Model 3 at Tesla Employee Party

Model 3 at Tesla Employee Party

Having ridden in the Model 3 prototype at the unveil in March, I can confirm that the steering wheel in the Model 3 at the Tesla employee party has been changed. Take a close look at the picture of the interior. The wheel is now three spoke, whereas the one in the Model 3 that I rode in (the silver one) was a two spoke wheel.

David N | November 6, 2016

Nice article.

I wonder if Mary (GM) is going to throw an employee party for the Bolt team.

Efontana | November 6, 2016

The interior looks nicely finished.

tigardspaz | November 6, 2016

@ David, If Mary Barra threw a party for the Bolt team, it would have to be in Korea since the battery, drive components, and electronics are made by LG in Korea.

SKPnSF | November 6, 2016

While I'm all for clean design, the interior looks a bit austere. Maybe a touch more texture, color or something warm like brightwork or wood.

Frank99 | November 6, 2016

Aw, come on. That white strip across the dash is the perfect place for family photos - with a little ledge above it and below it, you could just put a little bend in a 3x5 and stick it right in there.

People use them to spice up the austere looks of office cubicles; seems like a good way to do it here also. ;)

andy.connor.e | November 7, 2016

You dont even understand how much i cannot wait for this car.

JRKingston | November 7, 2016

Thanks for the post, @cchouston. I love the interior but when Elon said the steering wheel would look like something out of spaceship I was expecting a pilot's yoke. Doesn't seem that radical to me.

Haggy | November 7, 2016

"You dont even understand how much i cannot wait for this car."

Yes I do. I waited 111 days for my Model S from the time I configured it to the time it was delivered. It felt more like a year. That included several rescheduled days for picking it up. I can honestly say it's much easier this time around.

Fortunately, you can get a Model S much faster these days. I hear the latest one is pretty nice. But then you go through the wait again. You will have the car and will wait for the update for autopilot. That might come in phases. You will wait far longer if you opt for autonomous driving. It never stops. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Red Sage ca us | November 7, 2016

Luckily, 'The WAIT' isn't so bad when you know you will get it. It's a lot harder when all you can do is HOPE you will get something, someday, eventually, possibly, if you get really lucky and stuff. I have waited over thirty years for a proper long range fully electric car to be offered by General Motors. And now they offer the BOLT. Yeah. (dejectedfrown)

brando | November 14, 2016

https://www.wired DOT com/2015/01/well-didnt-work-saabs-weird-joystick-controlled-car-wasnt-super-idea/

That was over 20 years ago. Time to give it another go?