Model S Beta in the News

Model S Beta in the News

There are a few select pointers to news reports on the Model S Beta event in Tesla's blog, but compared to the actual repercussions in the media, that list is remarkably short:

Motor Trend: "First Ride: 2012 Tesla Model S"

Edmunds AutoObserver: "Tesla Wows with Model S Rides, Factory Tour"

AOL Translogic: "Exclusive: First Ride in the Tesla Model S"

I'd like to collect as many news reports and articles in this thread, as possible. From all over the world, in all languages. Please post anything you read, but make sure to avoid reposting links that have already been mentioned.

Here's a start:

CBSNEWS: "A glimpse at the future in Tesla's Model S Beta 1"

San Francisco Business Times: "Tesla Model S beta event scores with customers"

The Truth About Cars: "Tesla Model S Customer Blog: Beta Under The Bright Lights"

AutoBlog: "First Ride: 2012 Tesla Model S Beta"

Green Car Reports: "BREAKING: Tesla Making Faster 2012 Model S, 0-60 In Under 4.5 Seconds"

Green Car Reports: "2012 Tesla Model S: Photo Gallery"

Green Car Reports: "Tesla's 2012 Model S Charging Equipment. Redesign For Redesign's Sake?"

Green Car Reports: "What Kind Of People Are Ordering The 2012 Tesla Model S?"

engadget: "Tesla Model S test ride and factory tour" (great videos!)

brianman | November 14, 2011

That video is the first time I've heard them mention 4G.

EdG | November 15, 2011

From what she said on the video it looks like heated, but not air cooled, seats will be in the car.

Also, at 1:46, we find out that there's something called "frictional energy". Another first for Tesla! Hopefully the engineers will coach her to use different wording to describe the regen.

Volker.Berlin | November 15, 2011

Once in a while a post pops up that makes vague reference to some "original announcements" by Tesla. I made an effort and collected a couple of news articles that appeared when the Model S was first revealed in March 2009. Please add to that list if I missed some article that adds relevant information. That should give us a solid base to compare how Tesla delivers to what was originally advertised.

autoblog (Mar 26th 2009): "Tesla Model S: $50,000 EV sedan seats seven, 300-mile range, 0-60 in 5.5s"

The Car Connection (March 26, 2009): "Tesla Model S: $49,900, 7(ish) seats, 0-60 in 5.6, 300-mile range"

Motor Trend (March 26 2009): "Tesla Model S Revealed: Sedan to Hit 60 in Under 6 Sec, Seat 7, Go 300 Miles"

Business Insider (March 26, 2009): "Tesla Finally Unveiling Subsidized Model S"

Jalopnik (Mar 26th, 2009): "Tesla Model S Sedan Concept: $49,900 Seven-Seater Electric To Hit Streets In 2011"

gizmag (April 3, 2009): "Closer look: the Tesla Model S"

engadget (February 12th 2009 11:16AM): "First Tesla Model S teaser shot silently sneaks onto the scene"

engadget (March 24th 2009 8:02AM): "Tesla Model S priced just under $50K, rest of car still shrouded in mystery"

engadget (March 26th 2009 1:25PM): "Tesla Model S official shots unofficially unveiled"

engadget (March 26th 2009 5:51PM): "Tesla Model S now official"

engadget (March 27th 2009 2:28PM): "Tesla CEO says Model S isn't really expensive, when you think about it"

technology review (03/27/2009): "Tesla Unveils a Long-Awaited Electric Sedan"

evo (27th March 2009): "Tesla Model S electric saloon"

the guardian (27 March 2009): "Tesla unveils the electric 'family car of the future'"

mcornwell | November 22, 2011


And the Tesla rep they interviewed doesn't sound too knowledgeable: "But don't compare this loan to the infamous loan to Solyndra just up I-880, at least just don't do it around Sal Lopez.

"I think the difference is that they do have some orders already in. I think they have their production already full for a year or so which means the clients have already ordered that car, whatever model that may be. But they already have sold it, it's only a matter of building it and demand," said Lopez."

Brian H | November 22, 2011

How many months old is that report? What lousy reportage. ABC has fallen on hard times, obviously.

toto_48313 | November 24, 2011
Kallisman | November 26, 2011

Article in a norwegian car magazine after Oct. 1st event. (It's in norwegian)

Brian H | November 26, 2011

The Edmunds page links to a full review:

They miss noting the Sport S accel figures, so perhaps this was written before Elon dropped that tidbit!

Brian H | November 26, 2011

Here's the Google translated version of the page:

As a bonus, all the page links are labelled in English, including one to something about the 'Alpha':

Kallisman | November 26, 2011

@Brian H:
Not too bad translation by google. Still some things make more sense in the original. I figured the ppl in here probably know how to use google translate, but the link makes it easier:)

The 'Alpha' on the pic is of course an Alfa Romeo 4C. Will come to America with a 4 cylinder 1.8 liter 300hp engine in 2013 according to the article. Beautiful car, but not electric.

My5bAby | November 26, 2011

Dear Tesla

I also attended the DC event yesterday !

Exterior fantastic !

Center Armrest: I thought it was innovative !

Regarding the touchscreen I'd like to make 3 suggestions
1. Less is more Example the iPad: no USB, no card slot etc, etc, Hello, No competition !
2. Get rid of every physical button possible in the car, short of turn signal/high beams, wipers,
cruise & volume control on the steering wheel. Let us control everything possible from the screen
3. The entire Model S is organic and has no straight lines or 90 degree angles except for the silver
border of the touch screen, This is why it is disruptive to the eye.
a. Get rid of the silver border (left, right and lower)
b Allow the cream leather part of the dash that borders the lower sides of the touch screen to
continue and wrap gracefully around the bottom border of the screen in a very gentle arc.

Just a few suggestions

Signature 482

Volker.Berlin | December 18, 2011

Here's another mentioning on a German website that escaped me before:

CleanThinking: Probefahrt im Tesla Model S: "Ein beinahe steriles Fahrgefühl"