Model 3 Reservation Page Updated

Model 3 Reservation Page Updated

Go to My Tesla -> Model 3 Reservation

New verbage "delivery begins late 2017"

New My Documents

david.jones24 | October 14, 2016

Yep. Similar to verbiage in the Model S/X pages when you could order, or so I've read. Might be prepping for order placement in the spring. I expect that Tessa will allow a fair number of customers configure their car initially.

It makes sense so that they know which customers will order highly optioned cars, and therefore know how many 'fully loaded' builds they'll have to ship. Because those will most certainly be the cars they manufacture first.

leskchan | October 14, 2016

This could remotely, but possible, related to 10/17 product announcement.

Assuming you are allowed early configuration. What about additional order deposit? If Tesla doesn't charge for additional order deposit, everyone is just going to add every pssoible options for fun, which would skew actual demands.

bj | October 15, 2016

Well, my My Tesla says "Production is planned to begin in 2017" so no real change there, but I am in a RHD market.

jdanielp_uk | October 15, 2016

Same as bj, although I do now see the Documents section.

david.jones24 | October 15, 2016


From my understanding, once you confirm your order, there is no going back. You are signing an agreement to purchase the car with your selected options. If you load it up, at minimum you should expect a $30,000 price hike at delivery time.

But you'll get to configure the car the way you want it. I wouldn't advise to order a car fully loaded unless you're willing to pay for it though.

jordanrichard | October 15, 2016

It has been know for a very long time that the deliveries were to begin in late 2017.

david.jones24, I don't know where you got your information, but you might was to try and get a refund.....

Once you configure your car, you will have 2 weeks to finalize your order. Afterwards, there will be a penalty for cancelling it.

As for a "price hike at delivery time", ummmm no. The price of your car will be whatever you configured it to.

Yes, those that option their cars out to the max and are on the West coast, will get their cars first.

leskchan | October 15, 2016

Different users see different verbiage. To put it in context based on waitlist priority.

Mine says "delivery will begin late 2017"
I'm Model S owner
I live in California
I reserved on 3/30/2016 7pm online

jamilworm | October 15, 2016

I see the same as leskchan. I am not a previous owner but I live in California and reserved in a store just before the reveal. I notice there is an "uploads" area in the My Documents section. I wanted to upload some files (just for fun) but don't see a way to actually upload anything.

leskchan | October 15, 2016

Upload is not activated. The upload is for uploading your DL, insurance, etc at final order time. Everything is done online in the ordering, finance, payment, and delivery process.

Pkalhan | October 15, 2016

I reserved mine on April 2nd around 11:00AM and I live in Southwestern PA. Mine reservation page also says "Deliveries will begin in late 2017". Hope this means we are making some progress. The waiting is tough, but exciting. I would just like to know what the options are and their costs.

KP in NPT | October 15, 2016

It appears everyone in the USA sees "deliveries will begin in late 2017" and those outside the US see "Production is planned to begin in 2017"

leskchan | October 15, 2016

No, my brother in Cal and reserved on 3/31 doesn't see it yet. Puzzle over waitlist?

bj | October 15, 2016

@leskchan - while I dissed this idea in another thread, I do have to agree that the timing of this text change is curiously adjacent to EM apparently going to announce something "unexpected" in 2 days' time. Could be completely coincidental and unrelated. Or not.

david.jones24 | October 15, 2016


My point was to another poster, but obviously unclear. What I meant was that the statement "everyone is just going to add every pssoible options for fun, which would skew actual demands." was inaccurate.

Surely in the order process, in order to gauge future manufacturing requirements, some penalty would be assessed if you change configuration mid-stream. Not necessarily cancel, just change the order.

Full disclosure here: I've never ordered a Tesla, but I've heard that configuration changes weren't allowed when Model S was introduced initially. Maybe I've heard wrong. Anyone know how configuration changes have been handled after the two week grace period for your order?

As for the price hike statement, what I meant was that you'd be stuck with the full price of all selected options. Of course, that only holds true if Tesla enforces an order after the 2 week period.

Anyway, I think that at some point you're going to be obligated to pay for your chosen options, At whatever point after initial order that is, Tesla will base their forecasted manufacturing on those orders.

david.jones24 | October 15, 2016

Found the answers here:

It's a one week period and after that there's an undisclosed fee if you change your order.

david.jones24 | October 15, 2016

Found the answers here:

It's a one week period and after that there's an undisclosed fee if you change your order.

jordanrichard | October 16, 2016

One week? Well either my memory is slipping or they have changed things since Jan 2014, but it was a 2 week period before your order was finalized and any changes to the order after that, would be a $500 penalty.

EaglesPDX | October 16, 2016

david.jones24 "It's a one week period and after that there's an undisclosed fee if you change your order."

This applies to current TS and TX's.

With a new model and much higher production levels of the T3, that order period that commitment period may be a longer for the T3.

Because of Tesla's policy of shipping option loaded T3's first, they will likely assume loaded cars for the first 200,000(?) and order parts accordingly. This will speed production, lower costs, increase profits.

jaypase | October 16, 2016

I proudly ordered in store on 3/31/16 and mine says "Production is planned to begin in 2017".

I live in Canada and naively hoped we'd get deliveries close to same time frame as USA based on the Model S/X roll out here. I can only hope that optioning the 3 to the max now can reduce my delivery time since I'm not a Tesla employee or previous owner.

WormtownKris | October 16, 2016

Not all of the Tesla employees are getting loaded Model 3s. This time around there is no "policy" of shipping loaded cars first. The order of employees, locals, existing owners, regional, national, international is not predicated by getting a loaded T3.

andy.connor.e | October 16, 2016

That statement has been on there since the March 31st release. Lol really slow to the party yo.

jamilworm | October 16, 2016

Andy I think you misread. The old message was "Production is planned to begin in 2017". Now for many people in the US (maybe everyone except leskchan's brother :)) the message says "Delivery will begin late 2017".

andy.connor.e | October 18, 2016

Seems it changed again.

"Production begins late 2017
Delivery estimate for new reservations is mid 2018 or later"

Delays are already in set.

rbentley | October 18, 2016

Is it safe to assume that RHD orders will be after mid 2018 then?

I imagine there'll be another surge in orders after the final 'unveil' I'll go ahead and guess at 2019 for RHD customers.

topher | October 18, 2016

I suspect if Tesla keeps pushing back RHD orders as it gets new LHD orders, you guys would never get your cars. So, your place in line won't change much from where it is now, is my guess. That said 400,000 car from late 2017 to mid 2018 is pretty ambitious, I suspect it will get delayed.

Thank you kindly.

KP in NPT | October 18, 2016

@Randy - "delivery for NEW reservations." As in, if you reserve now, and are at the end of the 375K+ line.

PhillyGal | October 18, 2016

@jordanrichard - It was 2 weeks in Aug 2014 too. Of course we ordered and confirmed at the same time to skip the 2 week wait. 3 months of deciding whether or not to pull the trigger was long enough.

rbentley | October 18, 2016

July 2019 according to this estimator: com /spreadsheets/d/1rKDw72FOIMmSY8wBVl0ECjAjwYV9shlvRiVKKzfu3L8/edit#gid=0

jordanrichard | October 18, 2016

Same here PG. I confirmed straight away. I figured waiting 2 weeks to confirm was only going to delay me getting the car 2 weeks.... :-)

As a side note, Saw your video from your trip to Canada. I like how you or perhaps it was your husband, that sped up the actually driving part, to focus on each supercharger and what was around. This gives people a sense of what is available food/bathroom wise, at those respective sites.

jamilworm | October 18, 2016

I think maybe some clarification is needed, for people who are in the US but say they still have the old message. On the main Model 3 page under the price it says "Production begins mid 2017 / Delivery estimate for new reservations is mid 2018 or later". However on some My Tesla pages there is the message "Deliveries will begin in late 2017." People in the US who said they still had the old verbiage may have been looking at the Model 3 page.

th201101 | October 18, 2016

Just ordered and it says deliveries begin late 2017.. wasn't this the case always?

bj | October 18, 2016

@th201101 - no, it was not always the case.

bj | October 18, 2016

@rbentley - no, it is not safe to assume RHD cars will get pushed back. I think all RHD cars ordered in April (around 10% of the 400k orders) will be made in one go, maybe late Q1 2018 or Q2.

Tesla has to cap its various production queues at some point otherwise the first queue (basically CA orders) would never finish as they would keep getting new orders in that qualify for the first queue. No-one knows if the queue size / production cycle for Model 3 is 50k cars, 100k, 200k... but it definitely isn't open ended.