mileage is impacted by...

mileage is impacted by...

The Model S is rated at 265 miles with the 85kWh battery. I was wondering how that would be impacted by driving in the winter, in the North. Or driving at night, or in the South during the summer or using all the electronic options, etc. What are your driving conditions and your mileage experience?


docdac | June 21, 2013

Winter driving in Minnesota, in 10-20 deg F weather, gets about 70% of rated range (rough approximation based on two 200 mile trips I took in January), compared to similar driving in 50-70 deg where I get almost exactly rated range. That requires gentle accelleration and adhering to the speed limits. If you 'gun it' and exceed speed limits, the range will be lower. That's my experience.

Carefree | June 21, 2013

Electronics have close to zero impact on range. The AC is surprisingly efficient. Here in AZ the AC is running full blast (110F weather) and the impact is much less than I ever anticipated. My guess would be that you still get at least 85-90% of rated range. Speed and headwinds have a much more negative impact than AC!

PaceyWhitter | June 21, 2013

As docdac said, winter driving can seriously affect range (of both a MS and an ICE)

However your other issues do not affect range much. Night driving would not affect range, nor will the electronic options (to any real noticable amout)

The air conditioner is very efficient and will affect range only very slightly.

The biggest affects on range would be speed, and weather. Obviously snow was mentioned, but rain and wind also has a negative affect on range.

PaceyWhitter | June 21, 2013

Carefree types faster than me.

Keith72 | June 22, 2013

Living in the heat and humidity in the Houston area, I've been very pleasantly surprised that the air conditioning doesn't seem to have much of an impact - and I like to keep the car cool!!!

SSL161 | June 22, 2013

Rather than restate, I'll just say "ditto" and simply add that your biggest range killers are lead footing and elevation changes (ie driving in hilly or mountainous areas), but even then, that can be mitigated with some good planning.

defmonk | June 23, 2013

Biggest range killer for me: additional passengers. Most days, I commute solo and draw about 300-325kW. On weekends, loading family and friends in the car, I can average in the high 400kW.

noel.smyth | June 23, 2013

Elevation change, a 200 mile trip to state college with a total elevation change of 1000'. 340 wh/m there, 300 on the way back. average speed 70 both directions.