Model 3 Fact Thread - Includes Popular Links, Tax Credit Info, Model 3 Pricing, Anti Troll Strategies

Model 3 Fact Thread - Includes Popular Links, Tax Credit Info, Model 3 Pricing, Anti Troll Strategies


1) How to search the forum
2) Troll defeating strategy
3) Federal tax credit info
4) Can I sell or trade my reservation?
5) Helpful Links
6) Model 3 pricing
7) Model 3 Home Charging Guide

1) How to search the forum: Go to This site formats your search string into the best format for getting a good Goggle response.


2) Don't Feed the Trolls - Suggested Strategy:
Extreme trolling, which is not simply criticizing Tesla, but rather posting obvious trash designed solely to stir people up, should not be responded to. Each comment sends the post to the top, exposing it to more members. Please don't reply to such posts. Instead, owners are encouraged to flag the post. Only Owners have this super power. If you recently took delivery of your Model 3 and have not yet been endowed with the ability to flag posts ans comments, consider contacting Tesla to have ability enabled.

There is a Chrome extension called the Tesla Forum Enhancement Suite (TFES) that allows you to block anyone, trolls or otherwise, who gets on your nerves.
Get the extension:
Discuss the extension:
State of iPad extension:


3) IRS EV Tax Credit FAQ:
Q: What is the essence of the Federal tax credit for electric vehicles?
- A credit of $2500 up to $7500 for qualifying electric drive vehicles can be applied to the original owner's tax liability for the year the vehicle is purchased (All Tesla vehicles qualify for the full $7500 credit, if the buyer has sufficient tax liabilities).
- A buyer will qualify for the full credit only if they have a tax liability of that amount or more in the year the vehicle is purchased. EX: if the buyer has a Federal tax liability of $5000, only $5000 may be claimed for the credit.
- There are no "carry over years". The credit can only be claimed the year the vehicle is purchased.
- The credit is not a rebate check. The amount of the credit is simply subtracted from the taxpayers total Federal tax liability for the year the vehicle is purchased. A check will be received from the IRS only in the event the taxpayer has overpaid their taxes (due to excessive prepayments and/or withholding).
- The vehicle must be purchased, not leased.
- For leased vehicles, the tax credit is claimed by the leasing company. The leasing company may (and often does) pass along the credit to the lessee in lowered monthly payments or other lease terms, but that is not required by law.
- The vehicle must be used primarily in the USA.

Q. What date does the IRS use to determine the year the credit can be claimed?
- The date the title of the vehicle transfers to the original owner, as determined by state law.

Q. How long must the vehicle be retained by the original owner to qualify for the credit?
- Gray area. Here is a relevant excerpt from the IRS 'Plug-In Electric Drive Vehicle Credit (IRC 30D)' page:

"The vehicles must be acquired for use or lease and not for resale. Additionally, the original use of the vehicle must commence with the taxpayer and the vehicle must be used predominantly in the United States. For purposes of the 30D credit, a vehicle is not considered acquired prior to the time when title to the vehicle passes to the taxpayer under state law."

Q: When will the tax credit expire?
- The tax credit begins to phase out once a manufacturer sells the 200,000th qualifying vehicle in the US. Sales outside the US are not included in the count. The 200,000 threshold is per manufacturer. (Specifically, the combined sales of Model S, Model X, and Model 3 acquired after December 31, 2009). The phase out occurs over successive calendar quarters first to 50% of the original amount, then to 25% of the original amount. The exact phase out period is a slightly gray area due to the way the regulation was written. Here though is the consensus interpretation from countless forum posts on the subject:

• Once the 200,000th vehicle is sold, all qualifying vehicles will receive the full credit for the remainder of that calendar quarter
• All vehicles sold in the subsequent calendar quarter receive the full credit.
• For the subsequent two calendar quarters the credit is cut to 50% ($3750)
• For the subsequent two calendar quarters the credit is cut to 25% ($1875)

Q: How close is Tesla to the 200,000th vehicle?
A: Tesla hit the 200,000 vehicle sold in the US in July 2018. A breakdown of how the credit will phase out, plus incentives by state found here:

- Supporting links for Tax Credit:
IRS 'Plug-in Electric Drive Vehicle Credit at a Glance':
Full text:
Check status of the credit:
How to claim the credit (tax form):
Nice Edmunds article on the subject:

How to obtain the Federal credit:
Use form 8936. IRS page about page here:


4) Q: Can I sell, trade, or delay my reservation?
- No, No, and Yes (You can delay configuring indefinitely)

UPDATE: Looks like this is actually being handled on a case by case basis now, with some successes being reported


5) Links

TeslaTap's Model 3 posting. Tesla owner and active contributor TeslaTap has been maintaining a Model 3 feature listing for some time. Model 3 FAQ: Press Kit:
Owners Manual Companion:
Model 3 Owners Manual:

JeffreyR's thorough post on "The The Tesla Advantage":

Tesla "Imaginer" Preview options on your car:

Paint Protection:
Introduction to paint protection film:

Model 3 Owners Club has several videos from when Trevor got his Model X done:

OCDetailing has a lots of protection videos:
New XPEL Ultimate Plus introduced 4-18:

Pan the Organizer has a DIY ceramic coating video:
More ceramic coating maint:

Power and Charging:
Tesla Home Charging page:
Tesla Charging adapters page:
3rd party adapters:
Hard-to-find adapters:

Spare tire
The Model 3 does not come with a spare or a jack. As a substitute Tesla offers roadside service. Tesla also has an optional tire repair kit available here: Bear in mind that this kit contains a canister of sealant and an air compressor. The "goop" in sealants is a controversial solution as discussed here: In fact Tesla advises replacing the sensor for the Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) if the sealant is used.

Some owners carry a 3rd party (less expensive) air compressor such as this type ( and/or a plug kit such as this one ( to seal the puncture and reinflate the tire. The plug kit can usually be used with the wheel still on the car, but it may take time to rotate the tire into position and find the leak. Also, you will likely have to lay on the ground and contort your body to insert the plug.

(One twist on an air compressor would be to carry one of those multi-purpose auto 'jump start' gizmos equipped with both a compressor and a 12 volts battery ( The unit could be clamped to the onboard 12 volt battery in the event it died unexpectedly to likely provide enough juice to close the all-important "contactors" and power on the car.) Plus you can jump dead ICEmobiles and come off as a Super Hero!

Another spare tire option is to simply purchase a spare tire (standard size or donut) and a jack. These items are obvious space consumers, but can be the most reliable solution for if you're unable to get road service. 3rd party spare tire solutions are emerging but they are pricey. So far no one has posted the dimensions of a Model 3 wheel (lug spacing, hub depth, etc.) which may allow a low cost "junk yard" donut spare to be purchased for this need. Stay tuned.

Model 3 motor:
Model S/X motor:

Investors (TSLA)
How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Short Sellers:

General EV History:
A Brief History of Silicon Valley:
EV Archeology:

Future News: Dateline 2030:
Life Is Like A Model 3 Reservation … You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get:


6) Model 3 Pricing
Base price:                             35k
Long range battery:                9K      (running total: 44K)
Premium Upgrade Package: 5K       (running total: 49K)
Paint upgrade*:                      1K      (running total: 50K)

All Wheel Drive:                       4K      (running total: 54K)
Performance Edition:              11K      (running total: 65K)
Performance Package:            5K      (running total: 70K)

White seats:                           1.5K     (running total: 71.5K)

Enhanced autopilot:                5K      (running total: 76.5K)
Full self-driving:                        3K      (running total:79.5K)

Premium Connectivity [?]
Basic Connectivity [?]
* Red or white paint colors add $500

7) Model3 Home Charging Guide
A comprehensive guide to charging your Model 3 at home. Includes charging calculator, safety tips, and FAQ.

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Happy to help and no problem with pointing people to that page. Yep, I'll be keeping the page up to date as we learn new info. I'm in the forum daily trying to keep track of all the latest info! Getting harder to do with number of changes at Tesla!

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May I suggest that this be the landing thread for Model 3 fact thread. Edit the OP and place @TeslaTap's link, but keep the thread name. We are less than 1 week away from launch and details galore.

That would keep it in good hands.

jamorfin | July 22, 2017

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We have a similar thread on the S forum that we keep on the page 1 (or try.) It's TT's Owner's Manual Companion and basic forum info. And yes we'd planned on doing the same for the 3 once it's out. :)

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I think this would be great. But I'd like to see it limited to actual, observable facts as opposed to predictions, conjecture, or subjective opinion.

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This just in the facts will be available on Friday! F to the fourth power - Factual Freakin Friday Forum! Well, maybe Saturday for us East Coasters.

Way to go TT +1.

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Doesn't look like there will be any surprises on Friday.

Nexxus | July 26, 2017

Thanks ReD eXile ms us. What I would find really appealing would be if they were to deliver the first 30 on Friday and announce they already had the next 50 - 100 built and ready to deliver over the weekend. We'll see...

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Should it be titled "3OMC"?


andy.connor.e | July 26, 2017

Most useless information ever. How hard is it to wait to know the truth.

Coastal Cruiser. | July 27, 2017

OP has been updated to include a summary of the tax credit. Please advise of omissions/mistakes.

SUN 2 DRV | July 27, 2017

"Example #1: Tesla sells the 200,000th vehicle on March 25th, 2018:
• Full credit for all sales to the end of the quarter, plus the next quarter; March 25th, 2018 - June 30th, 2018.
• 50% credit for all sales from July 1st, 2018 - September 30th, 2018.
• 25% credit for all sales from October 1st, 2018 - December 31th, 2018."

The 50% and 25% periods you show are too short, they each should be TWO quarters, ie 6 months each. And so the number of TOTAL days is 463.

Coastal Cruiser. | July 27, 2017

Thanx SUN 2 DRV! Fixed.

Coastal Cruiser. | July 29, 2017

Updated tax credit info. Added links to Model 3 reveal reviews.

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Coastal Cruiser: One thing to keep in mind is that the IRS uses the term 'calendar quarter' in regard to the Federal EV Tax Credit. So...


chris.pribe | August 14, 2017


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ReD, thank you for that reminder. I updated the text to include that language. Examples are still valid to the best of my knowledge.

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I used to feel the same way when I started the OMC until I realized that most of the info had been contributed by others and that my thread was actually "our" thread. So, I bumped it and then others cauight on and now NKYTA is the OP of the How To Use thread and he bumps it when necesssary.

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My 2017 federal income tax comes due on Tuesday. I will be so happy to claim my $7500 credit next year at this time.:-))

Xerogas | April 15, 2018

Thanks for the update, @Coastal. May I suggest another option to add to your section on dealing with trolls? Installing TFES makes it easier to ignore the trolls, because one is less tempted when their drivel doesn’t even appear in the browser in the first place!

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Thanx Xerogas! Can you provide a link or some info where/how to install it? I know it's a Chrome add-on (only?).

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Deleted stale Model 3 review links, now that you can find reviews on every street corner (utube)

(Still need someone to post on how to find and install that Chrome thingy to block annoying posters.)

hongsenyu | April 17, 2018

Q. What date does the IRS use to determine the year the credit can be claimed?
- The date the title of the vehicle transfers to the original owner, as determined by state law.

If I have auto loan on my car, the loaner holds the title until I pay off the loan. Does that mean I need pay off the loan to qualify the tax credit?

Coastal Cruiser. | April 17, 2018

If I have auto loan on my car, the loaner holds the title until I pay off the loan. Does that mean I need pay off the loan to qualify the tax credit?

No. Take the credit the year you a new car is registered in your name. :>

Coastal Cruiser. | April 17, 2018

Perfect. Done.

kjones | April 17, 2018

If I buy a model 3 being sold by owner with less than 100 miles can i get a tax credit. are the owners gaming the system?

Coastal Cruiser. | April 17, 2018

NO, and YES! Be afraid. Be very afraid.