Mercedes does the "S" 15 years in the future ---

Mercedes does the "S" 15 years in the future ---

Here's what Mercedes thinks will be the luxury sedan of 2025:

It's got some really iffy fuel cell assumptions built in, but the rest is pretty interesting.

David M. | September 20, 2011

2025? I could be dead by then. I'd like to see what they propose to do in the next 5 years.

petero | September 22, 2011

I think Daimler Benz will need a lot more time and resources to make the f-125 happen. It is always good to dream, but we need to develop and improve technology that we can use now and improve over the next 5 years.

We need to develop better propulsion systems. Hybrids are a band aid for the ICE and a decent short term option. I am particularly impressed by GM on two fronts, their Volt system seems good (for a hybrid) and their ability to extort $$$ from our government for alternative energy ($6 Billion).

I am not a fan of big government, especially the way the Republicans and Democrats have been working together. That said, the solution is simple, but will be ( short term ) VERY unpopular with most Americans and businesses. The price of gasoline in the US is low compared to other industrial countries. If we raise the tax on gas 25-50 cents a gallon, the government could create a sizeable fund to subsidize research that could develop better, cheaper batteries; hydrogen; fuel cells; etc. We could renovate mass transit while we are at it. All of this takes a huge financial commitment and private enterprise will not spend enough on new technology in these economic times. In our current economic crisis, raising the price of gasoline will create panic in Washington.

The solutions to our problems is not going to come from Big Oil or Big Auto, but little guys like Tesla.