MCU spontaneous reboot during driving

MCU spontaneous reboot during driving

Likely this concern has been posted somewhere before...
spontaneous reboot problem. Current software up to date in a Model S 2015 85D.
Streaming music recently was "skipping" frequently. Car just rebooted on its own while driving to work.
Seem to also have issues with car in deep sleep, even when set to always connected. On occasion car takes a few more seconds to boot up. Sometimes App not connecting remotely due to car issue, not a server issue (I can't remember the exact wording).
I will try clearing the NAV history as suggested in other forums.

I worry less about the drive train on this car and more about the MCU software outpacing the hardware, much like my stack of old iPads that no longer can keep up.

EVRider | March 4, 2019

Spontaneous reboots are not unheard of, but if they happen all the time you might have an MCU issue.

By the way, saying your software is "up to date" or the "latest version" doesn't mean anything -- which specific version do you have installed?

RedJ | March 4, 2019

I’ve had this happen to me. Seemed to happen in clusters but then went away