Model E should be the world's first wiki car

Model E should be the world's first wiki car

Tesla could really open the Model E development process to the public.

* Use social media (partner with FB on this?)
* Develop a Model E app and let people have at it, and I mean in detail. Perhaps use an exhaustive series of multiple choice situations and see if any clear patterns develop.
* Put up a mock configurator on the Tesla site too, except don’t restrict the process to just accessories and colors per usual. Include interior and exterior DESIGN in the mix. Show a weekly (daily?) digital prototype of how the car is shaping up based on the input.

How much weight should these results receive in the actual design process? How polluted could the results be? Let Tesla decide how literally "wiki" this should be. Maybe the results would be a mere referendum -- one of many sources of input. But consider the engagement factor here. Who wouldn’t love to participate in designing a car, and then see it rolling down the street?

This would be another historic first for Tesla. Use the world as a focus group using current tech.