Missouri surprise: ALTERNATIVE FUEL DECAL costs $75/year

Missouri surprise: ALTERNATIVE FUEL DECAL costs $75/year

I just paid state taxes on my new Model 3 today, and along with that came a surprise. Missouri now requires an "Alternative Fuel Decal" which costs $75 per year and you cannot buy a 2 year decal. This appears to be, to me, in lieu of the emissions test required every 2 years, which costs $24. The state website says it's....

"In lieu of related taxes, the owner of a motor vehicle which operates with alternative fuel must annually purchase a special fuel decal prior to January 31 and pay the annual decal fee.".....

...but it's not, really, since it's replacing the emissions test. Now the cost to me is $150 every two years, instead of the $24 every 2 yrs. I don't know what taxes I'll be paying less for in order to have this be necessary. Feels more like a money grab to me to scold EV owners. Has anybody else experienced this and if so, do you know what taxes this is lieu of?


ravisundaramam | October 27, 2018

The state taxes gasoline for road use. EV they seem to be sneaking in a road tax in a fat form. Ideally they should phase out gasoline tax and tax the tires instead to be fair. But... they anti EV folks have lobbied quietly and got this done on the sly, it looks like.

jordanrichard | October 27, 2018

So this “Alternative Fuel” decal is in lieu of an emissions decal?

Here in CT, the state did away with emissions stickers. If one hasn’t passed emissions, you won’t be able to renew your car’s registration.

PrescottRichard | October 27, 2018

This is the kind of thing that would make me take my car in for an emissions test every two years. Duct tape a pipe unde your car...


PrescottRichard | October 27, 2018

BTW- taxing tires vs fuel sounds good to me, but I’m sure the tire lobby wouldn’t be happy about it. It would be a round about way of taxing mileage. Of course some people would run tires down to the belts I’m sure.

DanFoster1 | October 27, 2018

‘Special taxes’ are misappropriated even more than ‘normal’ taxes. For example, investigate where the theft from toll roads and bridges actually ends up.

Yodrak. | October 27, 2018

"This appears to be, to me, in lieu of the emissions test required every 2 years,"
"So this “Alternative Fuel” decal is in lieu of an emissions decal?"

The OP is mistaken. The Missouri alternate fuel decal has nothing to do with the emissions test, it's to replace the gasoline tax that other-fueled vehicles don't pay at the gas or diesel pump.

My thought on the subject is that all vehicles should pay a road-use fee, or call it a tax, based on vehicle weight and miles driven, when renewing the vehicle registration.

Yodrak. | October 27, 2018

There have been other threads on this subject, many states have the same tax under a variety of names. In a few states the tax is much higher than in Missouri, and is more than what the gas tax would raise for even the highest miles driven per year by a gas guzzler..

jmacSTL | October 29, 2018

I understand now. I'll be paying less tax via the gasoline tax (which in MO is pretty low compared with other states) and this is to help offset that loss of tax revenue. I think this is acceptable, but I also agree a use tax based on miles driven might be in the future...if smart politicians are in charge. Now, read that last sentence partial outloud and try not to laugh.

Yodrak. | October 29, 2018

" I'll be paying less tax via the gasoline tax (which in MO is pretty low compared with other states) and this is to help offset that loss of tax revenue."

Correct. But before Missouri EV drivers make a final decision to vote 'Yes' for the Missouri gas tax increase next week they should check the proposal to see if it includes an increase in the price of the alternate-fuel decal? Nah, the widening difference in the price of gas v. electricity will provide adequate compensation. :-)

Kyuu | October 29, 2018

Yeah, CA's recent gas tax bill also included a provision for an extra $100/yr when doing vehicle registration. I don't mind paying our fair share for road maintenance and construction, but a flat fee is wrong (should be based on vehicle weight and mileage) and $100/yr is excessive. I'm going to vote for the proposition to repeal it solely for that reason.

DTsea | October 30, 2018

taxing tires instead of fuel is a VERY bad idea. you really want people driving on bald tires because the taxes make tires more expensive????

thompsonyaduma | October 30, 2018

How does one share an idea with Tesla.

jmacSTL | November 6, 2018

update: Before my M3, I was driving a 2002 Accord to work and back. I spent about 950.00 per year on gas for this commute. Using avg prices/gal, that's about 350 gallons. In Missouri, we pay .17/gal gas tax = $60. Add that to the $12 ($24 every two yrs for emissions testing) and you get $74. That's pretty close to the $75.00. So MO is getting the same from me for 'gas tax' as they were before my all-electric ride.

Yodrak. | November 6, 2018

Missouri was getting ~$60 from you in gas tax. The $24 every two years was going to the place that did the emissions test, not the state.

Be grateful that you don't live in Georgia, where the fee for non-commercial all-electric EVs is presently $213.69

nickcabral | November 6, 2018

$140 extra to for annual EV registration here in Idaho. Not a fan of the flat rate approach, either.

jordanrichard | November 6, 2018

You are still saving because there is also a Fed tax built into the price of gas that you are no longer paying.

Model3Webster | November 13, 2018

Just came from the MO DMV and had this surprise too. I understand the need to replace the lost gas taxes but I'm not thrilled with the idea of putting this hideous yellow sticker in my window. It's 3x3 and will definitely stand out with my blue car and white interior. Does it really need to be this obnoxious?

ken | March 23, 2019

Gas tax for ev should be based on equivalent gas mileage then you get taxed equally on fuel cost. This would equate to $25 per year tops

garyjtate | March 24, 2019

EVs get a $100 tax added when a car is register here in Tennessee...

I’m not going to tell the bastards I’m getting 135 MPGe.

jpcollins9 | March 24, 2019

Or Alabama where it's $200 per year!

rielley | March 27, 2019

$130 a year in NC

SO | March 27, 2019

Michigan $200

SO | March 27, 2019

And no state incentives.

mike.antonelli | October 14, 2019

The woman at the DMV told me a lot of people don't like the 3"x3" decal, so they just don't put it in the window, and that it was a small fine... the fine is $500.

10. Any person violating any provision of this section is guilty of an infraction and shall, upon conviction thereof, be fined five hundred dollars.

jrweiss98020 | October 14, 2019

WA just raised the renewal fee for EVs from $150 to $225!