Model S Gestating

Model S Gestating

I am expecting my Model S (P9318) in February and coincidentally my wife is due in February also (already bought the Telsa "zero emmissions...almost" onsie at the Tesla store). I was thinking about this recently and was struck by the similarities in the process:
1) Wait time/gestation period (9months)
2) Labor required before delivery
3) Prep work for the nursery/garage
4) Anticipation is tremendous
5) Building process is fun ;)
6) Can't wait to show her off.

s_curve | December 21, 2012

bit of a 'learning curve' upon arrival. your realization that things have CHANGED.

2EV-Family | December 21, 2012

The cost of a 4 yr college education (at a state school)=cost of the Tesla Performance/Sig

...The opposites are just as interesting. Children are high maintenance, Tesla is low.

olanmills | December 21, 2012

You get two little baby Teslas with the mommy Tesla.

olanmills | December 21, 2012

Yeah, I know that messes up the analogy you were going for.

dahtye | December 21, 2012

Always talking about the new "baby" after arrival.
Spending time with the new "baby" as much as possible.
Spending time on forums (real baby - finding out as much as possible about certain possible illnesses; spending time on this forum talking about how wonderful it is to be a MS owner).

Captain_Zap | December 24, 2012

First I went through premature labor.
I went through false labor later. That's even worse!
I then found myself overdue and Tesla decided to induce.
I didn't even make it to the hospital. I got a phone call and found out that my car was ready to be delivered in a couple hours.

Good luck on your new bundles of joy.

adurstewitz | December 24, 2012

LOL - I had a very similar case. My wife was due (now delivered) with our second child very near the delivery date of my Model S (still waiting). As the due date got closer people would ask "when is the baby due" and my only response was "which one"? :-)

Velo1 | December 24, 2012

They will both be Pampered, too.

David Trushin | December 24, 2012

Fuel consumption higher with baby and one of them has no gas.

hfcolvin | December 24, 2012

Brown looks better on the Model S