Marketing study on Tesla Model 3 - We need your help!

Marketing study on Tesla Model 3 - We need your help!

Hello everyboby,

as a student in a French Business School (ESSEC), I am running a marketing study on the topic of my choice. I chose Tesla because of my interest for the brand and my curiosity toward some announcements made earlier in 2016.

My point of concern is to understand how can Tesla disrupt the car market on a global scale and eventually reach its goal to sell 500.000 cars a year by 2018.
You can really help me out by answering a little survey allowing me to understand what Tesla customers or amateurs are expecting from their car.

The survey is focusing at first on the whole car market, then restricting to electric cars and ends with pricing questions on the Tesla Model 3.
It does not recquire any special competences,and is really easy to answer.
It should not take more than 10 minutes of your time.

To prevent spamming, all links are blocked on this forum, so please come back to me if you are eager to help up at Feel also free to ask any question!

If this study reaches a certain scale, it could eventually be published in an official paper, which would mean a great deal for our group and could be of some use for Tesla.
Of course, I commit myself to share with you the results if you ask for it.

Thank you in advance for your time and for you appreciated help,

JeffreyR | May 27, 2016

Nicolas, you may not be able to post a link, but you should be able to get enough of it to avoid people waiting for an email reply. You might also try a URL shortening service like

An example:
forums dot teslamotors dot com/forum/forums/marketing-study-tesla-model-3-we-need-your-help

SCCRENDO | May 27, 2016

Nicholas I am happy to help you but I'm not giving out my email so if you want my help post an easy link

sbeggs | May 27, 2016

Me, too. I'll be happy to answer with a link.

Drdpharris | May 27, 2016


Orthopod | May 28, 2016


jamilworm | May 29, 2016

For those who didn't want to give out their email address, here is the link to the survey: com/forms/d/1FCbHuNpdn44Z_G89P4kZUn1PaIcTFmf9I4Cfg4Vk0IM/viewform?entry.1378522661

PhillyGal | May 29, 2016

Done :)

dee.singh1 | May 29, 2016


skygraff | May 29, 2016

Done but statement about M3 is inaccurate (2.8 seconds?).

JayInJapan | May 29, 2016

Yeah, there's no way the base model will get 2.8.

Timo | May 30, 2016

Done, and that 2.8 is for Model S P90D. Base Model 3 gets sub 6 secs.

sbeggs | May 30, 2016

Cannot access link, blank page comes up. Can you check? Thanks.

melinda.v | May 30, 2016

@sbeggs - you need to copy the two lines of the link, then remove the space before 'com'

virgored | May 30, 2016