Model 3 handling in the snow?

Model 3 handling in the snow?

So I have the performance AWD model 3 and it snowed a bit in VA yesterday evening. I thought as long as I'm going straight and driving sensibly it shouldn't be an issue. I was surprised to find that the handling was pretty terrible for the weather. There were mini coopers and camrys blowing past me but due to the car slipping every time I took it off a track I had to be extra careful and slow driving. Anyone else driven in the snow with the stock tires and what's been your experience?

drbob | January 12, 2019

As long as your NOT using summer performance tires (eg: Michelin Pilots) you should be OK. Most All Season and Winter tires should do fine in most conditions.

francisco | January 12, 2019

Just came from a terrible drive in Chicago as it was snowing. I have the Mid Range M3, RWD.
*Turning*: Every now and then I would feel a short tail whip, but the car quickly recovered as I let go.
*Highway*: On the highway, auto pilot was more a risk than an asset. The steering wheel showed up, but as soon as I engaged AP, the car started handling a bit faster than what I would have liked. When it tried to change lanes, it would quickly turn back and disengage autopilot, which is dangerous in slippery road conditions. I was driving anywhere from 40-60. There were big SUVs passing me at times, but I pretty much stayed with the flow.
*Push the envelope*: Once in quiet streets, I intentionally turn suddenly to test the amount of tail-whip and control. It turns out that yes, the car went into a tail-whip, but it stabilized very quickly.
*Make me proud*: A BMW M3 tried to enter a major street from a corner that was on a little incline up. It got stuck in the snow several times and the driver gestured me to pass as the car would not move. My M3 passed and entered the road with no problem.

Overall, it handled well in the snow. It is a RWD, so some of the driving is a bit different, but it was just like driving any other car. Be careful, prudent and you'll be fine.

kcheng | January 12, 2019

So, the melting we got a few days ago, has now frozen solid, with the last two days being below zero, windchill. That's made alot of black ice on my ¼ mile dirt road. Previously, I had driven in snow, and was surprised at how well the 18" all-season Michelins did. Never put a foot wrong. Today, I got to test the OEM tires on ice, and they did very well. No problem going. Braking is as you would expect, some sliding, but that would happen even with snow tires. I've yet to see the traction control indicator flash on the display. Isn't it supposed to do that when it activates?

zigzagmolly | January 12, 2019

I researched the larger tires and wheels and decided to stick with 18 inch for better handling and traction. Living at 1500 ft on Mt. Hood means some snow and lots of ice. I contacted Tesla before picking up the car to make sure I wasn't getting summer tires. Michelin PRIMACY MXM4 - SIZE: 235/45R18 Grand Touring All-Season tires came with the car. Yeah! Have had no problem with an inch of snow, icy roads and lots of rain so far. I have my Highlander when the snow gets deep. Until then I am amazed at the handling of this vehicle. I HATE driving and I LOVE driving this car!!

nativeneworleanian | October 5, 2019

My apologies for bumping an old thread.

As of October 05, 2019, are there any new all season tire recommendations for a Model 3 Performance (20" wheels)?

Thanks in advance.

Rutrow 3 | October 6, 2019

Has anyone used the Pewag chains on 18" Aeros? I live in Arkansas, not enough winter weather to justify winter tires, but we're libel to have an ice event or two each year, and as an "essential" fire dept. employee, I need to be prepared for those rare occasions. The question I have is: Do they cause any damage to the paint finish on the wheels? The product description says "Tesla recommends to remove the aero covers on 18” Pinwheels before installing snow chains to prevent potential scratches and scuffs." If the chains are going to cause scratches and scuffs of the bare wheel, I rather leave the Aero Caps on so they take the brunt of the damage and keep the underlying wheels pristine. I only put on the caps when I need the increase in range (rarely)

Bighorn | October 7, 2019

Have never had to use my chains on the S, so don’t have them, but the Aero covers themselves tend to scratch up the underlying rim.