Milford to Newark DE on a 60kw battery?

Milford to Newark DE on a 60kw battery?

Planning a road trip from Connecticut to Washington DC. I know many have made this trip successfully with the 85kw battery using the two supercharger stations, but has anyone pulled it off with the 60 KW battery? I've got a few contingent charging stations picked out for lunch stops in New Jersey, but something tells me that if I top off in Milford, Drive carefully in range mode or with the heat off and perhaps reduce display illumination the trip may be do-able without supplementing the supercharging stations. Newark to DC should be easy. The key is Milford to Newark.


CC | March 11, 2013

Sounds kinda risky with the 60kwh even with range charge.. You probably will make it with no wind or tail wind and going around 55 mph or below. May be draft a truck will help as well.

Best bet is to stop by Cherry hill, charge/eat/rest for about 1.5 hr, then on to Newark DE.

DFibRL8R | March 12, 2013

While there are many variables (headwind, ambient temperature, use of climate control, elevation change), the biggest impact on range is speed. The trip is 199 miles. Your car has a theoretical range of 230 miles at 55MPH, level ground, 70 degree outdoor temps. So the short answer is yes you can make it by approximating these conditions. That said, driving only 55 can be treacherous on I-95 (and kind of a drag). Cooler temps/rain/headwinds and use of climate control will shave some miles.
Tesla's range calculator
gives 60mph, 50 degree outside temp a range number of 207 miles. In slow traffic on 95 your range may improve (though obviously not if traffic is stopped altogether).

Start the trip gently and watch your actual miles driven compared to what is being projected. If the numbers are looking unfavorable, take a pitstop in NJ (and have several options scoped out in case a charger is blocked, out of service etc).

Also if the range gets to zero, several have posted they were able to drive a few miles beyond (I think Broder's infamous NYT trip went 19miles beyond "zero" but obviously ended poorly! I'm not advocating this but it is nice to know the car won't just shut off at zero. There is discussion about the long-term impact of driving on a very low charge battery but the car will shut down to prevent catastrophic battery damage.

Brian H | March 12, 2013

Are there alternate surface roads? Freeways are the worst for mileage.

garylac2 | March 22, 2013

So here's the good news on the this thread. Just pulled it off. Topped off in Milford to full charge. Ambient temp a bit cooler than I would have liked at 39. We made the trip with the climate control off after initial warm up at the supercharger station. Also dimmed the display to 10 percent and turned off daytime running lights seat heaters etc. Despite this cabin temp maintained a reasonable degree of comfort.

15 minutes or so of traffic in NYC. Cruise control at 60 for the rest of the trip. Pulled in to the supercharger with 9 miles to spare. One disappointment, ICE block at 2 of the 4 supercharger spaces.

kayalir | March 22, 2013

Congrats! As a fellow 60kwh Model S owner that's very exciting news.

EVTripPlanner | March 22, 2013

I have some tools that might help planning out trips:


Route Energy Calculator (BETA):

Please, if you give it a try, let me know how close it was...

Sudre_ | March 22, 2013

I have made two 180 mile trips with speeds around 65 mph and a wife interior temp of 72 in mid30's weather. I have always felt I could do better and this report gives me a challenge. Both my trips ended with around 9 miles of range left.
The losses when the car is parked seem to be the real killer for me. There are no charger or even power for that matter at an outdoor unmanned shooting range.

DanD | March 22, 2013

Very impressive. I'd offer up our charger in in Trenton, but sounds like its not needed.

I'm hoping to push the envelope in my 60 this summer with a trip to NC. If I can just make it from Newark to an RV park south of Richmond ....