May-July estimated delivery, no invite yet

May-July estimated delivery, no invite yet

Hi all, I've been reading posts but have never posted before. I reserved on 4/1/16 in CO and have an estimated delivery of May-July. However, I haven't gotten my configuration invite. Based on your experiences, any guesses or thoughts on when I might see it? Thanks!

Jhawk23 | May 21, 2018

Oh yeah...forgot to mention non-owner

disapr | May 22, 2018

Same here.. No one knows, all we can do it wait.

nikhilm_2000 | May 22, 2018

same here. non-owner reserved online 4/1 East Coast. No invite yet. Im guessing it'll get pushed now that they have started accepting orders for AWD and all the previous reservation holders who delayed configuring will be back in the queue in front of us.

Mathias8337 | May 22, 2018

4/1 6am EST. No invite. I'm sure we're in the next batch, but who knows when that will be. No cars can be delivered until July if they get configured now, so if you go first production expect end of July/early August delivery.

matt80206 | May 22, 2018

CO online 4/1 at like invite either... be patient know its hard, go to cherry creek mall and sit in it. I think we will be invited once 5k a week hits.

CharleyBC | May 22, 2018

Me too. My guess is they'll handle the wave of AWD orders from those people previously invited but waiting, and then get back to new invitations like all of us.

I spent a couple days riding around in my son's Model 3. (He was smarter and stood in line 31 March.) After actually experiencing it, I am here to testify that the waiting is ten times harder!

Gibert | May 22, 2018

Me too. ~8 AM on 4/1/16 Non-owner. Seems like I'm in good company.

suren.petrosyan | May 22, 2018

Ditto. 4/1/16 non-owner. No invite yet.

Our time will come ladies and gents, and it will be glorious!

Jhawk23 | May 22, 2018

Thanks all. As the song says, "the waiting is the hardest part." I don't anticipate configuring until July because I was to reach the 15 year mark with my current car in August. It will just seem so much more real when that email comes. Thanks all for your feedback.

pkwitte | May 22, 2018

Only Canadians have been getting invites since mid-April. Vast majority of us regular domestic 4/1ers have been set aside to make way for coast-to-coast Canadian deliveries for at least the next 6 weeks.

Annoying, as Tesla originally promised they would start with U.S. deliveries, from West to East.