Model 3 in Fashion Island,OC

Model 3 in Fashion Island,OC

You can see it in fashion island,Orange County, CA location.. There was huge line... It’s not red color:((

arinaga.luis | January 27, 2018

I was there this morning. 3rd person in line. It’s a beautiful car! I’m loving the metallic silver they had on display. :) I sat in the back seat and it’s my favorite spot in the car lol

weluvm3 | January 27, 2018

Does Tesla ever have a basic black car on display in their showrooms? I’d love to see one in person before ordering.

JustSaying | January 27, 2018

Going to stop by Sunday...

RHui | January 27, 2018

@weluvm3 Maybe not. Tesla want you to change color to earn your money.

weluvm3 | January 27, 2018

@RHui I really wish I could think of a way to dispute what you said.

LA-Fohlen | January 27, 2018

@weluvm3 - you want to see the car first? No soup for you!

weluvm3 | January 27, 2018

@LA-Fohlen Oh, dear, I hope the “cook” doesn’t read my post!

dgstan | January 27, 2018

I hope no one drips Botox on it.

Mark Z | January 28, 2018

On Saturday, January 27, 2018 the Tesla specialists from several Tesla stores at Fashion Island were answering questions and giving quality answers. At last, I found out what happens if I don't select the Premium Upgrade with the "Tinted glass roof with ultraviolet and infrared protection". I would get a METAL roof! I posted more detail here:

JustSaying | January 29, 2018

I went to the NB Tesla showroom at 10:15 AM today (they opened at 10). Got right in right away, only one person ahead of me. By the time I left a line was forming. I was told by a nearby shopkeeper that on Saturday and Sunday there was a line all day. Wow! great car cant wait.

homesliving6 | January 29, 2018

Stood in line for 45 min on Sunday lots of employees talking to line about possible upgrade to s/x, solar, Powerball, etc. Told employee I reserved on day 1 but didn't already own tesla. He said 25% of invites are non-owners which I said was not true check forums.

ACDC 2GO | January 29, 2018

"You can see it in fashion island,Orange County, CA location.. There was huge line... It’s not red color:(("

they have the red model 3 on display in the UTC (La Jolla) show room. I may have to check out the midnight silver when I go to OC next week.

johnnykadi | January 30, 2018

was there today. I was told they are about 2 months behind and to expect an invite about a month late and the car a month after. Obviously take that with a grain of salt

fazman | March 24, 2020

Why are you raising the dead?

Magic 8 Ball | March 25, 2020

Spammers do it all the time, look at the link.

Just flag those posts from now on without making a post yourself. If enough do it the thread goes back to where it came from.