Model S One Inch wider than outgoing Mercedes GL or latest Porsche Cayenne

Model S One Inch wider than outgoing Mercedes GL or latest Porsche Cayenne

I have both a GL and Porsche Cayenne here in Europe and already think that they are too wide for this place. I am originally from the USA and was living in San Francisco until July of last year.

I can't buy this car and now am thinking I may even skip the test drive today because I know once I test drive it, I might buy it anyway.

Guys if you are in Europe or like I use to be in Taiwan, I would encourage you to pay attention to the car's width. It's a really big car.

Alex K | February 9, 2013

The Model S is almost exactly the same size as the Porsche Panamera - something to consider.

RZitrin1 | February 9, 2013

The car is too long and especially too wide - thanks to Elon and his kids in the "Way back" seats. I was really worried about it before I got my Signature in October. I mean wider than my FX35? Wow!

However, in practice, it's been fine. Being aware of width lets you avoid shearing off side mirrors. For right side parking, the mirrors and reverse camera make parking within 2" of the curb quite easy.

The big problem is garage width. Fortunately, we have a side-by-side garage even in the middle of SF, and we make do.

And (need I say it?) I LOVE the car.


dbourne | February 9, 2013

I was worried about the width of the car as well. My previous car was a 2011 BMW 335i Coupe. Turns out the width isn't really an issue. My garage is tight but if I go slowly it's not a problem, in fact it's made me appreciate the very granular and precise throttle control that the electric motor affords you!.

Parking isn't bad with the folding mirrors and rear camera to help you. You do want to be careful with the wheels though. If you touch the curb at all you're probably going to scrape the 21 inch wheels.