Model S - Paint Correction and Opti-Coat Pro Application in Washington, DC

Model S - Paint Correction and Opti-Coat Pro Application in Washington, DC

Hey everyone!

I absolutely love the Model S. Tesla has thought of everything when it comes to this car. I have seen different detailer's post their Opti-Coat Pro pictures and how beneficial it was to many Model S owners.

With that said, Opti-Coat Pro and Cquartz Finest are permanent coatings that many Model S owners are applying to their vehicles. The permanent coating acts as a wax or sealant on steroids. Opti-Coat Pro is a ceramic coating that bonds to your paint to create an additional layer of clear coat that is hydrophic (Repels water), scratch resistant (combats scratches), and adds a deep gloss; Permanently. No more applying wax or wondering if it's still one there. With Opti-Coat Pro that shine will always be there and that layer of protection comes in handy on the Model S' soft paint (fighting future scratches).

Here are some pictures of the Model S P85 we just did not too long ago. The paint was in need of correction and permanent coating protection.

Before Paint Correction: you can see many of the scratches and holograms in the paint.

After a one-step paint correction. The owner wasn't concerned with investing for more correction, even though we could have.

Trunk before paint correction

Trunk after (sun moved so had to take different angles)

After Opti-Coat Pro Application

I didn't want to flood the thread with pic so if you wanted to see more pics you can check out the case study on our website

I'm sure you are aware of how awesome and wonderful of a car the Model S is. Wherever you are located, I recommend you contact an authorized installer of a permanent coating and get your car corrected and protected. These cars deserve the highest quality of care and treatment.

Hope that helps someone!

Mike Calloway
Premere Auto Detail

EVMD | September 12, 2013

How much it cost?