Model 3 new computer NIGHTMARE

Model 3 new computer NIGHTMARE

Can't find my old post. Today garage door opener did not work. Went to grocery store and when I tried to leave it was a mess. Backup camera shows a black screen. No paint lines read. No speed limit (these are city roads I drive daily and never had problems until I got the free computer upgrade). Cannot go into speed control let alone autopilot. I drove the entire way home and rebooted the car by holding down both buttons on the steering wheel. It still shows my car in the grocery store parking lot.

Most times my car can do speed control and autopilot maybe 25% of the time.

VERY frustrating. This started the minute I got the new computer.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | March 22, 2020

Sounds like a bad software load. Did you go right back since it started immediately?

RES IPSA | March 22, 2020

Go back to the service center and get it fixed

senditdave | March 22, 2020

Cant exit dyno mode
Tried "power off"
Tried scroll wheel reset
Tried factory reset

Any Ideas?? | March 22, 2020

@senditdave - Not sure what Dyno mode is, but it sounds like you'll need a service appointment to resolve.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | March 22, 2020
DiminishedSeventh | March 22, 2020

@dvargo71 sounds similar to when I first got my car and the map update only partially installed. Caused the GPS to freeze and the backup cam to black out. Since the cam is down all of your AP features will be disabled. I called and they remotely pushed the update again. Once it fully installed it was fine. Hopefully yours is a simple fix like that.

dvargo71 | March 23, 2020

There was an update last night. Keep in mind this problem comes and goes. At times my car is fine (not sure if that makes a difference). Driving to the grocery store was fine - except closing garage door when leaving, it opened fine. Things also run really slow. Ohio shut down all no essential etc. Plus it is a MAJOR inconvenience to go back to the dealer. But that does not mean I do not have to!

dvargo71 | March 23, 2020

How do you do the "deeper" reboot?

Lorenzryanc | March 23, 2020

Power off in the settings and sit in car with foot of pedal for a few minutes (3?)

EVRider | March 23, 2020

@dvargo71: Press and hold down the brake pedal while rebooting with the scroll wheels, or power off the car using Controls > Safety & Security > Power off. I don’t know if one of those is “deeper” than the other. | March 23, 2020

@senditdave - Try doing the same procedure as an activation. In the past, for various easter eggs work when you type in the keyword. Entering the same keyword a second time disabled the easter egg. This was before they made most easter eggs directly accessible without typing anything.

Atoms | March 23, 2020

You should be taking it back to the service center. No one here can help. They should prioritize repair for you. Just drive back.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | March 24, 2020

“ Plus it is a MAJOR inconvenience to go back to the dealer”

Which begs the question why you even left the dealer with the car in that state since it started the minute you got the new HW.

I hope you get it sorted out.

Seth2020 | March 24, 2020

I had the SAME symptoms (see last comment here

This fixed it
Question is if this is a temporary fix or not. If it happens again, I will need a SC visit.

Also, please note -- scroll wheel reset with and without brake pedal are the SAME. Brake pedal does NOT do a deeper reset

Complete symptom list:
1. No backup camera - shows as black
2. No Cruise control - it says "cruise control unavailable"
3. No AutoPilot - it does not even try, but says "cruise control unavailable"
4. No lane lines, no speed limit
5. No other cars, pedestrians, signs, trash cans or anything shown -- just my car on a plain white field
6. GPS does not work - car thinks it is motionless at home
7. Automatic fold / un-fold of mirrors at home does not appear to work
8. Day/Night mode on the display does not work -- it appears to think it is always night

dvargo71 | April 4, 2020

When I got my car back it had to "calibrate" that literally took 45 minutes - my entire drive home. This is after my appointment took longer then anticipated. They called me literally 10 minutes before they closed (I live 45 minutes away) and said my car was ready and I could NOT come back the next day because they needed my loaner car back that night.

So after screwing up my schedule once (not being done on time) then screwing it up again saying I had to return the loaner car (I was never told this before) I spent the ride home not able to do work as I planned because my car was rebooting only to discover my car was worse then before.

This seems to me like there was NOTHING I would do to prevent this and I am not getting screwed for the 3rd time.

What could i have done differently?

Lonestar10_1999 | April 4, 2020

It wouldn’t surprise me if there is either

A) a bad HW3 board
B) an untrained Tech botched the installation

Either way, a revisit to the SC would be needed if the problem doesn’t correct itself.

M3phan | April 4, 2020

Sorry that you experienced an edge case install for HW3, there’re so many stories of efficient installs with little to zero problems after.
This might’ve helped; hopefully will help others prep before and after the retrofit:

sheldon.mike1010 | April 4, 2020

dvargo: change your hysterical thread title.
You're the nightmare.
This is 100% jackassery.

SolArray | April 4, 2020

Please use this site for items of general interest. This is a personal problem with service center and your vehicle.
I'm honestly sorry you had a bad experience but you need to speak with management, not us.

dvargo71 | April 5, 2020

M3 that is exactly what I was looking for thanks! I thought that was what this sight was about - some here imply I was mistaken - or swear at me and say I am the problem for expecting a job to be done correctly and on time.

I drop my car off, get a call 10 minutes before they close saying I HAVE TO return the loaner car that night leaving me with no choice but to come after hours....

Thanks to those who helped and to those who say that is not what this forum is for PLEASE go tell just about every other thread here the same thing. Because most are basically doing the same thing I did.

Please keep comments useful.