Model S owners manual

Model S owners manual

I have some thoughts on the format of the owners manual.
1. It can be hardbound and printed on recycled paper.
2. It can be a CDROM to be downloaded on our computers.
3. It can be a DVD in which videos explain the operation and functioning of the model S.
4. It can be downloaded as a PDF file from TM's website.
5. It can be installed on the model S hard-drive. It would be accessible via the APPS "button" on the infotainment screen.
Any other thoughts? Please comment.

BYT | June 17, 2012

Great video! We should get all the information we need and if they don't make that DVD for ya, I'll volunteer to! ;)

Volker.Berlin | June 17, 2012

DVD?! Still living in the 20th century? A youtube or vimeo channel is more than adequate, and allows to to add and update videos as appropriate. My 2c.

BYT | June 17, 2012

Well, some habits die hard! ;)

EdG | July 15, 2012

According to the photo manual, linked to this forum by V.B at this page:
there seems to be an English error.
Bullet 2 under item "2 Lock/Unlock"
"Press twice in quick succession to unlock the drivers door. The hazard warnings will flash twice and two audible tones will sound to confirm the doors are unlocked."

While the single quote after the word "drivers" connoting ownership is missing, it doesn't mar the meaning much. However, it seems there's some confusion here as to whether one or more doors is being unlocked. I assume they mean "the door is unlocked."

TM should provide a feedback on owner's manual email address. I wouldn't mind multiple updates coming into my car in the first few weeks to fix this type of thing.

Alex K | July 15, 2012

@EdG:While the single quote after the word "drivers" connoting ownership is missing, it doesn't mar the meaning much.

Actually a single quote after drivers would be drivers', which would denote the plural possessive. I think you want driver's, which would be the singular possessive (there is only one driver in the car).

[Brian H where art thou?]

Brian H | July 16, 2012

Yes, that's correct, Alex. But EdG is also pointing to the plural opened doors, which contradicts the specified "driver's" door.

EdG | July 16, 2012

@Alex K: Correctamundo. Although I get tiny partial credit because more than one key comes with each car, so drivers' might work, too.

Brian H | July 16, 2012

Nah. Plural keys doesn't promote the driver to multiples. It becomes "driver's keys".
There Can Be Only One! (Driver).

EdG | July 16, 2012

I don't use multiple keys. My wife gets one. So the entire set of Model S drivers have one door that will unlock in this fashion. It's the door for all the drivers. The drivers' door.


Brian H | July 16, 2012

Yah, true. For security I assume passenger doors open only as specifically keyed/requested.(?)

jerry3 | July 17, 2012

Most likely that behaviour is changeable by by the owner on the display. I haven't read where anyone asked that on any of the test drives though.

NJS1207 | September 23, 2012

I have read quotes from the owner's manual in various posts over the last few weeks. Does anyone know if a copy of the owner's manual is available online or in a pdf?

jerry3 | September 23, 2012


Thanks. This is the first I've heard that there is one you can download. Note that it downloads in Firefox by clicking on the link and in Safari by using control-click.

NJS1207 | September 23, 2012

@jjaeger -- Thanks very much!

data02 | October 18, 2015