MODEL 3 Suggestions

MODEL 3 Suggestions

I would like to see a nicer built in computer screen on the Model 3, similar to the S Model.
It looks a bit cheezy the way the screen sticks out. I LOVE the model 3 concept and it would also be wonderful if Elon Musk would consider adding a sunroof option on the Model 3.

andy.connor.e | February 20, 2018

Sunroof would be nice. Powered liftgate (if possible). I like the portrait orientation screen in MS because of how you can split the screen in half. But thats only possible because of the 'behind the wheel dash'. But having said all of this, this is all being said having not sat in M3 yet.

Anthony J. Parisio | February 20, 2018

After having driven the 3 yesterday I can say I love the new screen and it's positioning. It is just perfect because it is easy to see and reach. Not having anything in front of me has a great benefit. It allowed me lower the steering wheel down to the level of a formula one racer. IT WAS SO COOL! I always wanted to do this with all my cars but couldn't because of speedometer. LOVED IT!

bayareakid2008 | February 20, 2018

Mechanical rear doors, mechanical glove box, and key FOB are my suggestions.

sosmerc | February 20, 2018

@bay......pretty "old school", but I sure agree with you.

Carl Thompson | February 20, 2018

"It looks a bit cheezy the way the screen sticks out."

When you sit in one in real life it does not look cheesy at all. I thought it might when all I saw was photos but sitting in the car it looks good and just right.

My top 3 things I'd change:

1. Key fob
2. Quieter ride
3. Smoother ride

mwenn1 | February 20, 2018

I believe that a Sunroof was mentioned at the launch, so I wouldnt be surprised to see one in the future.

My suggestion would be to add Sirius XM as an option.

Bri | February 20, 2018

Developer API, Tesla watch, RFID key ring, bracelet

Hi_Tech | February 20, 2018

@Bri - I like that... I could go for a Tesla watch as a key! :-)

kzodz | February 20, 2018

They will take your suggestion to heart when they redesign the car in 10 years. For now the design is set. But a sunroof is always possible.

tt | February 21, 2018

I don’t like carrying my phone when I work out, an RFID bracelet would be great (the Land Rover “Activity Key” has been popular) or an RFID clip you can put on your watch strap. Being able to use the Bluetooth on the watch as the key would be even better.

Shock | February 21, 2018

key fob
satellite radio
better standard features (power seats, adaptive cruise).

rstrouts | February 21, 2018

both manual and power front seats to rise high enough and seat backs to recline enough to lie fully flat.

aeoliah | February 21, 2018

This is great. I love all your suggestions, and hope that these will be heard and implemented in the very immediate future. Great team!

andy.connor.e | February 21, 2018

if you want these implemented put them on twitter or something other than forums.

paul.goudreault | May 12, 2018

1- The screen is just too off-center for the speed reading. Yes, it look sharp, but distracting.
2- Too much navigation required through the screen; simplify
3- Add a central opening between rear-seat armrest. I don't want to clutter the roof with a ski rack...
4- Please add a mechanical safety door opener for rear doors.

dbs112060 | July 22, 2018

Mr. Musk, please add a carwash mode to the Model 3. It would pull in the mirrors, turn off the wipers, and roll up all windows with a single tap. We have to power down to run it through a car wash to avoid the automatic wipers coming on. Suggested by my very computer-literate 9-yr-old son, Samuel. Should be easy to code. I'll do it for you if you hire me!

cascadiadesign | July 22, 2018

I agree with Carl's response to the comment: "It looks a bit cheezy the way the screen sticks out."

The impressions one gets from looking at photos and video are very different from driving the Model 3.

The synergy of the design choices becomes clearer after experiencing the car for a few days.

Tyme Traveller | July 22, 2018

REPORTING desired features to Tesla

Let Tesla know this is important to you! Go to your account page at log in, and click the "Manage" button next to the picture of your Model 3.
Click "Ask a Question" which should also say “Help us improve the car” but doesn’t.

Fill out the form to let them know what you'd like them to improve.
Don’t try to engineer it for them. For example, don’t say, “I want USB media to be the default music source and the song Electric Boogie to play as soon as I get in.”

Better to let them figure out those details. Say, “ Please improve the USB media playing features”
Check the box "Report to Tesla executive team." If it is important to you. I believe Tesla sincerely wants to improve the experience for it’s owners. We do the advertising for them.

To search the Tesla forums go to

chuck | July 22, 2018

The screen is great.

I want:

Blind Spot Assistance. A 55+K$ car has this. The sensors are there. Just do it.

A motorized trunk closer/opener; a 55+K$ car needs this.

A feature proposed by another poster: open on proximity trunk. You arm it from the app inside the store just before you pick up your bags. When you get within about six feet of the car, the trunk opens.

A "Leave Climate Control On" button on the screen. Press this before you leave the car and the cabin will stay warm or cool while you run into the store. Yes, you can turn climate control back on from the app once you leave the car, but why can't I arm this from the screen before I leave the car? This should be simple to add.

An interior temperature display on the screen and an external temp display on the app. Today, the app displays interior temperature, but not external and the screen displays exterior but not interior. Come on guys; homologize this.

Advanced Auto Pilot needs to anticipate speed limit changes down. Today, AAP reduces speed only after you enter the new speed zone. In Oregon, the new speed is enforced as soon as you pass the sign. It's not unusual when a highway passes through a small town for the limit to go from 55 to 40 in one step. As soon as you pass that sign, you need to be doing 40. In these towns, the local authorities make most of their budget by ticketing people coming into town at 60 or 65. A smart car like the Model 3 should anticipate that change and slow down before the sign so that it enters the town at 40. Small change, guys.

disapr | July 23, 2018

@chuck Do you know how the car knows what the speed limit is?

Your comments on leave climate on and temperature displays are spot on, +1

marka2z | August 19, 2018

Hopefully an easy one. Can you add the passenger seat to Easy Exit mode? Easy for me to get out, not so much for passenger. Should just be software update/option

chuck | August 19, 2018

"I would like to see a nicer built in computer screen on the Model 3, similar to the S Model."

Leaked photos suggest that you're not going to like the next generation Model S then. Apparently, it's getting a landscape-oriented screen soon too.

Displays in landscape orientation are more amiable to entertainment applications. Remember, the Model 3 looks forward to a day when cars will navigate and drive themselves and that big display will be re-purposed for work or entertainment. | August 19, 2018

Lots of good suggestions. Send them to

I agree that using the phone as the primary means of unlocking the car is not optimal. A fob key would be better with the phone as backup as with the S and X. I like the card for valet parking.

I would like to see the touchscreen layout revised to make the characters for information like time and temperature, gear shift position, and icons for rear view camera, wipers and microphone doubled in size.

The inset that is produced while in navigation mode should be moved from the right side of the map display to the left side of the bottom of the display with larger fonts, closer to the driver. As it is now, it is subject to glare and items like the projected % charge left after reaching the proposed destination are way too tiny. The larger and nearer these items are, the less distracting it will be to read them and touch them.

The auto wiper control needs to be more responsive to the beginning of rainfall, allowing the windshield to be covered with water before the wipers begin to operate.

Autosteering seems a little wayward on curves and gets fooled at spots where the right lane marking is missing as at on and off ramps.

These are all relatively minor issues. The Model 3 is generally well conceived and executed. Love driving it on road trips.

rstrouts | August 19, 2018

Upgrade to make the front seat(s) *fully* lie flat.

jrmmd | August 19, 2018

Make all the options accessible by voice command. Siri for the M3!

Sfarkas6025 | October 11, 2018

Enable the driver to unlock the passenger door when the Model 3 is in park and a passenger is detected. This will alleviate the worry that the passenger will accidentally pull the emergency door release lever rather than open the door using the button. Perhaps the driver could press the button twice for a the passenger door to open.

Have an option for Model 3 to have the headlights turn on when the windshield wipers are activated and then a delayed turn off in states where lights must be turned on when it rains.

Lightglass | October 11, 2018

I would like the car to use its cameras to show you the blind spot when you change lanes. Put on the right turn signal- a window opens on the right side of the display screen to show you what the cameras are seeing. Left turn signal- the window is on the left side of the screen. Between this and the mirrors, lane changes would be safer. Also, some sort of straps or grab handles to get out of the car would be nice....

ODWms | October 12, 2018

+1 in both the last two suggestions.

On the Uber ride to pick up my car, I noticed the car, a late model Honda Civic, would turn the entire display on the radio (full screen) to an image from the right side of the car the second he put on the turn signal. That’s neat!

supervelous | October 12, 2018

1. HUD
2. True blind spot indicators on mirror (where you're looking), to add to new V9 blind spot assistance
3. Better smart phone integration (Apple Carplay and the Android one)
4. Key FOB (coming soon I know)
5. Black headliner
6. Updates released to all at once (like a smartphone) instead of slow rolling, or update by request
7. Bird's Eye view

YONIMAYERI | October 12, 2018

--Seat belt adjustment that lowers more than current version, so the belt does not ride up above boob and choke women across the neck. (I am 5'5" tall)
--ability to close the windows when walking away or from the app
--smoother ride

steven_rainey | October 13, 2018

It would have been nice id the 3 screen folded down and retracted into the dash when off.

ODWms | October 13, 2018

The remote window would be nice. My 10 year old Volvo has that. I’m sure that’ll be upcoming in an update at some point.

jon | October 13, 2018

Phone area redo.
Needs to be about 0.5" longer as my Galaxy Note 8 barely fits
Thickness of phone needs to be better/adjustable so that it can fit with cases. The plug does not stick out far enough, and the case makes my phone to thick to slide down with both the rubber backing and the black gloss piece that slides off to put the plugs in.
2 more USB or preferably 12v power in the phone area. 2 phones, USB stick with music, and USB stick for dashcam, just not enough plugs.
Wireless phone charging options should have been built in, then you can plug in either the wireless for slot 1, or the appropriate USB cable for slot 1.

Dashcam using more than just front camera (rear & sides would be good if you ever want to fight a ticket), cabin audio would be good as well if there is ever a dispute about a person encounter.
Key card alternatives - smart Fitbits, Apple watch, Samsung watch, ring, etc

billtphotoman | October 13, 2018

A few easy ones from me that could be done in software:
1) Have an option in Autopilot to have it keep the car out of other car's blind spots when practical. For now I have to either play with the following distance or speed when I have adaptive cruise control on and it leaves me cruising in another car's blind spot.
2) Copy EPedal from the Nissan Leaf. Basically when I let completely off the accelerator allow the car to come to a complete stop and stay there using the friction brakes. Right now slowing to a complete stop requires use of the friction brakes
3) Add a "don't let the car roll back" option.

Hardware wise less road and wind noise would certainly be welcome but I am OK with the levels now.

SalisburySam | October 13, 2018

1- ability to turn off heat and go with ventilation only in moderate temps.
2- far more voice commands to control most vehicle functions (say time, temp, change temp, turn on/off wipers, turn on/off lights, open/close garage door, select driver profile, open f/trunk, enable Car Wash mode, just to name some).
3- vastly improve connectivity for Summon feature.

SalisburySam | October 13, 2018

1- ability to turn off heat and go with ventilation only in moderate temps.
2- far more voice commands to control most vehicle functions (say time, temp, change temp, turn on/off wipers, turn on/off lights, open/close garage door, select driver profile, open f/trunk, enable Car Wash mode, just to name some).
3- vastly improve connectivity for Summon feature.

walnotr | October 13, 2018

billtphotomam— Totally agree with your #1. I was taught from day one to always leave yourself an out. Avoid being boxed in so you have room to make an evasive maneuver. Currently the Model 3 will happily pace the car next to it so I too find myself making adjustments to feel more comfortable.

gmx | October 13, 2018

May I please engage TACC at the speed at which I am traveling? This would be safer and smoother that the present jerky panic mode operation required to set speed to 25 in a (supposed) 45 zone.

ODWms | October 13, 2018

@gmx, perfect suggestion.

Jtwo | October 13, 2018

Because of the tight sight line through the rear window, the video rear view mirror ala the Chevy Bolt would be nice.

borodinj | October 13, 2018

I have an X and a 3, and I am happy with both displays. Here are my suggestions...

1) Dashcam - I'm sure this will be coming in the future, but I'd like to be able to have recording for all cameras -- or at least the rear. I'd also like to be able to view the files on the car screen (when in Park).
2) Lane keep assist - AP is great at keeping the lane when it's enabled, but it would be nice to have lane keep assist even when AP is not actively engaged, to help keep me centered in the event of unintended drifting.
3) AEB for pedestrians and animals - I live in a relatively rural area with lots of deer, so it would be great for AEB to work when people or animals are detected. Other cars seem to offer this, and with the hardware suite on Teslas, this should be feasible for Tesla to do.

ElDoggo | October 14, 2018

I don't know if this has been suggested: Navigation audible suggestions seem to shut off when I am using the bluetooth on a hone call.

Other car navigation systems I have used speak over the phone call

I have tested this pre- and post- firmware 9 update. I actually missed an exit since the audible reminder sis not speak when I was on a call. I would REALLY appreciate if the next updates can consider fixing this feature. Is this the forum to suggest this or is there another place to do so?


eirik.ovrum | November 24, 2018

To be perfect for Norwegians, this car desperately needs three things:
1) Hole in backseat for sliding in skis when the middle armrest is pulled down! Norwegians love skiing, and a small lid over this hole is a simple and cheap thing to add to the car! Please!
2) Roof rack mounting for skis and ski box!
3) Heated steering wheel! I understand that californians think heated steering wheels are a luxury item, but when you have freezing temperatures outside for five months of the year, you realize that a heated steering wheel is so fantastic that it becomes a must-have, not a nice-to-have.

If you give us Norwegians these three things, Elon, you will have given us the perfect car!

thedrisin | November 24, 2018

Cross-traffic alert! Nightmare in the parking lots with holiday shoppers zooming around. Would be a lot of help.

basilnahab | December 20, 2018

Love to see time on the main screen moved to the left part of the screen where it is not crowded with the GPS map and in larger numbers and may be a different color, like blue.

Hal Fisher | December 20, 2018

The screen is larger than it needs to be, it makes it hard to reach all the way to the right, and behind your hand on the wheel on the left. And inch less on both sides would not be noticed. I guess when your 6’ something it’s easy to reach, but 5’5” it’s too far. Also, what gives with the small sun visor? Doesn’t make any sense. You flip it to over the window and it scrubs the headliner and doesnt block any sun (unless you’re 6’ something).

gllivyl | December 21, 2018

Ability to repeat a turn-by-turn verbal instruction on the Navigation.

ICEMELT | December 21, 2018

1. More streaming apps such as Pandora
2. Some way to turn off the audio. Unless I am missing something, haven't found a way to turn off the audio other than switching the source.

ajmach2 | December 21, 2018

Electrochromic tint on the panoramic roof :)

rellim-s | December 28, 2018

An option in the settings to leave the car unlocked at home for those who park in their garage and use the phone key. "Lock car at home?" Toggle it on if you park outside the home.