Model S Mirrors Not Opening Fully

Model S Mirrors Not Opening Fully

I'm wondering if this is a common/known problem (or even potentially pilot error)...

I noticed this morning that my one-week old MS mirrors didn't deploy fully, reliably, or consistently. The driver side mirror seemed to stop about 15-20 degrees from fully deployed. Afterward, I realized that the day before, the same thing had happened, but I had chalked it up to poor aiming and had re-aimed the mirror for the partially opened orientation.

When I started playing with it, manually opening and closing the mirrors, I noticed that the left and right mirrors would open inconsistently, sometimes at the partial position, and sometimes fully. They weren't in sync; one could be right and the other wrong. Then when I played with the mirror, I can clearly feel there is a loose range about the same angle range (15-20%) where the mirror moves easily with almost no resistance, which almost feels like a "feature," but I can't imagine what kind of feature.

The temperatures have been unseasonably cold for Seattle (below 32F consistently), but there has been no icing.

Should I just wait for first needed service and report it then?

KP in NPT | January 4, 2017

There have been a lot of reports of this from recent deliveries. No it should not happen. I would schedule service. In the meantime, extend them out manually and then turn off auto-fold.

dknisely | January 4, 2017

Thanks @mp1156. I kind of need electronic folding because I need to manually fold them when going through the alley to my parking space due to a neighbor's car that is parked badly all the time (and the mirror of which I have already hit and scratched :( ).

LFViking | January 4, 2017

I've experienced the same problem. I picked up my MS at the beginning of December last year (1 month old). I don't recall a problem in the beginning. Later I noticed that only the drivers side the mirror will only turn part way. At the maximum I see 1/2 of the car in the mirror.

I thought it may have something to do with Auto-fold. I turned that off, but it made no difference. I've set up an appointment to have it checked. The passenger side mirror has not been a problem.

I'm in SoCal with relatively warmer temps, so I don't think that is the issue.

bgbythsea | January 4, 2017

Mid-December delivery. Same problem on driver's side. The service center fixed it promptly. No problems since.

Jaribbs | January 4, 2017

Just got mine back from the service center today for the same problem. They replace the whole unit no questions asked.

dknisely | January 4, 2017

Thanks to everybody. I'll make a service appointment.

plugzin | January 4, 2017

My 12/19/16 delivered 90D passenger side mirror is having issues folding and unfolding fully. Will need to contact local SC.

vafamo | January 5, 2017

Same issue here. Got the car in mid-Dec. Went to SC and the had the part. In and out in an hour.

docks74 | January 5, 2017

Had same problem with both mirrors (mid Aug 2016 delivery). The problem appears to be with the motors and the service centers have been asked to run diagnostics on all vehicles coming in with this issue. Got mine replaced 2 weeks ago and so far so good.

whitex | January 6, 2017

Same problem, unfold aborts prematurely plus the mirror does not restore position (when switching driver profiles or putting the car in reverse - right mirror works fine). SC tells me it's a known firmware issue that should be fixed soon. I sure hope so, it's a brand new 2017 car and it hasn't worked even during delivery. If no fix in a couple of weeks, I will just ask for a new mirror.

Jaribbs | January 6, 2017

@whitex - I just posted this on the other mirror thread. Here's the service report from my visit on Tuesday regarding both the faulty mirror opening and closing along with the squeaking noise it made. It's working perfectly now and is not a firmware problem. I was on the current update and that hadn't changed anything. It's a mechanical problem and the part needs to be replaced:

Concern: Customer states: Right side rear view mirror doesn't fold open or close all the way & wiggles when opening.*
Corrections: Exterior Mirrors General Diagnosis
Verified intermittently that right front side mirror was not locking and not closing all the way. Faulty mirror assembly.
Corrections: Door Mirror Assembly - RH
Replaced right side door mirror assembly and verified proper operation.
Parts Replaced or Added
Part Quantity
Pay Type: Warranty

Concern: Customer states: Loud Squeaking noise when left mirror folds open or closed.*
Corrections: Exterior Mirrors General Diagnosis
Lower chrome loose on side mirror causing squeaking noise when folding. Faulty power door mirror.
Corrections: Door Mirror Assembly - LH
Replaced left front power folding mirror and verified proper operation.
Parts Replaced or Added
Part Quantity
Pay Type: Warranty

pale_rider | January 6, 2017

They checked logs when I called about and they promptly ordered and replaced my driver side unit.


whitex | January 6, 2017

Thanks @Jaribbs, useful information. The person I talk to at my SC is out until Monday, but I'll ping them then. The fact that my mirror surface also doesn't adjust, I suspect it's just bad. Seems Tesla got a batch of bad mirrors in December. I can see how they think they can possibly fix some of them by just increasing the force (increase trip threshold) with which the mirror unfolds, but in my case that will probably just fix the unfolding, leaving my mirror without save/restore position capabilities.

skagan2 | January 6, 2017

I just asked my service center about this today. She said it was a known firmware issue and not mechanical. She said I should press the mirror fold button twice in succession if it gets stuck again and it should extend fully. I haven't tried it yet though