MODEL 3 Suggestions

MODEL 3 Suggestions

I would like to see a nicer built in computer screen on the Model 3, similar to the S Model.
It looks a bit cheezy the way the screen sticks out. I LOVE the model 3 concept and it would also be wonderful if Elon Musk would consider adding a sunroof option on the Model 3.

dsperson1 | December 28, 2018

- Ability to access Garage door opener from mobile app since car is left in garage.
- Fix mobile app preconditioning - currently turns on all car seat heaters - would prefer none get started by default.
- When car is in reverse, rear camera should not disappear if someone hits another button (kid/parent safety mechanism). Perhaps (Lock camera when in reverse? Toggle)

leo33 | December 28, 2018

Add Display option to flip the navigation turn-by-turn list back to the right side of the screen and to bring the controls from the right side of the screen back to the left. (This is for people who navigate primarily VIA map rather than list, and whose reach is less than 2.5 feet)

rebellion787 | December 28, 2018

@dsperson1 - You can open/close the garage from the mobile app. It's the home link icon on the top right of the screen while in the summon menu.

MarylandS85 | December 30, 2018

@rellim-s: “An option in the settings to leave the car unlocked at home for those who park in their garage and use the phone key. "Lock car at home?" Toggle it on if you park outside the home.”

I’ve been hoping for this for a long time too, but I suspect Tesla isn’t willing to add a feature based on GPS, which is prone to error. For example, what if you park on the street outside your home, but the car thinks you’re in your garage? I still wish they would add this, but I’m not holding my breath. In the meantime, I’ve been using this workaround for years:

1. Create a new garage profile. Call it “Garage” or something. In that profile, adjust the setting to disable auto-locking when you walk away. Also, in that profile, adjust the seat, steering wheel, and/or mirrors to something very different from your usual.
2. Every time you get home, change the profile to Garage. If you forget, no harm done. It’s as inconvenient as your current situation.
3. Every time you get back in the car, because you have the car/steering wheel/mirror settings so different, you’ll remember to switch it back to your profile. (If you do forget, your car won’t lock when you go somewhere. Yikes!)

I’ve been doing this for a few years with my Model S, and we started doing the same with the Model 3. It’s not perfect, but it works for our family.

Goldie | January 2, 2019

1) A backup camera screenshot option would be nice.
2) Door open option in App
3) Window up/down option in app
4) Front/rear Defrost on/off in app
5) Waze integration in Nav

zkinner | January 2, 2019

These are my dislikes of model 3:
- bad road\wind noise on a highway, have to talk very loud.
- no blind spot monitors
- bad quality of phone calls (people can't hear me well)
- no surround view camera
- no hands-free liftgate
- bad auto wipers
- no android auto/apple car play and bad built-in navigation

fenigstein.david | January 10, 2019

Adaptive cruise control should be standard or at a minimum be able to be purchased separately from all auto pilot features

fenigstein.david | January 10, 2019

Adaptive cruise control should be standard or at a minimum be able to be purchased separately from all auto pilot features

Nodak | January 11, 2019

It would be cool to be able to view the car's cameras remotely from the app, to see what's going on around the car.

fwolff9 | February 4, 2019

I have a new Model 3 and find that even when I have my phone in my purse, the door will not unlock unless my phone is in my purse on the side CLOSEST to the car. This is so inconvenient!

tom.persky | February 11, 2019

I live at the top of a hill. I set my full charge at 70%, but I would like to have regen available when I come down the hill. If you lifted the charge level to, say 75% for regen that would save my brakes and would give me a few cents of electricity.

LA-Fohlen | February 11, 2019

Why would regen not be available unless the battery is too cold?

tobyM3 | February 13, 2019

Can you guys push a software update to answer the phone/hang up with steering wheel?

thorvund | February 13, 2019

I would love to be able to see the view from any camera from the remote app. Just like I can see my home camera from my Nest App.

remo | February 13, 2019

Still sitting on the fence with my reservation here in Norway waiting for a heated steering wheel.