Model S Car Insurance Cost: Official Thread

Model S Car Insurance Cost: Official Thread

What is the monthly cost of car insurance for your Tesla Model S. Let us know what you pay Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly for Liability or Full Coverage

Example: Full Coverage/Cost State Insurance Company(optional)

mantin | November 19, 2013

I was quoted by State Farm $175 every 6 months additional cost compared to the current cost for my Jaguar

kelvedon | November 19, 2013

I was quoted $50 more every six months for the P85 versus my 2 year old Porsche Cayenne S

crmohler | November 19, 2013

Allstate has quoted me $1,009.57 for 6 months (on a 2014 60kW, but I'll have a 2013) vs. $406.88 for my 2011 Land Rover, so an additional $100/month. Knock on wood, but I have a perfect driving record. I'm going to do a little comparison shopping.

Justinde | November 19, 2013

$91/month State Farm

crmohler | November 19, 2013

Just got a quote for $570 for 6 months from Geico (for a 2013 60kW), so substantial savings compared with my current Allstate coverage.

dramingly | November 19, 2013

Maybe add what state you are from, because auto insurance varies so much from state to state?

MezzaLuna | November 19, 2013

I have been quoted $729/year from Encompass Insurance for my MS 60, $500/$1000 deductible. Pennsylvania. More than the Prius it's replacing, but 6 years newer and a lot more expensive.

wa_pacnw | November 19, 2013

Can everyone also post the type of coverage as well? So We can compare orange to orange.

david.baird | November 19, 2013

Quoted €1500 here in Belgium by, which is super cheap for this country, really.

I didn't go through the details of the policy yet, but it's full new replacement in three years in case of loss and full damage cover. I don't know what the excess/deductible is.


crmohler | November 19, 2013

I'm in California and it's for 300/500 coverage. And I asked my Allstate agent about the difference between a 2014 vs and 2013 and it's a bit lower. So for 6 months with a perfect driving record (45 yo female non-smoker):

Tesla 60kW 2013
Geico $570

NancyBen | November 19, 2013

Located in SF Bay Area in California.

2013 Model S 60

Coverage 250/500 for 6 months at 485 dollars at State Farm. It comes about $80 per month.

Several discounts applied: Good Driver, Loyalty, Multiple Car, Multiple Lines....

Olof | November 19, 2013

Full Coverage $1138/year NY Libery Mutual | November 19, 2013

I'm not sure how you can make sense of this. Rates are typically based on driver history (accidents or not), age, location (even within a state), cost of vehicle (which the Model S has a fairly wide range). In addition, there are often discounts for multiple policies, being good driver, non-smoker, length with insurer, multiple cars, one driver, etc.

You can still shop for the best policy, but what someone else pays will be hard to relate to what you'll pay.

Xerogas | November 19, 2013


You are right, it's very hard to compare apples to apples. It helps (a little) that some people are answering with how much more/less their insurance is compared to their previous car.

In San Diego, CA I'm paying $403 to State Farm every six months for my 2013 40/60, which is only $10/month more than what I paid for a 2012 Honda Insight. I was stunned that it was so cheap, considering the Tesla cost 3x more than the Honda.

Liability: 100/300
Uninsured motorist: 100/300
Comprehensive deductible: 1,000
Collision deductible: 1,000

Lots of discounts for good driver, safety record, loyalty, multi-auto, multiple line

jeffsstuff | November 19, 2013

@crmohler, while I applaud your healthy lifestyle, this is automobile insurance not life insurance. Does your non-smoking status really apply?

WowCar | November 19, 2013

Can Tesla Texas drivers provide some current rates on what they are paying for insurance for their Model S please.

redacted | November 19, 2013

IL, State Farm, P85

Liability, uninsured, underinsured 250/500
Comp 100
Collision 500

$409.30/6 months

That's with homeowners, other cars, good boy discounts. | November 19, 2013

Have USAA--was maybe $80 more every 6 months over my 2007 Infiniti M45.

rgmdamgr | November 19, 2013

AAA for me is $1250/year on S85.
Multi car/Multi home/Good Driver discounts

riceuguy | November 19, 2013

The most important factors (aside from driving history) are what city/state you are in and your levels of coverage; without this info the numbers aren't terribly meaningful!

jomorale | November 19, 2013

P85+: Morgan Hill, California.
Total Premium $405.44 for 6 months.

Coverage Details:
Liability - Bodily Injury / Property Damage
$100,000 each person / $300,000 each accident
$50,000 each accident
Uninsured Motor Vehicle - Bodily Injury
$30,000 each person / $60,000 each accident
Uninsured Motor Vehicle - Property Damage
$1,000 each accident
Comprehensive Deductible
Collision Deductible

Total 6M Premium $405.44
Premium includes discounts for good driver, safety record, loyalty, multi-auto, multiple line

crmohler | November 19, 2013

@jeffsstuff As a matter of fact, I get a discount for being a non-smoker. Not sure if that's just for Allstate, so I Googled it. This is one of the many links that I found:

"Car Insurance: Statistic show that smokers get into more car accidents than nonsmokers. The result is that they pay auto insurance rates that are often hundreds of dollars a year higher than nonsmokers."

jeffsstuff | November 20, 2013

@crmohler, thanks for the tip! I'll have to check into that. We are moving from NJ to California and, as a result, need to find new insurance. My wife just set up a new policy at AAA and, when my Model S arrives next month (here in NJ) I have to add it to that policy. Based on the rate she is already paying (currently in company housing in LA) I can use all the discounts I can get.

It does make sense. A smoker drops a cigarette and starts a fire or, is distracted trying to recover it and gets into an accident. Perhaps this might be a little too self-righteous, but I'd also think that people who don't smoke, as a group, tend toward higher education levels and greater maturity. In any case, I'll happily accept any discount I qualify for.

redacted | November 20, 2013

@jeffstuff If you've seen Final Destination 2, people who don't drink water from bottles probably get in less accidents too :)

odellj | November 20, 2013

My new MS is $6 less per month than my 2011 Lexus ES350

Kimscar | November 20, 2013


That is a low price. What insurance company are you with and do they limit miles driven?

renwo S alset | November 20, 2013

$500 deductible
$112 month w/safe driver discount

aed98033 | November 20, 2013

I was quoted as of last winter $542/year (full coverage) with Encompass. I have owned my Model S since February 2013. I am paying $184.00 to carry me from February to the end of the year. As one might guess, the coverage is for bodily injury and property damage. I am in the Seattle area.

jackhub | November 20, 2013

I am paying State Farm 575 for six months, full coverage, for my Model S85. That is less than I am paying State Farm for full coverage on my 2005 Buick!

Gizmotoy | November 20, 2013

Looks like the insurance for my soon-to-arrive P85 went up $170/6 mo. (30%) compared to a 2006 Civic Si. That said, it's also $70/6 mo. (10%) cheaper than my 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. Not too shabby for a car that's 5x and 3x the cost, respectively.

Gizmotoy | November 20, 2013

Sorry... that was with Progressive. GEICO was a few dollars cheaper, but not cheap enough to switch.

earlyretirement | November 20, 2013

$653 every 6 months for the wife and myself.

polyphase | November 22, 2013

USAA NJ collision alone, $713/yr. for my P85+. With $1mm liability and UMC it comes to $1500/yr. total.

ecarfan | November 22, 2013

My USAA car insurance increased about $20/month when going from a 2008 Toyota Prius to a 2013 Model S. Seems reasonable to me.

PBEndo | November 22, 2013

Color me confused, but what makes this an official thread?

EssDub | November 22, 2013

this belongs on the state / local threads.. when shopping or renwing, folks should price check an apples to apples comparison locally... would make this much more useful.

mcfadyena | November 24, 2013

Ontario, Canada - I'm paying just $14 more per month than I was with my Subaru Legacy, a welcome surprise because I was figuring on paying much more.

tes-s | November 24, 2013

$1267 for my MS85.

Deductible: 500 comprehensive, 1000 collision
Liability: 500,000

Liability cost is lower than my other cars; comprehensive and collision is higher.

bfranks273 | November 24, 2013

Allstate in VA, MS P85, $675 for 6 months, 100/300 with 1000 deductible. It was 817 with 250 deduct. This price includes discounts for multiple vehicle and house.

kortlander | March 1, 2014

St Farm just quoted me $1570 per 6 months in NJ, I and my spouse both have clean driving records, can you say INSANITY?

JulsinLA | March 8, 2014

St farm quoted me $1,900 per year! It's true that I caused green-on-green crime (ran my BMW active E into the back end of a Prius) but at 45 that's it on the driving record for me (hubby is totally clean). They increased my BMW premiums 40%. My agent told me that State Farm doesn't want to do biz in CA anymore. Guess I can't blame them but I'll be looking for other insurance for all cars and our home.

Bighorn | March 8, 2014

State Farm is about $400/6 mo in WY. Cheaper than an 07 Prius.

rodhoffman | March 8, 2014

$550 per YEAR in Colorado with $1,000 deductible at State Auto. Great safety and reliability reductions - they GET this auto!

Rod in Evergreen, CO

rodhoffman | March 8, 2014

BTW - on my annual renewal the premium DROPPED!

SeattleSid | March 8, 2014

USAA: my yearly>/i> premium will be about $240 higher than it's been on my 19 year old Acura. (Their "default" price of the car was $72K, for which the premium would only have been about $200 higher. Forty bucks more when I entered the $98K. Pretty amazing, I'd say. It might help that I've been a customer for 40 years and never (knock pixels) had an accident or ticket. They asked about DRLs, GPS tracking, how many air bags, all of which seem to fit into their equation as well.

SeattleSid | March 8, 2014

Damn. Screwed up the HTML. Sorry.

GIdoc | March 8, 2014

Liberty mutual just quoted me $950 per year in MI with their "better car replacement guarentee" and $1000 deductible. Anyone has experience dealing with them for model S? Their quote is very competitive with Geico and better than other insurance companies. Just don't know how easy they are to work with in case of an accident. Lot of info on geico claims at TMC forum but not much with liberty mutual.

amitb00 | March 8, 2014

I am paying 600 for 6 months with GEICO. It is for 500 deductible and 50/100. I am thinking to increase to 100/300 and that will increase premium by 60$.

JBumps | March 18, 2014

I got a quote back from my Erie this morning. It was, admitedly, for a 2013 P85 listed for sale, as my agent needed a VIN# to accurately quote. $998.00 per year with the following:
Liability: 100/300
Uninsured motorist: 100/300
Comprehensive deductible: 1,000
Collision deductible: 1,000

Any owners get a quote for the P85/85/60? I can't afford the price tag of the P85 and will be, instead, opting for the 85 and wondered if I was likely to see much change.

cjpitt | March 18, 2014

Full coverage for 1 year thru Liberty Mutual $1300
Suburban NYC area.
Quotes from MetLife (old ins) $1985
Travellers $1600