Model 3 Problems

Model 3 Problems

Since taking delivery of my Tesla Model 3 Performance I managed to get about a month of care free motoring before the problems started. I’m not sure these cars are really design for English weather as I’ve had problems with the cameras and the lights. The right Repeater has had to be replaced because water got in to it and it failed. This in turn cause Auto Pilot to completely fail. Which also stoped the auto wipers and auto dip from working too. They sent a mobile Tesla mechanic to fix the repeater but he couldn’t get the new camera to calibrate so it still doesn’t work. I’ve now gotta wait till halfway through Jan to get it in to a service centre. But having the new camera has fixed the auto pilot issue except the lane changing and blind spot detection are permanently off.

The rear lights keep misting up with condensation so badly that large water droplets have formed. Tesla tell me this is normal. I’ve NEVER seen this on any other car I’ve owned. They are refusing to replace them at the minute.

The windscreen auto wipe is pretty terrible. I’ve had a screen full of water and no visibility and they still done operate. Like others I’ve taken to using them manually.

With all these little issues I will say the car is a dream to drive. None of the issues I’ve had, have prevented me from driving it but I’d expect better from a car that cost almost £60k

gmr6415 | December 1, 2019

They ARE all little issues and will be fixed. I've never purchased a new car that didn't have little issues or even some major issues. I don't get what the big deal is and why it's noteworthy of posting.

What other car in that price range will provide you with a magnitude of new features through over the air updates that you won't spend a penny on?

WW_spb | December 1, 2019

Oh no. Sell the car.

Scrannel | December 1, 2019

FWIW it's been raining quite a bit in So. Ca, and I drove to a meeting in a downpour a few days ago. Thus far, zero issues. Wipers, worked perfectly. Now, one thing you said rankled me: the "that's normal" comment. Sure, everyone gets that one in a while, but it is absolutely the stock UK brush-off. Until I got my 3, my family has had nothing but Land River products, and my wife's turbo-diesel sport is, I think, our 8th LR. From being on LR forums over the years it's a fact that UK customers are treated badly by local dealerships. Part of the problem is, of course, you folks put up with it. You make it "normal." I hope this "screw-you" attitude isn't going to infect the Tesla Marque over there. Tell them to shut up and fix the damned car. None of what you are describing is normal. And only the wiper issue is something I've seen mentioned before (mine is excellent). My car was built in Sept. 2019.

PECo CT | December 1, 2019

Headlight and taillight condensation is a fairly common occurrence across many vehicles, although I agree with the OP that it’s not desirable and is hardly ideal.

Although I have not experienced this issue, I appreciate that the OP has mentioned their experience. After all, that’s how widespread issues get identified.

M3phan | December 1, 2019

@ pmbarker, hang in there old sport, these issues will be resolved by Tesla and will be in your rear view mirror in no time. I had the rear light assembly condensation and once they got the part all has been well. I didn’t have a repeater issue but did have a computer issue a week after delivery in 2018, but once they diagnosed and approved a new computer, all has been well.
So again, hang in there. Tesla really does work hard to address these issues and you’ll soon be on your way!

WW_spb | December 1, 2019

WeTheEmperorFishyDodger has spoken

Sarah R | December 1, 2019

@FISHEV What is the one thing about your Tesla that you like the most?

LikeLightning | December 1, 2019

“It’s become a regular occurrence for most.” WTF are you talking about fishstick? Did you go to some special school to get so stupid? Your stupidity is fascinating, truly fascinating.

gmr6415 | December 1, 2019

@LikeLightning, Didn't you know that FISH speaks for everyone?

I get the warning once and a while when it's been foggy outside. A few miles of driving and it goes away.

Tingles | December 1, 2019

Don’t slip on the Fish oil, the car will be fixed and give you great service.

mcmorj | December 3, 2019

Hello pmbarker, I also have condensation in front and rear headlights but also used to get this with other cars. One possible factor is TESLA use exclusively LED lighting and this generates far less heat than the likes of halogen - which may account for the condensation persisting. In my case, one of the rear number plate LED lights is not working (and may have never worked as it was only recently pointed out to me by my brother). I have been driving round in my new car looking like a Chav or the last three months. I am trying to get Tesla to act faster that mid January to rectify and assume it's going to be a warranty repair. Was the work you had had done was all under warranty..?
The cameras do not seem to like standing water droplets and they may account for the various persistent warnings - I get them too. "Blindspot warning not working" etc. I have also noticed that (when I finally got a USB stick the car seemed to tolerate) sentry mode will trigger with rain hitting the cameras. The front camera also seems to have a half dozen dead pixels as they appear as tiny white dots when recording at night.

M3phan | December 3, 2019

Replacing faulty lights or those with condensation is warranteed

teslamazing | December 3, 2019

@sarah it’s always constant negativity, bickering, pettiness from him or her. I too ask this on occasion. Has yet to say something positive.

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