Model S 60kwh road trip log: Tesla/Fremont to LA

Model S 60kwh road trip log: Tesla/Fremont to LA

Picked up my grey/black/19" Model S 60kwh last Wednesday at the factory and drove it directly to its new home in LA. The drive was no problem even though I used standard (not max/range) charge, and took the beautiful, hilly, and windy scenic route detour: US-101 to CA-198 to I-5.

Hope this log is helpful for current S-60 owners and anyone considering a 60!:

Left Tesla factory at 1:40pm with not-quite-full standard charge of 185 rated miles.

Arrived at Gilroy supercharger via US-101 (42 miles driven) with 150 rated miles remaining, and topped off for 10 minutes to full standard charge of 190 rated miles.

Arrived at Harris Ranch supercharger via US-101 and CA-198 (146 extremely hilly miles driven) with 31 rated miles remaining. Charged for exactly 1 hour (check out the gift shop at the Harris Ranch restaurant in the neighboring lot), and left with 186 standard charge rated miles (got impatient so didn't wait to full 190). Note there is as of now only 1 supercharger at this location.

Arrived at Tejon Ranch supercharger (116 miles driven) with 36 rated miles remaining, and charged for 33 minutes to 141 standard charge rated miles.

Arrived to my destination in LA (86 miles driven) with 46 rated miles remaining!

Total trip time: 7 hours and 35 minutes (note there were no other cars at any of the superchargers during my trip)

I drove an average of at least 5 miles over posted speed limit the entire way, after Gilroy. I had climate control set to "range mode" but temperatures were moderate so this probably didn't make much difference.

If you are considering a Model S -- get it! Definitely the best car I've ever owned, and the superchargers work great.

In California there is also an extensive network of level 2 EV chargers (see the Recargo, PlugShare, and Blink mobile apps) that add 20-25 rated miles per hour of charging, which in most cases is perfectly fine. The 60 seems to be suited for most uses, including road trips. This past weekend I took it to Palm Springs, where I re-charged overnight at the Hilton, with no problems at all.

shop | February 20, 2013

What kind of charging did the Palm Springs Hilton have?

djm12 | February 20, 2013

Thanks for the log. I may be recreating your trip in a few months.

Jvaret | February 20, 2013

Palm Springs Hilton has one J1772 charger right in front of the main driveway -- gave me about 22 rated miles per hour of charge. Also used the Palm Springs Ace Hotel's NEMA 14-50 chargers while eating lunch there, they have 3 240v outlets open to the public in the back of the hotel.

kingkoti | February 20, 2013

@jvaret - Thanks a lot for sharing your trip details, very assuring, I was skeptical if I'd be able make LA trip from bay area in MS60, but ordered 60 anyways now you made waiting for my MS60 even difficult - darn it !!

jbunn | February 20, 2013

Thank you so much for your post. I will need to drive that route often in my 60, and was wondering how it would go.

Now, I need to figure out the seattle to bay trip. Norcal to napa is pretty barren for charging.

RedShift | February 20, 2013

Very encouraging.

I will be traveling to San Diego come June. May be even LV.

sshrivas | February 20, 2013

Thanks Jvaret for the details. Very encouraging details there. I hope to do many trips this summer in my 60Kwh (March/April delivery) possibly to Las Vegas too.

Brian H | February 20, 2013

Sounds like a flood of MSes heading across and out of CA this summer! I envisage them as little jewels scooting around a map.

Jvaret | February 21, 2013

Correction to my original post: total trip time was 8 hours 35 minutes not 7:35 -- of course would have been at least 60 minutes faster without the CA-198 detour.

Sudre_ | February 21, 2013

Thanks for this post. I am waiting on the Bloomington, IL supercharger before making a trip to Chicago. Should be up and running in a few months. This gives me an idea of range and charge times.

stevedar | February 21, 2013

Jvaret, Have you been tracking your Wh/mi by any chance? I'm curious about the difference in efficiency vs the 85 Kwh battery car.

skulleyb | February 21, 2013

Now we need the vegas report from someone with the 60!
Thanks for your report!

Jvaret | February 21, 2013

stevedar: I did not track Wh/mi on this road trip, but my car says that average Wh/mi since I took delivery (883 miles driven to date) is 316 Wh/mi

c.bussert67 | February 21, 2013

Well done, Jvaret! I took data from my Vegas run via Barstow and even during a ticket inviting Max effort with speeds flirting with 90, I couldn't deplete over 60kW of power on any particular leg. So I'm sure with driving at posted speeds limits, the 60 should make the trip.
Congrats on the car! The drive is fun but the "Tesla time" at the destinations is icing on the cake! Have fun.

bbmertz | February 21, 2013

@jvaret, please explain what you mean that you had set the climate control to "range" mode. I have a 85 kWh non-perf MS and don't see this climate control setting. I only see the vehicle charging settings for Standard and Range mode. My apologies if I am missing something obvious.

CC | February 21, 2013

@stevedar, hope my numbers would help a little.

Just picked up my S60/19"/pano/child seat/single charger from PA service center. Left with 170 mi rated (not fully charged), Drove in 28 - 30 F temp at night with climate control at 73F for 75 miles, had 85 miles rated to spare when I reached home. Ave energy use 357 wh/mi, and total energy used 26.4 kwh.

Drove mostly speed limit on highway between 55 - 65 mph, with few occasional heavy acceleration just to test the car which was great! Traveled mostly on highway, only about 10 miles local.