Model S makes school zones fun

Model S makes school zones fun

In Pennsylvania, school zone speed is 15mph. In my ICE cars I had to downshift to 2nd gear and work at keeping the car at 15 or under with the engine at high revs. In the Tesla, I just find the right throttle position and the car moves steadily at 15mph very easily with little throttle modulation. It's so easy and actually pleasurable, compared to doing it in any ICE I ever owned. Model S goes slow as effortlessly as it goes fast.
I haven't yet sold my previous car, a MB 2003 CLK 500. I drove it yesterday and hated it. I loved that car, until I got my Model S. Now I find it a pain to drive. It feels clunky and slow. I am officially spoiled from driving my Model S.

nickjhowe | March 5, 2013


petero | March 5, 2013

Lush1. This may be a subject you may wish to keep to yourself. I am not sure about PA, but in CA we have laws against adults silently, stalking, schoolyards.

David Trushin | March 5, 2013

I'm a little concerned about pedestrians and bike riders not hearing me when I go near them school zones included. I think that the road noise ought to be enough to alert people of a car in the vicinity. I have been hitting the horn for bikers, but, being the middle of winter, there aren't a lot of them around. Anyone in warm climates have an opinion on this?

Thumper | March 5, 2013

I like to use the cruise in school zones. Just tap it down to the bottom it will not go below 20mph which is the school speed zone. This frees me to never look at the dash and I can concentrate on the kids.

riceuguy | March 5, 2013

I always thought kids were a 500 point bonus because they were so quick. I have been trying for years to get the bonus, am investing a ton of money in a car that finally gives me the advantage, and you guys are talking about how to AVOID them? I need to check with my parents...I think maybe they were kidding about the bonus points when I was learning to drive.

TeslaRocks | March 5, 2013

Lush1, if you are planning to sell your old vehicle, maybe you should do that soon before you become so spoiled from the model S that you can no longer think of a single good thing to say about the older vehicle you are trying to sell (assuming you are selling it yourself directly). Selling to some sort of dealer or reseller might prove useful in this case.

David Trushin, I find it a little strange that a lack of noise could be an issue. Just crank up the music, preferably something with elaborate bass melodies, for example Rush. If that doesn't do, lower your windows a little or a lot. Even with all the windows closed, when a teenager drives by you often hear their tunage more than their engine, even when suped up.

David Trushin | March 5, 2013

+1 TeslaRocks

Brian H | March 5, 2013

What did the points, bonus or otherwise, get you? Nifty prizes? Or extra years on your sentence? /;p LOL

olanmills | March 5, 2013

All you did was describe the experience (more or less) of driving an ICE automic.

Lush1 | March 6, 2013

Nothing like an ICE automatic. Had to downshift to 2nd and modulate gas pedal to keep it at 15, or leave in 5th and ride the break and/or gas to keep a steady speed with tranny changing gears at times, lugging or revving high. Tesla is so easy to drive at a constant speed. Much easier than an ICE, at any speed. Still don't love school zones, but hate them less in a Tesla. Just another thing i appreciate about my Model S.

brookbot | March 7, 2013

I actually enjoy slowing down now. Feels good cause I'm recouping some charge. No more bad feeling of wasting gas and time. I can always make the time up 10 fold anyway. I'm sure it annoys the ICEs behind me though.

Still difficult to come to a smooth stop w/the roll feature enabled though. Perhaps I'll get it eventually.

akikiki | March 7, 2013

Kids? The very reason I can afford this car is because I didn't have KIDS! Not one to ask to borrow it. No body to bury for scratching it with a big wheel or bike.

MandL | March 7, 2013

I'm still hoping for downloadable drive tones. Not that the Model S doesn't attract enough attention wherever it goes already, but sometimes I would like it to be making a Jetson's car sound as I slowly cruise the neighborhood.

Brian H | March 7, 2013