Maybe the Funniest Tesla Short Story Ever

Maybe the Funniest Tesla Short Story Ever

This is a new move to protest Tesla.

You have to kinda feel sorry for the guy, but that's what you get for relying on "stock experts." I wonder who and how his face got torqued like that. I guess that tends to happen when you hit 750 people in the face with poop. Which brings up another question: Where do you find that much poop? He must have a septic tank.

patswin | January 30, 2020

I’ve been wondering when a story like this would show up. Although I would much prefer seeing someone like David Einhorn or Jim Chanos pictured in the article

jimglas | January 30, 2020

your experience may vary

Xerogas | January 30, 2020

@dmm1240: from the site’s about page

Disclaimer: Almost everything on this site is satire and/or fiction. If you are dumb enough to believe it then you should go back to school.

dmm1240 | January 30, 2020

You have a point Xerogas. It's funny nonetheless.

andy.connor.e | January 30, 2020

Its like the Onion news.

dmm1240 | January 30, 2020

It was a link someone put up on Seeking Alpha in the comment section under Anton Wahlman's latest diatribe against Tesla. He's urging his readers to short more Tesla stock.

Anyway, some guy put it up in a comment, I hit the link to see what he was talking about, did a "say what?" and started laughing. I guess my gullibility can be traced to my low opinion of the smarts exhibited by most Tesla shorts. My bad. I should have paid more attention to the site instead of cutting and pasting.

But it is funny.

FactDoc | January 31, 2020

Its fake news but made me laugh

rxlawdude | January 31, 2020

Just when I started to wonder where this guy got enough human feces to "fill his Camaro."

Mike83 | February 1, 2020

Is that Rick Scott from Florida who wouldn't allow the term Climate Change used in the gov.

FactDoc | February 1, 2020

Ain’t a Camaro full of gas?
Sorry I can’t remember I haven’t driven a gas car for so long I completely forgot these car were full of shit

DonS | February 4, 2020

It is sad, but that is what can happen when someone is sure they are smarter than the market. You can make your best guess, but be prepared just in case your guess is wrong.