Make clock faster

Make clock faster

How do you make time between ordering Tesla and receiving it pass faster? (Reading this forum doesn't help).

jat | August 28, 2013

Sorry - Tesla can only make the time go slower (relativistically speaking, the closer you are to the speed of light the slower time passes for you :).

Dripps | August 28, 2013

I know how you feel. Probably most of us do. When you finally makes the decision and you settle on your options and press that ORDER button, then CONFIRM, you are ready! But it's like a kid waiting for Christmas to come....the anticipation is part of the process. You can do it!

BTW you are correct about hanging out in the does NOT help.

ILOVEMYTESLA | August 28, 2013

Bypass the 2wks wait: Just make sure you do a detailed review of what you want as many times as possible as fast as you can, then call them and tell them you want to bypass the automatic 2wks wait built in for you to make changes. But note that you can't make any changes after that!

machprodcomp | August 28, 2013

Buy one off the showroom floor. No wait

p1SL | August 30, 2013

I did bypass the wait. Can't stop reading forum. This is seriously hurting my efficiency at work.

MandL | August 30, 2013

Buy a loaner from your local (?) service center.

p1SL | August 30, 2013

Too late. Already ordered one. Foolishly thought waiting would not be an issue.
Tesla needs to offer a "sleeper purchase". Some kind of Rip Van Winkle/Michael Jackson propofol drip to keep you asleep until car is ready.

Forty Creek | August 30, 2013

I know just what you mean p1SL. Put my deposit down and confirmed the order at the same time. Suddenly, the clock slowed to a crawl.

jbunn | August 30, 2013

Just be glad you didn't find out about it years ago. A number of us here, myself included waited years.

BUT when it does come, it's worth it. In the meantime, wax your other car and get it ready for sale. You won't be interested in driving it soon.

romainiacWV | August 30, 2013

Use your Flux Capacitor

Brian H | August 30, 2013

The clock didn't change, you're just living/waiting at near-C speed. Neurological relativity!

Forty Creek | September 3, 2013

Brian H;
I get it... Neurological relativity! That must be it.
Starting to get nervous that I've 'oversold' myself on this car. Was it really as much fun as I remember?
Guess I just have to wait until it gets here to find out.
Tic Toc.

Brian H | September 4, 2013

Using only pencil and paper, periodically figure remaining days, hours, minutes, seconds. Calculate the difference (how long since the last calc). Those times should get shorter as you gain practice.

P.S. This will deliciously heighten the agony of waiting.

p1SL | September 9, 2013

I got the 14-50 outlet installed in the garage today.
This is what first time expectant mothers feel like when their getting the nursery together.
I feel like this experience is bringing me closer to my wife.
I'm hoping for a premature delivery.
Still just "sourcing". Supposed to be 9/30 pickup, VIN208xx. To worry or not to worry?

p1SL | September 9, 2013