Mattress & camper mode

Mattress & camper mode

Has anyone found a good mattress for the Model 3? Is there a "camper mode" to keep the screen off and the a/c on?

30moresummers | June 6, 2018

as a hack can you just use the display->screen cleaning mode for now?

maintreqd | June 6, 2018

i'm very seriously considering one of these from Dreamcase:

Do we know that the Model 3 will stay on all night in screen cleaning mode? If so, that sounds like a viable solution. Dreamcase is under the impression Model 3 has camping mode already, despite my having told them via Instagram comment that it does not (they replied essentially refuting my statement). I'm sure it's coming but like.. so is summer haha

mos6507 | June 6, 2018

It's so funny that Musk brags about the Model 3 being great for camping and they don't finally provide a button to enable that, requiring people to employ various awkward hacks.

doelcm | June 6, 2018

It’s not that funny. Apparently it’s not his highest priority right now. Where did you see Musk bragging about camping in the Model 3?

maintreqd | June 6, 2018

@doelcm don't feed the troll

lvla06 | June 6, 2018

@MAINTREQD I saw the same thing and wanted to get it too. Waiting on a real review or youtube video. Everything they've posted has been for the S or X.

Coastal Cruiser. | June 6, 2018

I posted to another thread about a recent experience to the emergency room (non-fatal), and how remarkably comfortable the mattress on the gurney was (which I sat or laid on for 5 hrs waiting on staff and tests).

Was able to trace the mattress to here:

I believe my mattress was 4" tall. The nice thing about these guys are they will make you a custom sized mattress. I don't have pricing for the Model 3 dimensions yet, but could get them pretty quick if someone is interested. Or you can write to sales directly: Shawna Lacey

I think we are talking in the neighborhood of $400 for a custom M3 mattress, with anti-bacterial stuff, the taller version, the cover, et al. I noticed that the youtube video did not include pricing...

maintreqd | June 6, 2018

yeah @lvla06 they've taken a thrashing on various social media site comments for posting it as available for Model 3 but the video only shows S. I was chatting with them on Instagram comments and they said a rather tall person can sleep trunk closed in the 3 no problem.

they also somehow are under the impression Camping Mode is available now in Tesla Model 3, despite me trying to tell them it's not (they kind of just refuted my statement, but whatever)

ST70 | June 6, 2018

I got this at Costco...
it works don't want a huge mattress in the my S I have a bigger mattress.

leewalker10 | June 7, 2018

If I can afford a model 3.
And I can afford an $800 dreamcase.
I can afford a hotel room.

I can see why camping mode isn't a priority

RP3 | June 7, 2018

Just curious...I've seen the other threads about the new 'comfy' back seat design, but I haven't seen the corresponding photos of the backseats folded down. Is there any change to how flat the back seats fold due to the new comfy back seat design? This crowd would seem to be the ones most interested in finding out if they still fold as flat as the old back seat design...

vmulla | June 7, 2018

@RP3, one of the many posts here gave a picture of the new seats folded down. Its too difficult to search this forum unfortunately :(
There seems to be very little difference between the old and new seats when folded down. Maybe there is a 1/2 inch more lip at the fold than before, but not in any way that would affect Tesla camping when using a mattress. I hope that helps.

pko.888 | June 7, 2018

Wow I've never been a camping kind of person but I just spent too long looking into Tesla camping and I may try this (if mine ever comes)

willtung8 | June 7, 2018

@ST70 isn't that 47" width a little too wide for the 38" between the wheel weels? Do you have a photo of how it looks inflated inside?

bob | June 7, 2018

I saw on a different thread someplace that somebody measured it to be 1.25" higher.

charles.a.braun | June 7, 2018

We camped 2 nights in our Model S during our recent trip to South Dakota and back to California. We have a foldable 3 or 4 inch thick mattress that we got at Costco. Just move everything from the trunk to the frunk, front seats, under the folded down rear seats, put the car in neutral and set the ebrake through the console. set the temp and radio station to our liking. Put the console into cleaning mode. Put a shirt on the dash to block out the driver console (not a problem for the 3) and climb in back.

Most Walmart's allow overnight camping in their parking lot for free so we did that in Rapid City SD. Then a few days later we parked across the street from a hotel in West Yellowstone in a nice area.

The 3, being a little smaller, I could easily camp out solo in it, but both my wife and I, probably not so much. With the S though, it was no problem for the both of us.

Smhach | June 7, 2018

Well if I was to go camping I'd more along the lines what this guy did on youtube:

and no I have no idea if the M3 could have a hitch for pulling one of these things.

vmulla | June 7, 2018

This are the pics inside my car. VIN 311x. The tape measure is 3"
So the flatest area is 68"x31", it's a little inclined from the fold towards the front of the car, but that's not so bad at all.
If you want to use a thicker mattress you can go with 68"x38" to use the full width of the trunk space, that should compensate for the little edges on the side.


maintreqd | June 7, 2018

@Mark you're missing the point. Imagine looking up at the stars at night through the glass top of Model 3. Camping isn't for everyone, sure, but it's important to remember not everything is about money, also.

@Coastal i'd be concerned about the thickness of the mattresses I see on their site. Maybe half of that would be the target thickness for me, personally. I'd be afraid of bonking my knee on something or getting stuck if i try sleeping on my side, haha.

vmulla | June 7, 2018

I reality you don't see the stars through the glass roof, the tint is too dark - I tried it.

That said, it was fun reading a story to the kids while they camped out in their new car.

Coastal Cruiser. | June 7, 2018

I'm getting pretty serious about trying a low budget road trip hitting as many National Parks as possible in one summer. There should be some remaining Supercharging challenges for these destinations(?), and sleeping in the car to save on motels I'm sure will be a challenge. I hate coming home from vacation to find a huge-o motel bill on my credit card. Never feels like you got your money's worth.

holgerv | June 7, 2018

I really like this mattress. Self inflates, rolls up compact, very comfortable. 4" tall. Yes, a little on the long side but I think soft/flexible enough to make fit.

Iwantmy3 | June 7, 2018

I believe I have the newer more comfy rear seats. They are clearly more cushioned than the ones in the showroom car I first sat in.

To answer your question. They do no fold flat. They do fold almost flat but they angle up towards the front. I don't think it would prevent me from being able to sleep on them.

RP3 | June 7, 2018

@vlmulla and @Iwantmy3 - Thanks for the info, I was really just curious because I have the older less comfy rear seats and wanted to justify it somehow! :-) (rarely have anyone in the back seat anyway, they just usually store my ballcap / briefcase / windshield screen / other essentials..)

johnmann | June 7, 2018

The new style rear seats do not fold flat by their own weight like the original ones did, but putting a little weight on them does achieve a fully horizontal sleeping position. Unless you park on a hill :)

ST70 | June 7, 2018

good to hear that that seats still fold flat....@willtung8- I'll take a pic of the 3 with the mattress when I get back from my trip in the S next week.

willtung8 | June 8, 2018

@ST70 Ah! No need, I misread. I thought you were referring to the 3, not the S. Makes sense now!

maintreqd | June 8, 2018

@holgerv oh, I like that option a lot, but I do wish it was a bit wider--Model 3 trunk is I believe ~47" wide? 25" is a bit skinny for me to share it with my partner (we're both small but even a Twin mattress, which would be okay width-wise, is 13" wider at 38" wide

vmulla | June 8, 2018

The model 3 trunk is 38" at its widest point.

Here's info from my earlier post:

This are the pics inside my car. VIN 311x. FYI the tape measure in the pics is 3", so add 3" to what your'e seeing

The flatest area is 68"x31", that's the area that is between the wheel wells and is the full width of the under-floor storage. This area is a little inclined from the seat-fold crease towards the front of the car, but that's not so bad at all.
If you want to use a thicker mattress you can can compensate for the slight edges on the side at the wheel wells and can go with 38" wide mattress That's exactly the width of a twin mattress.


Also, I'm using a trifold twin mattress pad. It's a little too long, but I'm just letting the extra foam hang out beyond the head rests - big deal.

CharleyBC | July 4, 2018

@ST70, did you ever take those photos of the Klymit in your Model 3? I’m wondering especially how the 47-inch width works at the 38-inch space between wheel wells.

@mark, we just afforded a Model 3. We can thus no longer afford a hotel so readily. Camping is looking pretty good!

Ross1 | July 5, 2018

@maintreqd: I'd be afraid of bonking my knee on something or getting stuck if i try sleeping on my side, haha.

how would one bonk one's knee?

ravisundaramam | July 5, 2018

@vmulla: "That said, it was fun reading a story to the kids while they camped out in their new car."

You are a treasure trove of info. Enjoy the kids when they can still be cooped up in a car listening to daddy. They grow up too fast.

Bighorn | March 26, 2020

Hey, Alexa—
Fuck off.

EVRider | March 26, 2020

@Bighorn: I assume whatever you're referring to was flagged away. If not, try not posting when drunk. :-)

Bighorn | March 26, 2020

I knew this would happen.

vmulla | March 26, 2020

Yes, the offensive post was flagged away - I did my share too :) @Bighorn just voiced it

Bighorn | March 26, 2020

The poster’s name allowed a tiny riff. Dog had me up at 4 am, so I can plead sleep deprivation.