Model 3 vs Model Y (animated GIFs)

Model 3 vs Model Y (animated GIFs)

While not precisely to scale, I prepared a couple of quick animated GIFs that give a good idea about the size and height differences of the Model 3 and Model Y, done in the colors of our two Model 3s:

Here is a combined 2000x2000 pixel version showing both colors (Dropbox link):

gwolnik | March 15, 2019

It is going to be difficult to tell the difference out in the wild. I'd like to see a "field guild to Tesla models" to help people tell the difference between the S, X and 3, but I don't see any easy-to-spot field marks that distinguish the 3 and the Y. By the way, to identify a 3, I look for the upturned door handles on the side and no chrome trim on the front and back. To distinguish an S from an X, on the side the handles are together on the X, apart on the S. From the back, the tail lights of an X looks like a 3 except it has chrome trim.

What side, front and back field marks will distinguish a 3 from a Y when they are not next to each other for size comparison? Using bird watching analogies are best.

Rt002k | March 15, 2019

Chrome delete on the Y. The air intake under the nose is closed off more in the Y. Bigger badonkadonk on the Y.

inconel | March 15, 2019

Trunk opening line is higher in the Y

lunde | March 16, 2019

I am wondering whether the Model Y's rear windows can roll all of the way down. Those of our last remaining ICE vehicle, a 2016 Mazda CX-5 AWD, can roll all of the way down.

Spartan-117 | March 16, 2019

Guess this is exactly why the unveil was so unenthusiastic. Elon instead took the time to showcases all of the other Tesla creations and the Y is basically the 3 there's the sit low and sit high versions. 75% the same, headlights, taillights, handles, wheels, etc. Makes sense from a business and production perspective I'm sure, they need to minimize cost and sell cars asap. That said love my 3 and the Y currently on deck to be our 2nd car. Just look forward to the day when Elon makes the Y he originally envisioned with it's own character. He did say, I think on the last call that he was put in his place in regards to the Y. It was a definitely business decision which probably makes a lot of sense given they are still growing as a company.

He seemed was more enthusiastic about his cool Tesla kicks! LoL

DavidAsheville | March 16, 2019

Thanks for doing this! Judging by the change in wheel size between the two models, it looks like you got the red one closer to being the same scale. This is very helpful in seeing the difference in size and details. Is there some way you could post this elsewhere so it can be downloaded and viewed full screen? Thanks again for sharing.

borodinj | March 16, 2019

Nicely done. I was really disappointed following the reveal, since I felt like the Y was just way too similar than the 3. However, your comparison helps to show the differences, and the Y is growing on me a little. I still wished that Tesla would have done more to differentiate the two models. Even a different headlight and tail light treatment would have gone a long way to set the two models apart.

lunde | March 16, 2019

@DavidAsheville Here you go (combined version):

DavidAsheville | March 16, 2019


TexasBob | March 16, 2019

These are super helpful. Tesla needs to be a better side-by-side comparison. (Might be nice to release some actual dimensions as well!