Model 3 Ticker

Model 3 Ticker

Not sure about anyone else, but I have been trying my best to watch the number of reservations. I think Tesla should add a ticker to their Model 3 page. Wouldn't take much, but I think it would be a wonderful addition to the page.

ArieK | April 2, 2016

So far Elon has chosen to be the ticker through Twitter :-)

180.000 first 24 hours
198.000 a few hours later
232.000 half a day later

biggestfan | April 2, 2016

@ArieK I know what you are saying. I really don't Twitter, but I have been watching his comments about reservations.

REALLY should have taken the day off and gone into the store to place my reservation....waiting until I could do it online was a mistake. Although very convenient. :)

Go Tesla!

bish | April 2, 2016

Has it hit 300,000 yet?

jordanrichard | April 2, 2016

Per Elons recent tweets. As of 7 am, presumably CA time, the total so far was 253,000. He will give another update tonight and then a final one on Wed. for a week's total. Saying further that all efforts are being focused on accelerating the ramp up.

So, if anyone needs a job, I am sure there is a help wanted sign hanging in the window at the factory and Gigafactory.

EVMan | April 3, 2016

I hope the reservation numbers quiet the 'Nay Sayers'. I was 6th in line in Massachusetts.

Paul Carter | April 3, 2016

Here's a draft of the first graph I've done. Will try and normalize the timeline so we can see the beautiful curves.

Haggy | April 3, 2016

There's already a recruitment effort to get good people on the factory floor. Tesla uses unorthodox methods to find people, as is arguably the case with most SV firms. I know somebody who was solicited, and her current job is software QC, but this was for an assembly position. I'm sure Tesla will find people. They pay well and have good benefits, but they don't have the advantage of being able to hire people from another nearby automotive factory. Since nobody in the area has the specific training needed, they will need to be creative.

Haggy | April 3, 2016

That graph isn't completely accurate since it leaves out reservations from Tesla employees. Since they have 12,000 employees, and some at a high level might have ordered them to give out as party favors while others might have done so depending on employee incentives, I'm not going to try to guess whether or not it's a significant chunk of the first 115,000. But I'd guess it's between 2 and 12%.