Mid Range with White Interior Deliveries

Mid Range with White Interior Deliveries

Has anyone who ordered an MR model 3 with white interior received a delivery?

OrionHunter | December 3, 2018

Curious if anyone anywhere who ordered a Mid Range model (available since Oct 18 2018 only) with WHITE interior has taken delivery. Delivery spreadsheet at TMC shows 1 or 2 out of 100 and those may be errors. Wondering if white seat options being produced at all for the MR model yet.

shawncordell | December 3, 2018

Ordered mine on the 21st of October. Haven’t heard anything yet.

mclellanadam | December 4, 2018

Same I ordered mine on 10/21 and haven't heard anything.

JAMESLHARWOOD | December 4, 2018

I ordered my LR RWD with black interior on 10/22. Haven't heard anything yet, I think these white interiors threads are making a bigger deal of it.

OrionHunter | December 4, 2018

@jameslharwood, just looking for any evidence that white interiors for the MR are being delivered at all. Based in the figures it appears they are being sidelined as their quantities are much less than say black on black which seem to be produced in more significant numbers. Also it appears, again from the TMC spreadsheet that AWD is being prioritized over RWD models. Understandable for Tesla to prioritize production runs for those models that have greater revenue value and volume. Just disappointing to realize that certain model configurations may not see any deliveries this year. I have yet to see a single white interior MR model delivered to date to anyone. Black interior deliveries are commonplace, particularly with the AWD models.

parmesan | December 4, 2018

There was one delivery of white interior in Mid Nov according to the Teslike spreadsheet, but none of the othrs have received any updates or VIN.

Tweet to @Tesla or Elon asking for an update with #LEMRWhiteInterior

jeffersonhunt | December 4, 2018

Anyone get a VIN assigned yet with white seats? Starting to feel anxious about getting mine in time!

EVRider | December 4, 2018

I ordered a MR with white interior on Nov 30, the last day to guarantee delivery this year (according to Tesla). No VIN yet. Will be interesting to see what Tesla does if they can’t deliver on time.

OrionHunter | December 4, 2018

@parmesan I saw that one but given it is the only one I am wondering if it was an input error. No other movement on any white interior MR models as far back as Oct 18, when the first MR orders were taken. I would love for Tesla to prove me wrong on this.

mclellanadam | December 4, 2018

Hey Guys, I just got a delivery date 10 min ago. It will arrive at my house 12/20. I ordered MR with white interior and did NOT have a earlier reservation spot. I ordered on 10/21 and live in Orlando, FL.

So relax, I think everybody will be fine. :)

parmesan | December 4, 2018

congratulations @mclellanadam. That is good news.

kbmi777 | December 4, 2018

I ordered on 11/11 with white interior and nothing so far...MI resident

jw_fll | December 4, 2018

Ordered MR 10/28 blue/white 19”wheels with EAP just got delivery text confirmed for 12/16 in South Florida

r.sawyer | December 4, 2018

Sounds like the floodgates are open!
I'm seeing reports for all different configurations and locations around the country. Hopefully we will all get ours soon!

mpm3710 | December 4, 2018

I am starting to lose faith in what Tesla is doing. I figured that I would have my car by now. I ordered on 10/20 MR White/White, EAP at the time they claimed 4-6 weeks for West Coast deliveries. But all I have been seeing is mostly East Coast getting deliveries. Tesla did state in their FAQ at the time I ordered that they will be going by reservation, location, and configuration. I am in my 7th week waiting and having a day 1 reservation and on the West Coast you would think I would have had a delivery by now or at least a VIN#. Then on the forum people are saying that they were not going by reservation or location anymore that configuration is the key so they can batch orders for manufacturing. Also that there were no White interiors being delivered right now. It is a mystery why mclellanadam has gotten a delivery date. That person had just the opposite position that I have. No early reservation, ordered the day after me and lives on the East Coast. He must know somebody in a high place. ;-)

I am afraid that I will not be able to take advantage of the full tax credit either at this point. I am not alone either, there are a lot of people in the same boat as me and are starting to worry. Did Elon shoot himself in the foot by announcing order by 11/30 and receive your delivery before the end of the year? He has been known to miss the mark before. Will he be compensating the orders for late deliveries and not getting the full tax credit? Not hearing much from this company about anything lately. :-(

satarsalari | December 4, 2018

Ordered mine on 23Nov and just got my delivery date with the VIN. Details below:

MR RWD Black EXT White INT 19 " wheels with EAP. Jacksonville Florida, home delivery ... also I ordered the sold out all weather mats and they shipped within a couple days of the order.

satarsalari | December 4, 2018

Delivery date is 17Dec*

akwal07 | December 4, 2018

Ordered Nov 5, have not had any contact from Tesla besides the below:

Call to sell solar
Text to update details (which almost everyone got yesterday).

No VIn, No anything.

matt | December 4, 2018

Ordered Red with White interior, stock wheels on Oct 23, 2018. I have not received anything but the text message to make sure everything is up to date. I have my lender approved, and insurance ready but neither can assign me anything until I get a VIN number. I see that Florida is getting deliveries, but nothing on west coast (Las Vegas).

parmesan | December 4, 2018

Someone in the Tesla backoffice has started to match the cars being produced to the orders with white interiors.
Looks like they started with FL

Furion450 | December 4, 2018

I had my LEMR black/black delivery scheduled for tomorrow, after trying to get any info if everything is ready from advisor, received a phone call from dealership that that they have logistics issues and my appointment has been moved 2 weeks. My VIN disappeared. The person from dealership assured me that my VIN will remain the same. ARE THEY SIMPLY LYING? I am losing all the faith in Tesla even before I got the car. I guess I would be fine if they would keep me informed, but last minute? What a bummer.

satyakamsingh | December 4, 2018

Ordered on Nov 06 (Seattle WA), Mid Range Rear-Wheel Drive, Black Interior, white exterior, 18’’ wheel. Nothing heard yet. I will be surprised to see the deliveries by Dec end for many of the claims with the pace I saw and mentioned above.

OrionHunter | December 4, 2018

Congrats to those of you who are receiving deliveries with a white interior. Good to see the trickle start. My understanding is that east coast deliveries may be prioritized in order to account for transportation lead time to those cities. Ironically this means west coast deprioritized as later manufacturing runs can still be delivered to the west coast before end of year. All that said, Elon has likely created quite a backlog which may be difficult to fill. Let’s see what happens.

kathyhom | December 4, 2018


gaurav.tyagi | December 4, 2018

@satarsalari did you have a reservation? It seems like you got bumped ahead of a lot of folks. Just trying to figure out how is Tesla prioritizing deliveries. I have the same configuration as you (minus 19 wheels). I ordered on 17th Nov and had a reservation.

gaurav.tyagi | December 4, 2018

@satarsalari did you have a reservation? It seems like you got bumped ahead of a lot of folks. Just trying to figure out how is Tesla prioritizing deliveries. I have the same configuration as you (minus 19 wheels). I ordered on 17th Nov and had a reservation.

trickykill | December 4, 2018

Ordered 10/18 10pm (4-6 weeks delivery estimated)
Midnight Silver Lemur - White interior
Got a text message telling me to complete checkout items on 12/3 (already done)
Leaving US on 12/22 for family vacation
Really needing a Portland OR delivery before then!

Always_exploring | December 4, 2018

I wonder why white interior is taking so long? I imagine the main difference are the seats which can be installed at the end? Oh there's that white trim piece which they can snap on and the bit of white alcantara on the side of each door?

satarsalari | December 5, 2018

@gaurav.tyagi no reservation. Are you east coast? Call and ask for an update if you havent already.

mb1068 | December 5, 2018

Ordered MR with White Interior - 11/23 - got a text the week saying it is being produced. Bay Area (CA) delivery this weekend. No VIN until 12-24hrs before.
Let's see.

kbmi777 | December 5, 2018

I am not sure why I haven't anything yet being on east coast. I am 4/1/2016 early reservation holder. Ordered on 11/11/18 from Michigan Black Ext/White Int/Aero/No EAP.

kbmi777 | December 5, 2018

I am not sure why I haven't heard anything yet being on east coast. I am 4/1/2016 early reservation holder. Ordered on 11/11/18 from Michigan - Black Ext/White Int/Aero/No EAP.

Customer Service is useless and have no idea or purposefully not sharing anything regarding priority. They are also saying that since Elon promised, I should be hearing soon.

Arktctr | December 5, 2018

Hopefully the announcement that European deliveries will begin in February will mean there is a wave of US deliveries coming this month (including those of us with White interiors)...

rajeshpatil | December 5, 2018

@mb1068, Bay Area order on 11/23 and a 12/8 or 12/9 delivery date?
Reservation holder?

EVRider | December 5, 2018

I haven't been given a VIN yet, but I got an answer to what happens if Tesla missed the December delivery deadline: you can return the car no strings attached under the 24-hour return program (

I know this is isn't ideal, but anyone trading in a car or turning in a lease will probably know ahead of time that the deadline will be missed and can plan accordingly. Hopefully Tesla will be able to fulfill their delivery commitments -- I know they're trying hard to.

vman | December 5, 2018

Ordered 11/04/18 MR/MSM/White interior/19" Wheels/No EAP
Received email yesterday with delivery date 12/11/18 and VIN
Orange County, CA

Arktctr | December 5, 2018

Dang it Tesla! Build my blue with white interior already :)

rajeshpatil | December 5, 2018

Just got text from Tesla. Delivery date 12/9
Don't see VIN on my order page which is still saying "we are drafting your contract ..."
Bay Area, ordered 11/11, no reservation, black ext white int 19" wheels EAP

syakkanti | December 5, 2018

Order Date 11/30/2018 TX will it be here before 12/31/2018

kbmi777 | December 5, 2018

I wish I would have got same text as @rajeshpatil.....I also ordered from MI on 11/11, black ext with white int, aero, no eap. I thought East Coast would get a call sooner due to shipping logistics. Only Elon knows his supply chain algorithm :):)

kbmi777 | December 5, 2018

Good Luck and congrats @rajeshpatil

rajeshpatil | December 5, 2018

thanks @kbmi777
fingers crossed - hoping the date holds and I get the car unlike some reports here of last minute rescheduling

satyakamsingh | December 5, 2018

"If Tesla missed the December delivery deadline: you can return the car no strings attached under the 24-hour return program" Seems the deal that many of those may take an additional ($3750) cost hit (half the tax credit incentive until June 2019), and not returning it, if they made their mind and ordered already.!!! Reservation March 2018 and Ordered 05 Nov 2018, Seattle WA, Mid range... Nothing heard as of yet!!

mirise | December 5, 2018

I ordered 10/20 black with white int. Got email and text today 12/15 delivery West palm beach

manzirogerdus | December 6, 2018

@vman, great to hear Orange County's MR white interiors are starting to get delivery dates. Gives me some hope!

Arktctr | December 6, 2018

@manzirogerdus - 100% agree...I have everything ready and could pick up today if they called and said it was ready...

Dansilvasigma17 | December 6, 2018

10/21 MR White exterior, white interior, 19”, reservation holder, Bay Area. No word from Tesla at all.

Arktctr | December 6, 2018

Just got the text with a Tuesday, 12/11 delivery date here at Costa Mesa Delivery Center
10/18 Order
Blue / White Interior


jvliii | December 6, 2018

I received the text/e-mail this morning for a 12/12 delivery (my birthday).

Blue w/white interior
19 in sport
Las Vegas, NV
10/19 order date
Day 1 line waiter but this order accidentally got placed under a different reservation number.

VIN shows in my account.

I am actually trying to reschedule my home delivery for the following day since I have a work conflict on the 12th.

shanipatel93 | December 6, 2018

Delivery date confirmed for 12/11
Orange County, CA
Ordered 11/06/18
Black ext/ white interior
Premium wheels
Day 1 reservation holder