Model 3 charging with CCS ?

Model 3 charging with CCS ?

Here in Germany the new charging standard CCS will be established with 1000 charging points within the next years. Will the model 3 be able to use this? Will there be a suitable Adapter?

ir | November 16, 2016

It is theoretically possible given that Tesla has a CHAdeMO adapter which is probably far more complex than CCS which is an extension of J1772.

But I have not heard anything yet. Tesla usually takes action when many forum posters demand a certain feature.

jordanrichard | November 16, 2016

danielebernd, if you are new here, then let me say that non of us here know the answer.

If you are not new to ANY Model 3 forum, then I am rolling my eyes because you would know that no one here knows any specs about the car, so why ask.

charles_gingras | November 16, 2016

Nobody knows but apparently they are working on this

danielebernd | November 16, 2016

charles: Thank you for the info, now I know a little bit more...

Rocky_H | November 16, 2016

Ugh. I just looked at that Electrek article, and they have some incorrect labels on that picture where they show the various types of charging plugs. In the middle, they have the two gray ones that they have labeled as "Mennekes Type 2" and "Mennekes without optional pins". That wording is terrible.

CCS, the combo charge system, has the two different types for North America and Europe. The Type 1 combo has a J1772-looking top part, and the Type 2 combo has a Mennekes-looking top part. So in that picture of the two gray plugs, the one on the left is Type 2 combo, and the one on the right is just Type 2 (or Mennekes).