Max charge for 60 kwh

Max charge for 60 kwh

I can only get a max charge of 197. What has anyone else got?? I think this is too low...

Brian H | March 25, 2013

60/85 x 265 = 188.

deeptesla | March 25, 2013

I got 197 miles on standard charge for the first 5 days. After that the charge results in 187-190 miles with no other change. Still trying to figure out if this is normal.

garylac2 | March 25, 2013

While the guage may say 197 (rated) the actual is more like 208, as the EPA claims. What happens is the number stops going up, but the battery icon keeps charging as is noted by the filling up of the green bar even thought the number 197 does not change. The result is that so long as you charge the battery fully, the 197 will not begin to draw down until you travel your first 10 to 15 miles. We just did a 200 mile roadtrip between milford ct and Newark de with the 60kw battery and arrived with 9 miles to spare despite the fact that the number never got above 197.

Maestrokneer | March 25, 2013

+1 garylac2

I've had the exact same observation. For some reason when in range mode it only displays a maximum of 197. However, I have also notice 10+ miles or so of driving before the numbers start moving. So you're actually getting 208 of rated miles (per the EPA).

I've told Tesla Service about this issue, but I don't think they're doing anything to fix it. Seems weird. The 85's show 265, so why wouldn't ours show 208? Why stop at 197? Doesn't make sense to me.

deeptesla | March 25, 2013

@Maestrokneer I had the exact same behavior for only the first 5 days. Now the car charges to 187-190 miles and when I start driving the miles start to drop immediately. Earlier I would get the 10 free miles and also the dotted yellow line and the speedometer that would limit the regen to around 30Kwh. But now the miles come off when I start driving and I don't see dotted line that limits regen.

Nothing has changed on my charging.

Getting Amped Again | March 25, 2013

@rohitdeep - I believe you're doing a Standard charge now (not sure what you did before). This thread is about the Max Range charge.

This is the displayed vs. actual charge behavior most people are seeing for a 60 kWh car (including mine - a month old):

Standard charge shows about 190 Rated miles and that's what you get.
Max Range shows about 197 Rated but you get about 208. You drive for about 10-11 miles before the Rated miles on the display start to decrease.

CC | March 25, 2013


The yellow dotted line limits how much regen can be applied to the battery, the fuller the battery, less room for regen. Seems like your car was set to max range charge the first 5 days.
It was great meeting you at the Delaware Supercharger yesterday :) Impressive run from Milford CT to Newark DE, many thanks from 60 kwh owners for this successful test run!

deeptesla | March 26, 2013

@cc Thanks! It makes sense now. The car when delivered was set to Max Range and our DS didn't go through that :). After reading the forums I must have set it back to Standard.

I switched to Max Range today to get to 197 and was able to replicate the behavior. I don't need the extra miles now so will keep it at Standard charge.

Alex K | March 26, 2013

@Maestrokneer | MARCH 25, 2013: The 85's show 265

My P85 consistently shows 270mi or more when charged in Range mode, so who knows what the algorithm is?