Meeting Elon Musk, a pretty approachable billionaire!

Meeting Elon Musk, a pretty approachable billionaire!

Very to meet Elon at the Austin store grand opening and got a picture with him and even got a brief conversation in. He was super accommodating and very friendly after what has had to be an incredibly long week (Europe, SpaceX, etc.). The store folks were also super nice and helped run down some additional detail on my delivery date (they think more like end of April, which is baffling to me) and even let my 10 year old pose for a picture in the Roadster (their idea!). The two Tesla chargers in the mall garage (The Domain in Austin) will be opened up for 24 hour access after grand opening weekend is complete!

Overall, a lot of fun, and I'm now the proud owner of a Tesla hat (paid, not free). Plus the guy looking at the car had questions about price, etc. which in Texas the store employees couldn't legally answer, so I was able to have them cover the airs while I answered his questions! :-)

c.bussert67 | March 8, 2013

You lucky dog! We got to chat with George B. at the test drive. He approached us as we left the car and asked us what we thought. I know he is a super busy guy, but he continued to chat and tell us his own stories of getting to borrow an S for a weekend, while he waited for his. He hushed a few employees that were requesting his assistance. Just mind blowing to see someone of that value to just put it all aside and chat with no pressure. He even took a picture with us.
A memory will never forget.
I always dream of meeting Elon someday and getting him to sign the dash of our S...

sagebrushnw | March 8, 2013

@ riceuguy

"so I was able to have them cover the airs" ...think you meant "cover their ears" right?

Glad to hear the Austin store is now open. Hope my relatives and friends in the Austin/San Antonio area will go and take a look. Know they are probably tired of hearing me talk "Tesla" all the time.

riceuguy | March 9, 2013

@sagebrushnw...stupid autocorrect!

Yeah, very cool, very surprIsing. He was signing tons of stuff for people, and I think a few owners are over there now to see if he will sign their cars (not sure where!). Now THAT is a signature model!

lolachampcar | March 9, 2013

Funny how the first B can make some people unapproachable while spending it down to near zero on new ventures then building it back up can make fine people that much better.

olanmills | March 10, 2013

@CnJsSigP, that's what I would want to do too, have a real "Signature" model. Though I'm not sure where exactly I would want it signed. The right side of the dash on the wood trim with a silver sharpie might be cool, though it would also be cool to have a signature on the outside somewhere and then put clear coat over it lol.

defmonk | March 10, 2013

I ran into Mr. Musk at a film premiere in LA, right in the midst of the Broder-NYT mess. I'm generally not in the habit of introducing myself to folks I don't know. However, I couldn't miss the chance to introduce myself to him by reservation number. He chuckled when I extended my hand saying, "Hi, I'm number 17, 9XX!" The neat thing was his unbridled excitement about the car, late in the evening, after sitting through a movie and standing around for hours at an event, at the end of what must have been a hellish day. In the midst of a sea of huge egos, here was a personable, approachable guy with genuine enthusiasm for his product. At a human level, it is now even easier to join his vision for Tesla and electric vehicles.

celtrog | March 10, 2013

Why can't employes answer questions in Texas legally?
Seems very very strange and would seem to be a big hiderence to sales.
This I gotta heat.

Neech | March 10, 2013

@celtrog - Texas = Big Oil = even bigger money (think billionaire Koch brothers). I seriously doubt they like the competition the EV market may present. And they have the puppet Governor Rick Perry who will help put up whatever roadblocks they want. Seems to me that stopping Tesla reps from talking about price or providing delivery specialists in their state is contrary to the capitalist world they claim to promote. Freedom of Speech should prevail.

suegie | March 10, 2013

Buying a car from Tesla in Texas can be a painful experience...the fact that Tesla has made the progress it has in an industry that snuffs out innovation is nothing short of a miracle. I think we are very fortunate that someone like Elon Musk came along when he did, and had the help of a President who believes in renewable energy/technology. I'm excited about getting the infrastructure here in Texas, so we can really see some Teslas in the wild! I'm so excited about Tesla and the incredible ride. I am hoping Elon will come to Houston for a similar event when our service center finally opens.

Objective1 | March 10, 2013

It's not an anti-EV thing in Texas. It's a pro-car dealer thing.

lolachampcar | March 10, 2013

Texans are nothing if not absolutely sure they are right. They will be one of the last to get their head removed from ........

Disclaimer, my father's side is from Texas. I have relatives that go back 200 years in a cemetery in New Boston. I love Texas but sometimes they can not see even the very blatant contradictions that Neech spells out.

There are three things I love about Tesla-
The Car
The Company
and The........ crap, I forgot the last. My bad.

c.bussert67 | March 10, 2013

Yeah that's the popular thing to do with mustangs and cobras. Get ol' Shelby to sign the passenger side of the dash panel with a silver paint pen. I have the carbon inserts and think that would look awesome, not to mention, like you said, it would be a true Signature edition!
I think with Carroll passed away, Elon is the next big car industry game changer. He definitely has made the new version of the performance car. That's how Shelby got started.

dlewis | March 10, 2013

I met Elon at the opening of the Washington DC store a couple years ago. His approach ability and sincere belief in what he was doing was the final thing that made me put my deposit on the S that night.