Mirror for an infant car seat in the Model S?

Mirror for an infant car seat in the Model S?

Hey everyone!

Just took delivery of our Model S P85+ (Metallic Blue with Gray interior). It's an amazing car and we're using it primarily as our family car, so we have a car seat installed rear facing in the middle back seat. Everything is working great so far, and our baby loves the panoramic sunroof. :-) The only issue we've come across is that the little mirror we had install on the headrest in our old car (so we can see the baby from the front) doesn't really have anything to attach to since the rear headrests are just little stubs. Does anyone have a recommendation for a car seat mirror that works well with the Model S?



Brian H | August 10, 2013

Large elastic band and a shaving mirror?

Pungoteague_Dave | October 12, 2013

Our strategy when raising our three was to ignore the back seat unless the noise overcame the stereo. They're kids, not trophies. We didn't disregard their well-being, but felt no need to constantly see, hear, or serve the rug rats. They are all independently paying their own bills and seem reasonably well adjusted 20-somethings, so forgoing observation mirrors and crib monitors seemed to work okay.

danej | October 12, 2013

Better for the kids to keep those eyes on the road!


jrettinger | October 12, 2013

I actually had the same problem. I solved it by picked up a full size seat protector (that the infant seat base goes on) and securing the mirror tot he top of that. Worked like a charm. If you need a picture, let me know.

gogsee | June 21, 2016

guys, can you share pictures?