Max Charging capabilities of the Powerwall 2

Max Charging capabilities of the Powerwall 2

I just had two Powerwall 2 battery packs installed on my 6.6KW Solar system. The Powerwalls were at 11% capacity when installed and while my solar was producing 5.6kW of power, the packs were only charging at 3.3kW with .9kW going to my home and 1.4kW back into the grid.

Why is the charging throttled to 3.3kW?

SCE is cutting power to my street for upgrades tomorrow, so here is hoping that all goes well.

baz99 | March 7, 2018

The powerwall settings on the app need to be set for the full 5kW and not the limit set by a standard 3.8kW system..... this needs permission from the power network and your installer

SoCalDude | March 7, 2018

Grid is down as work is being done by the power company. Tesla Batteries seem to be doing excellent (house is functional) , but SolarEdge Inverter is resetting every 10 minutes or so with Error code 34 - AC Freq Too High. I am in California.

nswfugitive | March 8, 2018

My PW2 charges at 5kW from solar and doesn't send power to the grid until it goes over that while charging. From the grid it charges at 1.7W rate.

Turbine | March 9, 2018

@SoCal2017 - "SolarEdge Inverter is resetting every 10 minutes or so with Error code 34 - AC Freq Too High"

It's the battery's way of shutting the solar down to prevent the surplus being exported; which it can't, because you are off-grid.

Turbine | March 9, 2018

@nswfugitive - " From the grid it charges at 1.7W rate."

That's awfully low......

ekim909 | March 23, 2018

I am in NSW Australia and my system only charges at a maximum of 1.7kW from the grid so I am guessing it must be a regulatory limit. I set the reserve to 80% after 10pm if it looks like a no sun day ahead so that I can charge at a low cost, then reset reserve to 10% in the morning and use that Powerwall for most of the day when my power is at a much higher cost. My system charges at up to 4.2kW from my 6kW array of solar panels when the sun is shining.:)

FloridaDave | March 24, 2018

I have 2 Powerwall2's. The last 2 days they have charged at a max of 5.8kW according to the Tesla app. That was right about noon when they filled up and sent the rest back to the grid.

deweyvt03 | March 26, 2018

I have one PW2 installed about two weeks ago, and it charges at 1.7kW from the solar. From these comments, it would seem that is the standard across the board unless you specifically have it modified.

trx430ex | March 28, 2018

I do like the way Tesla has pushed way past DeWalt & Dyson in energy expended VS energy stored in better time. I do believe the powerwall could load even faster and put some load on the cooling system.

Cycling time = profit, take my money,,, if I can take it mobile in an RV and ditch that 600 pounds of lead acid.

Also could you give Tesla store employees faster data to the solar panel on the wall in King of Prussia Pa. Watts @ what volts?

trx430ex | March 28, 2018

In Thermal dynamics of efficiency, charge rate should be determined by temperature. If the pack is cool then it should be able to have a variable charge rate. Go as hot as it can until it hits the cooling system, then level off. In the firmware, we are not leveraging temperature to the highest efficiency.

Meh,, I am on the east coast USA, and yes, it is still cold here.

trx430ex | March 28, 2018

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