Missing miles

Missing miles

As of 2019.8.3 I lost 8-9 miles. Before 2019.8.3 I could get 278 at 90% charge, after I get 269 or 270. I submitted a ticket and they said that this was a known software problem but 2019.12.1.2 I still only get 270 max. On a trip 100% charge was 300 miles.

Are others experiencing this?

Lorenzryanc | May 6, 2019

Mile estimates can vary over time depending on how and when you charge. IIRC if you charge via superchargers alone, it could throw off the estimate. consider driving the car till about 30% charge and charge to 90% via home charging to possibly give you a better estimate. And no, I haven't experienced it myself.

Lorenzryanc | May 6, 2019

Mile estimates can vary over time depending on how and when you charge. IIRC if you charge via superchargers alone, it could throw off the estimate. consider driving the car till about 30% charge and charge to 90% via home charging to possibly give you a better estimate. And no, I haven't experienced it myself.

Lorenzryanc | May 6, 2019

/sorry for double (now triple)

Magic 8 Ball | May 6, 2019

Nope, mine is showing more estimated range than before.

CharleyBC | May 6, 2019

My 90% charge overnight extrapolates tp 320 miles. Grinning!

Lorenzryanc | May 6, 2019

90% is 320??? You got some energizers in the frunk?

CharleyBC | May 6, 2019

"Extrapolates," said I! :)

mknewman | May 6, 2019

Could this be due to a heavy foot, ie, I typically run about 300-320kWh except on the freeway, there about 250-260.

I charge almost exclusively at home, on a Tesla wall charger, 32 amps. 29 miles/hour rate. I've only Supercharged 6 or so times in 8000 miles, on long trips. I charge 2-3 times a week, keep charge above 200 miles typically. Elon says keep it charged.

On a recent trip I ran it down to 35 miles remaining (on the clock) and charged on the Supercharger back up to 90% and it was the exact same 270 miles.

I know this is only .3% but I really do think it happened as a result of 2019.8.5 not anything else, especially since Tesla said they knew about it.

SteveWin1 | May 6, 2019

On my TeslaFi battery report, it does show a big change in my battery's estimated 100% charge right after getting 2019.8.5. Before this update, my estimated 100% charge would vary from day to day (slowly trending downwards), which was nice because it gave me a sense of how much error there was. Since 2019.8.5, it actually went up a tiny bit at first and stayed exactly the same for about 3 weeks and then I suddenly lost 5 miles. This is the same overall trend I had been seeing before, but instead of lots of tiny squiggly baby steps that trended downward, it looks like my car is taking huge steps downward after staying the same for a long time. I feel like the original reports were more accurate. Anyway, at 90% charge, I'm down to 266 miles, so you're doing better than me. I'm at 4.5% degradation since new, which is 15% of the way to a new battery via warranty. I'm only 10% of the way to driving 120K miles, so unless the loss slows down at some point (its supposed to, I believe), I'll be making use of the warranty.

As for the heavy foot theory...that's not supposed to matter. The Ludicrous modes on the S and X specifically warn users that by using that mode it will cause a small amount of damage to the battery. The Model 3 was supposed to have a better cooling system so that wasn't supposed to be a concern. I don't believe Tesla has ever warned against acceleration causing extra battery degradation on the Model 3.

Bighorn | May 6, 2019

Don't mistake calibration errors for degradation.

Teslanene | May 6, 2019

@stevewin1 same here down almost 4.5% at 10k and only 4 months old. How do you calibrate the battery?

aptwo | May 6, 2019

Same here. I use supercharger once a week for 9 months.

mknewman | May 6, 2019

I should say my M3 is 7 months old with 8000 miles.

Pangzi | May 6, 2019

I have the similar issue, too.

Mid Range, 100% soc only grands me 247 miles instead of 264. =(

lbowroom | May 6, 2019

The real comparison is ACTUAL mileage now vs. when you first got it. And how to assess that....?

Teslanene | May 6, 2019

how can you compare, when I got mine it was winter got terrible mileage, now it’s getting close to actual mileage. I noticed the drop with the installation of 8.5 also getting 248 mid-range and supercharge once a week.

WantMY | May 6, 2019

Ah, funny, so much concerns over guess-o-meter range, and pretty much none when it delivers substantially less. Teslas are "true EV" cars, meaning those lie shamelessly hoping you would recharge before 50 miles left and real circus starts, so owner would never know the real range, lol

thorvund | May 7, 2019

There is a known software issue with 8.3 that causes the rated miles to be much lower. My car had gone to the SC and I had multiple calls with Tesla before the email went out to the Service Centers. The software has been fixed with .12, but it will take several trips or weeks for the algorithm to start reporting rated miles that are more in alignment with the battery.

My car (PD3+) was consistently reporting 279 or 278 at 90%. After the 8.3 it slowly started dropping to 260. I received 2019.12.1.2 last Friday and it has started to show improved rated miles. I am now up to 267 at 90%. I assume it will continue to improve with a few charge cycles.

MTTPA | May 7, 2019

My AWD went from 278 to 270 at 90% SOC within the first couple of months. It has stayed there since, even with the software updates. OTOH, I'm averaging 220 W/mi, so I'm getting way more miles per charge than the guess-o-meter is telling me.

thorvund | May 8, 2019

My rated mileage is slowly continuing to improve. I am now showing 270 rated miles at 90% charge. I have only really gone through two charging cycles where I let the charge drop to 30% and then back up to 90%. I am hoping with about 20 more large cycles, I can be close to the 279 rated miles.

Has anybody else that moved to 2019.12.12 seen the same improvements?

SteveWin1 | May 8, 2019


"Calibration," as described on this forum, doesn't change anything in my experience. I have only charged to 100% a single time and I did that this last weekend just to try to see if the drop in range was due to staying pretty much always in the 70-90% range. I charged to 100% and drove it down to 20% before charging it back to 90% and down to 10%. Absolutely no change in rated range. Still at 4.5% loss from purchase. I have gone below 10% twice. So it has had a pretty full range of charges to "calibrate" itself. I also get lower than rated range pretty much always unless I'm on a straight road with no lights or stop signs going 45 or so. If it was a calibration error, and my real range was higher, I would expect to get to my destination with a higher charge than the car predicted and that never happens no matter how I drive.

httran26 | May 8, 2019


It usually takes me three cycling from 20-90+% before I see some improvement in the car's calculated range. I noticed if you keep the car something like 50-80% makes the range calculated range go down faster. To me, it appears that letting the battery go down to around 30% and charging 90% appears to keep the car near its rated range.

I've switched my battery display to % and not worrying about it anymore. It's just the display range that is off. Really nothing wrong with the battery. Too much trouble trying to make the car display the advertised range. Currently my car is display 296-303 mile range extrapolated. I'm sure it's because my car been sitting 50-70% most of the time.

tanya | May 8, 2019

I had the same experience as op. I haven't charged to 90% after the upgrade yet.

stockbandit91 | May 8, 2019

LR - 27k miles and just over 1 year old.
2 road trips using super chargers, otherwise 240V at home. Charges to 284-285 @ 90% after updated range to 325, looks like a degradation of only about 2.3%.

Bighorn | May 8, 2019

I wasn’t really advocating for any “recalibration” strategy. Just pointing out that there’s no tried and true way to measure battery capacity and that degradation is not usually the explanation. In day to day reality, it’s a non-issue for most other than as a psychic drain. There are meds for that.

lbowroom | May 8, 2019

I took a sticky note, wrote 400 on it and put it on my screen. I feel much better.

Magic 8 Ball | May 8, 2019

Great idea! You can put it in any font and size you want.

lordmiller | May 8, 2019

lbowroom Exactly! These people with the mileage display are crazy. Stop wasting the SCs time, put it in % and drive. If there's a problem down the road Tesla will address it.

Teslanene | May 8, 2019

@lordmiller so as long as your car charges to 100% no degradation has occurred?

lordmiller | May 8, 2019

Exactly!!! Teslanene

derotam | May 8, 2019

I know I am going to open a can of worms here but I have never understood the % display folks thinking...

What exactly is 100% referenced too? Is it actually referenced to a specific voltage, or is it referenced to the charge current dropping off? Does anyone in this community ACTUALLY know the real answer IRT the Model 3 BMS?

If you lose battery capacity is the car really going to just charge to <100%? My point is if the Model 3 battery and BMS always displays 100% as it is degrading over time, then doesn't the percentage view lie to you more than the miles view? In percentage view are you just thinking in your head ok, I'm at x percent so I can go x far? If the car always says 100% at "full charge" then you have to adjust in your head as you perceive the degradion from your normal driving. If the display is set to miles and it is being reduced do to battery degradation, then it would be giving you a more accurate measure of range/capacity left, right?

Magic 8 Ball | May 8, 2019

To further add to the confusion is does full = 100%?

I have not seen a "%" on the display, is it there?

derotam | May 8, 2019

The "rated range" can be changed between miles and a %

NapaChris | May 8, 2019

I drove a 164 mile round trip yesterday from Napa to Santa Clara.
I used navigate on autopilot for the majority of the trip (so it wasn’t me controlling acceleration).
I left home with 278 miles. I returned with only 58.
That’s 220 miles for a 164 mile ground trip.

mbouchti57 | May 8, 2019

@mknewman I am experiencing the exact same issue. 270 at 90% and 300 at 100%. I don't see any improvements with 2019.12.1.2

lordmiller | May 8, 2019

Magic 8 Ball Yes it actually says 90%

Magic 8 Ball | May 8, 2019

Never switched, never cared, lol. I was more thinking about the slider bar to set the charge. I never noticed any "units" associated with the slider.

lordmiller | May 8, 2019

Oh I got you. The slider bar just has the lines. I just don't know why people are so concerned with what the mileage reads at certain %. To me it seems to be re-balancing all the time.

Magic 8 Ball | May 8, 2019

I think some are concerned about being "cheated". How many of them actually ever measured their actual gas mileage, or range, vs the "computer" in their ICE cars do you figure?

Syed.Hosain | May 8, 2019

@Magic 8 Ball "I think some are concerned about being "cheated". How many of them actually ever measured their actual gas mileage, or range, vs the "computer" in their ICE cars do you figure?"

I did (but I am not concerned about being cheated).

On my Infiniti M45, I found that my calculations from tank-full to tank-full were pretty much within 0.1 mpg what my car said was the mileage it achieved during that 350+ mile period.

So, I stopped manually calculating after a while - too much effort to keep track of! :)

Magic 8 Ball | May 8, 2019

@Syed That is remarkable, have you done same with the TESLA (I.E. if the TESLA says you will get 42 miles on your charge does it give you the 42 miles?)

chagman | May 8, 2019

I have just recently noticed a sharp decline in my range as well. I am showing 248 miles at 80% but only getting approx. 160 actual miles with the exact same driving conditions as when I was getting nearly the full displayed range. That means I am only getting about 180 actual miles from a full charge. Which really limits me on road trips. I have a P3D+. Any productive feedback? Battery issue or software?

ODWms | May 9, 2019

I get at or close to rated range when driving conservatively, even with the PD3. If people think they’re going to drive 80 mph on the expressway and get rated range, they’d be wrong. Even having on the HVAC, passengers on board, etc will decrease mileage. Just like it does in an ICE vehicle.

Another point: EVs get their best mileage in conservative, city driving, as opposed to ICE vehicles, which get theirs in conservative, HWY driving.

Pangzi | May 9, 2019

@ODWms I agree with your point on the best mileage theory. However, missing miles as capacity is a different story.

I accept that a bad driving habit can result in 300 miles on screen shrank to 150 miles in actual driving. What I cannot accept is I can only see 280 miles on screen instead of 300 miles, moreover, with the same driving habit, my actual mileage is now "downgraded" into 130 miles. The question is, where are my 20 miles?

wseymour | May 15, 2019

I lost 9 miles of range as soon as the 2019.12.1.2 update was installed and the Stats app confirms it. Prior to that upgrade i was getting 279 at 90% SOC for 6 months straight.

mknewman | May 21, 2019

I started this thread a while ago and opened a ticket with Tesla about it. They assured me a software update would fix it but I have seen no change.

This weekend I took a 400 mile trip, filled to 100% before I left, supercharged to 90% at destination, and charged overnight at hotel, filled to 100% 1.5 hours before I left and it completed right as I was ready to drive off.. Still at 270 or 269. I drove the home leg and charged at home and got 266.

I have only supercharged about 6 times total, charge at home on a Tesla charger at 32 amps, and charge 2-3 times a week, usually between 150-200 miles remaining when I charge.

Worst case I drove it down to 35 miles remaining on a trip.

It's just that 8.5 seems to have been the culprit and Tesla confirmed that, but has not bothered to fix it yet.

mknewman | May 30, 2019

Latest response:

Customer Support Tesla

1:15 PM (19 minutes ago)

to marc@
Hello Marc,

Thank you for reaching out to Tesla Support. Our teams are currently working on a fix as the Tesla is not reflecting the range increase properly. You should see this resolved very soon with an over-the-air update. Keep an eye on the release notes as firmware is pushed to your vehicle to assist with this correction. Please be aware that after receiving the firmware fix, Your Tesla will need to be driven for a few weeks for the range to re-calculate the range and you should see a modest increase. The Tesla will still be calculating outside environment, features normally used, and driving style. We do apologize for the inconvenience. We appreciate you being part of the Tesla family and for helping to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

Thank you,

Tristan N. | Tesla Support
12832 Frontrunner Blvd., Draper, UT 84020

spuzzz123 | May 30, 2019

Nice update thx. Been wondering about this as I have seen zero change in my lr rwd model 3

gballant4570 | May 30, 2019

I saw the highest I've seen yet for a 100% charge two days ago.....309. Prior to that, the most I had seen was 306..... but just about always I've seen at least 300 on a 100% charge.