Model S now or wait for Model X

Model S now or wait for Model X

Hi ya'll, I have a couple questions about the two Tesla cars...

1. How will the Model X range compare with the Model S?
2. Will current Model S orders have the same autopilot capabilities as Model S orders in 2 months (ie. after launch of autopilot update)? Will the sensor hardware be the same now as in two months?
3. How will the interior storage of the Model X compare with the Model S?
4. The latest estimates of the Model X towing capacity is close to 10k pounds, why is it higher than the Model S? Or is it?

jjs | June 23, 2015

1) It will be about 10% less according to statements made by Elon a few years back. Some are hopeful that it will come in better than that. However for planning purposes I would go with 10% less.

2) Maybe. Since Tesla does not wait to batch their improvements to a model year it is possible that new/additional/upgraded sensors will be added to Ses in the next week, month, year. Absent a change in hardware they will have the same capabilities.

3) Unknown. (At least that I'm aware.)

4) Model S was not designed for towing and Telsa does not recommend using it for that purpose. The model X was designed with towing in mind. So, don't tow with the S, tow till the cows come home, or you run out of electrons, with the X. | June 23, 2015

Do what I did.

Model S now AND wait for Model X.

It was a really good decision abetted by this Forum. I am thoroughly enjoying the Model S.
Because I bought a demo model, I get the tax break, a new car warranty and I got a discount!
When I trade it in for the X, I get another tax break. Woo-hoo!

Depreciation? So what? Even if it's $20K, I break even.

Don't worry about the other stuff. The autopilot features are already as good as they are going to get until regulators change rules with the exception of some ongoing SW tweaks.

The Model S is a great driving car, best I have ever owned by far. It is the safest car on the road. When I get my X, I am convinced that I will have the best driving SUV on the road and the safest. And I get the goofy doors to boot. What are you waiting for?

JeffreyR | June 23, 2015

Cross-posted here too....

Several threads on this. I even posted on the topic. Let's see if I can find my text...



It's never too early to start grinning

Found the text. Glad I used my notes app to write this one:

I wrote this last September, and it seems like it still has some value. I've added a few updates and tried to <strike> where it made sense.

Model X vs. Model S

Falcon Wing Doors vs. Car Doors — Pros: ease of access to second- and third-row seats; wow factor; Cons: low garage would be "eenoying" (as my daughter would say); roof rack will likely disable one door or be complicated; search on Model X roof rack and height for more on this consideration.

7 Adults vs. 5 + 2 Seating — Pros: watch intro video of Model X to see all the people and stuff that fits; Cons: do you need that much? It's going to cost more (like 10%); third-row + 2 is only for small kids.

AWD for Sure vs. AWD Choice — Most believe that when Tesla offers the Model X, the Model S will get an AWD option too; do you need it (see snow videos mentioned above)? Do you want it? What if AWD does not materialize for Model S (right away or ever)? Looks like "most people" were right (even if off a bit w/ their timing). So now you can get a 'D' or not.

Quick for Crossover vs. Quicker Than You Think — it's likely the Model X will inspire the Tesla Grin (see posts and above) too, but the Model S P85D will always out perform (quickness and range) a Model X P85. Acceleration only seems to be getting better, but it's unlikely that the battery pack will be significantly different on the MX to allow for enough horsepower to overcome the increased weight. I think the MX and MS will have the same battery pack options (at some point at least).

Kinda Spartan vs. Spartan — Want cup holders in back? Want coat hooks or oh-sh_t handles? Model X maaay have them. Model S doesn't. Remember center console is an option for MS.

If you can wait or if you don't have the means to buy a new one when they come out (resale has been very high, but will likely drop a little when MX/MS 2nd version come out), then probably a Model S now is for you. The next Model S will be a big leap forward, but you'll need to wait quite a bit for it. It will likely come out after the Model X and most believe that will be two years from [Sept/2014], especially if you do not already hold a reservation! [Now fall of this year for Signature reservation holders only.]

My wife chooses a Model X because we assume that it will have a much higher ride than the Model S. That is nice for petite ladies like my wife and flooded streets common on the Gulf Coast.

Remnant | SEPTEMBER 24, 2014
Several Forums posters were so ravaged by the thought of potential regrets of not having got the other Model, that they purchased the S and reserved the X as well, which appears to have fully relieved their anguish.

JeffreyR | SEPTEMBER 26, 2014

Aaahh yes. The old choose-not-to-choose-and-get-both trick. I like that one very much!

vperl | June 24, 2015

What is your Model X reservation number, if it is lower than mine cancel, if higher.. I could care less. | June 24, 2015

@vperl: There is now no way to know that information.

vperl | June 24, 2015

But, maybe you might have noticed the " stupid topics" continue.

Next a post on Side pillars, and curtains or why the sun rises.

tarheeltesla | June 30, 2015

Transporting more than 4 go with X. Otherwise S with smart suspension. There is no automobile like the S, and that includes the X.

buickguy | July 3, 2015

I'm with georgehawley, bought an S, reserved an X. I've been grinning now for 16 months -- non-stop!

bt456 | July 5, 2015

It depends on if you want your car right now, or this year, wait until no telling when 2016. Model S this year, or Model X next year.

I would wait to decide to until after the X is actually revealed and spec'd, tested, priced, etc. Too many unknowns right now.

The problem might be if the X has hardware and upgrades that the S does not. If it does, how long will it be for S to also get upgraded?

However, the MS is getting long in the tooth, so it needs some more upgrades and some styling. Therefore the X, might be more future proofed. | July 6, 2015

@bt: you have hit on why I think Tesla has not revealed the features of the X. I believe that they feared that people about to order the S would wait to see if the S gets upgraded when the X reaches the market, a funny kind of overhang. But why not place a $5K reservation now to advance the date of getting the X, just in case? Then, after the reveal, if you don't like the X, get your money back by canceling the reservation.

gizmoboy | July 6, 2015


That's what I'm doing, but without the X in the equation: waiting for the X reveal to see if any new tech trickles into new S models. After due consideration, I'm not in the market for an X, but I want to see if new kit (autopilot 2, mirrorless, all-around camera, or whatever might come) will shortly be available on Model S orders.