Model S colours

Model S colours

Hello Tesla Fans,
what are your favorite colours for the Model S?

My cars were always black but the Model S looks also really great in white.
Perhaps in some dark gray it would also look great!
I would like to see more Model S prototypes in different colours... ;-)

davidcjones | May 21, 2011

I am holding out for those chameleon paints that change shades/colors when viewed from different angles. I even saw this YouTube video of someone that painted his Roadster with one of them.

I would prefer a different color combination (many are available) and to have it as a factory color—probably both higher quality and cheaper than an aftermarket solution.

roelalbers | May 22, 2011

The Candy Apple / Radiant Red colour does it for me.
Comparable colours like the red metallic of the Mazda RX8 and even better Alfa Romeo 8C colour / RossoCompetizione will still stand out in years to come.

Then ofcourse the interior / exterior colour match is something more subtle to decide on.
Contrasting interior leathers like black or cream are classics and so would Ferrari-like cognac be.

I would opt for something more extravagant like what Alfa Romeo did with the Brera Concept car:
A bit of real aluminium in the interior would not hurt, nor a few classic dials even if they were projected like the new Jaguar XJ (which would give way to the owner being able to download his or her own dashboard dial style - classic, retro, or contemporary, or even Spaceship Enterprise).

In the end I agree that Tesla should try to finalize the car with a clean, modern and - interior wise - flexible styling.

Brian H | June 5, 2011

Here's a new principle for varying color: .

Patterned airholes make colors, even lase!

Brian H | June 5, 2011

Hm. HTML link didn't work. Here's the raw URL:

stretchrunner | June 8, 2011

A rich looking Burgundy metallic for sure.

beautiful blue metallic
" " silver Metallic
Pearl metallic

atgagliano | June 8, 2011

pearl.....thats the hot color for now.

Brian H | July 19, 2012

Best image so far of the brown:

Vawlkus | July 20, 2012

Everybody drool now........ :P~

rterry | August 21, 2012

Was leaning black with light interior or white with black interior. The brown does look sharp to me. Living in GA I have to keep the summers in mind...

Nick Kordich | August 23, 2012

@Brian H - I have to disagree. From that photo, I wouldn't have even known the brown was metallic instead of solid - it's shiny, but it's all surface shine. All I can tell from that is that it's clean. I think this one by Nick J. Howe has that one beat:

Clicking it to will open it in Flickr, where you can open a 2048x1361 version - the bigger the better.

Howe's photo shows off the rich depth of the metallic paint. In this one you see how the luster of the direct sun on the fender just behind the headlight and reveal the character lines: along the hood, the one crossing both doors, and the crease above the rear door handle and rear fender. The blue from the sky caught in the chrome, glass and hood contrasts and complements the molten chocolate color; in the photo with the cart, the reflected overcast reflects white/gray and obscures the contours it should accent. The 21" silver wheels always look good, but I think they look best on the brown, thanks to the contrast; in the photo with the carbon gray wheels, they're lost in the relative muddiness due to its lack of color contrast. Finally, the headlight's detail is obscured by glare on the photo of the performance version - in Howe's, it's dangerously sharp, the eye of a bird of prey carved in fine Czech crystal.

I'm not so good a photographer that I should sound so pretentious, but aside from any matters of taste on the carbon wheels and the inclusion of the shopping cart in the composition, I think this is the better image by quite a margin (especially if you blow it up to a 27" monitor or better).

Brian H | August 23, 2012

Date? I said "so far", and my post was July 19. There weren't many brown shots about at the time ...
-- Much later. From Flikr:
"This photo was taken on August 11, 2012 using a Sony NEX-5N. "

Nick Kordich | August 23, 2012

@Brian H - You did say "so far," inviting opportunities for you to update your opinion.

I haven't noticed many photos of the show up brown here. A few shots have been posted on the Tesla Motors Club forum, for those looking for additional angles, but this definitely seems to be the least photographed color:

REAL Pictures of the Model S

Get Amped Tour: Miami

Forbes took the brown Model S Performance (the one with carbon gray wheels at the New York event) for their test drive, for those wanting to see this color of the car in motion.

Michael37 | August 23, 2012

I posted this in another thread, but perhaps they will be helpful here too, in case folks didn't see the other thread. I shot a couple of walk-around videos at the last Palo Alto event, and they show all the colors except Pearl White and Sunset Red.

Blue, Black, Green, Signature Red, Brown, Silver

White, Grey

Brown and Grey in the shade

rterry | August 24, 2012

Did you have a favorite color at this event? Did you like the more sport oriented look or luxury look?

Brian H | August 24, 2012

Hm; If TM were to commit a two-tone assault on the eyes, what would look best?

Michael37 | August 26, 2012

@rterry: Yes, I had an absolute favorite color -- Signature Red. Now I must insert a frowny face because I'm not a Signature reservation holder, and I'm not very hopeful of my name getting called from the waiting list. :-(

Apart from Sig Red, the other colors that I really liked were the white, the blue and the silver.

If you are looking for elegant, sophisticated and luxurious looking, and you don't mind the upkeep associated with very dark colors, the blue is awesome. It also has the very nice property of effectively hiding any minor issues with body panel gaps and alignment. These Get Amped cars do not have perfect fit, and the dark colors hide it well. Blue with the tan interior is a knockout.

The silver is really elegant and sleek. In the sun, the metallic paint is radiant, and can be hard to distinguish from white, it lights up so brightly. It is not as sparkly as some of the Mercedes silver colors available these days, and I think it's sort of too bad that it isn't, but it is very pretty and up close you do see the metallic flake. It also has the nice advantage of being a light, easy to maintain color that the paint armor looks good on. (The paint armor is too visible on the white, IMO.) I almost got silver, but there are so many silver cars these days.

The white is the color I chose for my own car (plain white, not pearl). The black grille and the headlights really stand out against the white paint, and the chrome accents looks really nice against it as well. It's definitely a "sporty" and eye-catching look. When the white car pulled into the Menlo Park parking lot the other day, with the bright white daytime running lights lit up, I just about passed out. :-) The white also looks really nice in shade and at night: the car remains clearly recognizable as a Model S, and you can still make out all of its curves.

The only worry I have with the white is that it (and the silver) really reveal any issues with body panel fit. When I saw the photo Elon tweeted the other day, the trunk gap on the two silver cars made me do a double-take and wonder if I chose poorly. I'm really anxious now to see a true, production Model S in white or silver so I can see how that looks.

Hope that helps!

jerry3 | August 26, 2012


I've seen blue, brown, silver, and white in person. The silver was the best looking and unlike most people I didn't care at all for the blue or brown (most of the time I saw them it was overcast but the sun did come out later and they still didn't look great to me. I suspect they will look much better at night in artificial light. White was second best and looked almost as good as the silver.

I didn't notice and gap problems--and I looked carefully for them. The problem with the pictures is that some have poor angles that make the gaps stand out, and many are photos of earlier cars. The gap has been getting smaller with each batch of cars, so by the time my number comes up I'm sure it will be a non-issue.

I really want to see the grey in person before I decide.

Leofingal | August 26, 2012

@Michael - I would be worried that white is the new silver, and therefore picking white because there are too many silver cars might be going the wrong way. Of course this is personal preference so I don't mind one way or the other.

@jerry3 - Not that I mind, but I am surprised you didn't like the blue or brown. I would never consider a brown car (personal prejudice I'd say), but I was frankly amazed at how good it looked. I've always thought brown/gold/tan cars were ugly (see prejudice above), so I was surprised to find myself actually liking it. Anyhow the lighting was good (bright sun, with a touch of tree shade, so you could get all the different views). I still haven't seen blue in person, but have picked that. I almost went green since I saw that at my test drive, but I have had green, red and silver cars already.

Of course, all that really matters is that the color you pick makes you smile!

jerry3 | August 26, 2012

Leofingal -- Of course, all that really matters is that the color you pick makes you smile!


I am also prejudiced against brown :-) Even if the brown looks good when new, in a few years brown cars never look good. I just didn't see anything in the brown Tesla that was different than any other brown car, so it just didn't do it for me. I was hoping the brown would have a lot more red than it did--that would have made it special rather than ordinary.

Generally, I like blue but I didn't like Telsa's blue (which is really black with blue highlights in the right light). I'm not a fan of black cars. They look great in the dealer's showroom under artificial lighting but not so good in sunlight.

rterry | August 26, 2012

Michael37 and jerry3,
Thanks so much for your input!! I am now down to two colors: silver or white. Your opinions have helped solidify my feelings. I really like the contrast with the darker wheels as well. Thanks for your input!!

ddruz | August 27, 2012

IMO if you are going with the darker wheels go with white. They simply don't complement silver as well as they do white. Silver wheels look best with the silver.

rterry | August 27, 2012

Thanks ddruz! Would definitely like to see the silver with the darker wheels in person before deciding. I definitely like the look with the white. I also assume that the darker wheels would not require the constant chore of cleaning off brake dust like the alloy wheels on my 545i.

Brian H | August 28, 2012

Brake dust? Comes from actually using them, doesn't it?


olanmills | August 29, 2012

I just bought this based on this guys thorough analysis. I haven't tried it out yet though (man I really need to wash my car)

ddruz | August 29, 2012

That was pretty amazing! Thanks for posting.

rterry | August 29, 2012

Have used this product on my 545i just like in the video and found minimal benefit. Of course, my brake dust after 3 days looks 10 times worse than the Aston Martin after 9 days. I drive about 10 miles a day. BMW brakes are a different animal.

Alex K | August 29, 2012

@olanmills | AUGUST 29, 2012:I just bought this based on this guys thorough analysis. I haven't tried it out yet though...

I use this on my Porsche Panamera S Hybrid and on my Nissan Leaf. It seems to be working great, although with one car being a hybrid and the other electric, there is not as much brake dust to deal with. As the man in the video says, one of the complains is that you go through allot of the stuff. Seems that I need to reapply it about every 3-4 months.

Schlermie | September 2, 2012

Tesla Model S Colors on the Road

A composition of videos illustrating most of the Tesla Model S colors available:
Blue - 00:00
Green - 02:10
Brown - 04:35
Gray - 06:23
Silver - 07:33
White - 08:01
Black - 08:41
Signature Red - 09:44

Videos were shot in Palo Alto, California at two times during the day - Noon, when the sun was directly overhead and 6pm, when the sun was lower in the sky.

Robert22 | September 2, 2012


It's either a bad link or it's me. Thanks for taking the time to post.

adufort | September 2, 2012

The link did not work for me ...

Sig CAN 126

Brian H | September 2, 2012

Works fine for me. The twisty video, OTOH ...

jerry3 | September 3, 2012

Try the link from TMC: It's post #19.

The direct link to youtube:

Also try a different browser. I've had some that don't show the video. Firefox shows this video just fine for me.

Azdcmoney | September 3, 2012

I dropped from a Sig to Gen P becuz I wanted green. They said they wouldn't be doing green until later in the year. U go to the blog page the photo is a green car! I hope it is mine, I've been at "Tesla factory is building your Model S" for a month!

Schlermie | September 3, 2012

I backed out the YouTube anti-shake enhancements. Apparently, they remove camera shake by twisting the video completely beyond recognition. The video is extremely shaky now, but much better than the post-processing enhancements which YouTube had added.

trippah | November 16, 2014

Is there a link to see all the colors available for the S 2014?
It would be excellent if you could describe the colour rather than simply black, white, yellow or red, ie. matt black, pearl white..etc


Bighorn | November 16, 2014

On the ordering page.