Model 3 - Cosmetic Issues after Delivery

Model 3 - Cosmetic Issues after Delivery

I received my model 3 last Wednesday and have been extremely happy with the car but have noticed some small imperfections after I received the car. After messaging my local delivery office, to see what the process would be for fixes those issues, they let me know that they could not help me out due to me not pointing those out at delivery. The imperfections that I noticed were small bumps on the passenger side dashboard and a blue scuff on top of the display. I thought that I had a grace period after delivery to come back and let them know of any imperfections.

Is this not the case?

vmulla | July 16, 2019

Oh boy. I thought we are past that imperfection phase.

Anyway, it seems to depend on your delivery person. Some will entertain it, and others obviously not. If it's a manufacturing/delivery thing you should push back harder.

jimglas | July 16, 2019

you can return the car for up to 1 week if you didn't take a test drive