantages / Disadvantages.
Looking st my car couple of my friends wanted to buy it and highly suggested them not to buy. One of them dropped upon my suggestion and othe one bought it. Today he regrets and feels he is struck.
Friends I am not biased atall. I loved the car as long as it had no issues. That was next to impossible as the cars had some of the other issue every other month.
I love Tesla but to be frank the company needs to be matured a lot.
I can always be reached at

pkgofgkp | July 3, 2018

Please comment on the issues noted at this link:

I am undecided if I should go ahead with buying. Not sure if the batch of Model 3s getting delivered these days will have these issues.